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7-tips to grow your blog using email marketing

There you are! You have managed to set your website well, identified a niche and went ahead to make blog posts on it. What remains of you, is just monetizing your website to start earning from various...Read more

7-tips to grow your blog using email marketing

17 July 2019 | 438 Views
There you are! You have managed to set your website well, identified a niche and went ahead to make blog posts on it. What remains of you, is just monetizing your website to start earning from various...

by Staff Writer

Who are the best South African poker players?

15 July 2019 | 370 Views
If you're an avid fan of poker, you'll know that the majority of the big-name players on the circuit, particularly in the World Series of Poker, and at the top rankings of the all-time money list are ...

by Staff Writer

Zimbabwean entrepreneur launches Europe's first autonomous delivery vehicle, Kar-go

14 July 2019 | 10927 Views
The vehicle was praised by both English Dukes and Zimbabwean dignitaries  Zimbabwean, William Sachiti and his team at the Academy of Robotics laun...

by Agencies

Thomsons Towing built on the back of Tata Trucks

11 July 2019 | 1327 Views
Thomson's Towing and Panelbeaters, based in White River, Mpumalanga, owes much of its success to the hardworking Tata trucks in its growing fleet. An Automobile Association partner, the company curren...

by Agencies

Reasons why TruePeopleSearch site is a tool for business

08 July 2019 | 547 Views
People search services are vital for businesses. They not only make work easier, but it also saves money for them. When looking for such utilities for business, you need to be a little vigilant in the...

by Staff writer

Spy on iPhone Messages with iPhone Spy

08 July 2019 | 1283 Views
The ability to be able to spy on a phone can be highly beneficial. As a parent, you always worry about who your children are in communication with on their phones. As an employer, you need to monitor ...

by Staff Writer

Potraz to review the Domain Name System Framework for Zimbabwe

07 July 2019 | 1413 Views
The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) says it intends to review the current Domain Name System (DNS) Framework for Zimbabwe, ...

by Staff reporter

You can now track anyone in the United States: ZabaSearch search review

02 July 2019 | 2387 Views
Keeping track of someone who you can only trace by their name is far more effortless in the United States thanks to people search services like ZabaSearch. Although these platforms work by compil...

by Staff Writer

Spy on iPhone messages with iPhone spy

28 June 2019 | 495 Views
The ability to be able to spy on a phone can be highly beneficial. As a parent, you always worry about who your children are in communication with on their phones. As an employer, you need to monitor ...

by Staff Writer

A quick Spydialer review and walkthrough

25 June 2019 | 965 Views
Caller ID is now a widely used phone system feature that identifies an incoming caller by name and phone number. Today, most carriers will offer some measure of caller identification for cell phones, ...

by Staff writer

The future of Slot Machines

25 June 2019 | 2376 Views
Despite restrictions, laws and other problems, slot machines survived and became very popular. The story of this entertainment began in the basement where Mr.Fey created the first prototype of machine...

by Staff Reporter

Why getting a video conferencing room onboard is a milestone

17 June 2019 | 745 Views
Why getting a video conferencing room onboard is a milestone for your content marketing strategy? Because your digital business, your product or service, has a good story to tell, and valuable knowled...

by Staff writer

How to watch US Netflix in South Africa?

17 June 2019 | 1423 Views
Who doesn't love Netflix? It's the leading name when it comes to online streaming services, with a whopping 150 million paid subscribers worldwide. It has a massive catalog of TV shows, documentaries,...

by Staff Writer

Job hunting with the help of technology: A Guide

07 June 2019 | 577 Views
Technological advances have impacted almost every segment of society. No surprise then that it's also made a significant difference when it comes to looking for employment. If you've recently reintrod...

by Staff Writer

Benefits Of Playing Pokies Online

07 June 2019 | 327 Views
There is no doubt that playing pokies is one of the top forms of entertainment in Australia. The game is fairly simple, so there is no guesswork. In the past, Australians had to visit brick-and-mortar...

by Staff Writer

Top tax tech tip` for savvy citizens

06 June 2019 | 1036 Views
Tax time is over for this year, but it'll be around again soon enough. For quarterly filers, filing season is never more than a few weeks away, so now might be the best time to check out some tech tip...

by Staff Writer

5 ways to protect yourself when gambling online

05 June 2019 | 932 Views
It's fun and easy to gamble online, but there are also risks involved. Use the following tips_ to bet online safely....

by Staff Writer

Should online gambling be legalized In Zimbabwe?

05 June 2019 | 931 Views
The Rising Popularity Of Online Gambling Online gambling is fast becoming a world phenomenon, and the popularity in Zimbabwe is rapidly increasing. Due ...

by Staff Writer

Prepare for 1Z0-071 Exam with Examsnap and Get Your Oracle Certification

01 June 2019 | 892 Views
Anyone associated with computer studies will already know quite a bit about Oracle and its position in the world of Information Technology. Oracle is one of the biggest IT names that the world has eve...

by Staff Writer

When is torrenting illegal?

29 May 2019 | 1297 Views
Peer-to-peer sharing P2P (peer-to-peer) sharing is built upon the network of ‘peers’ that function both as clients and servers, allowing for a decentralised system of dat...

by Staff Writer

Best/ top data transfer apps from iPhone to Android

22 May 2019 | 884 Views
At some point in our lives, we all might have to switch from a device to another, whether for luxury purpose or to meet other needs. However, this decision comes with another demand, which often gets ...

by Staff Writer

Huawei donates US$98,000 ICT equipment to the UZ

20 May 2019 | 967 Views
HARARE - Huawei on Friday donated telecommunications equipment worth 98,000 U.S. dollars to the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) to enable the institution to offer the latest training in information and co...

by Staff Reporter

Google to remove Android from Huawei

20 May 2019 | 2630 Views
Google has announced that it has with immediate effect suspended business with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware, software and technical services except those publicly available via open s...

by Mandla Ndlovu

Cocospy Review: Best mobile Spy App for parents and employers

19 May 2019 | 1875 Views
Do you want a mobile spy app for your children and employees? You have landed at the right place where you will come to know about one of the best ...

by Staff Writer

Challenges modern students face while researching online

17 May 2019 | 867 Views
Research is the backbone of the college experience, and the need to research a wide variety of topic in depth can cause students a great deal of trouble, particularly when they are not familiar with t...

by Staff Writer

How do online games capture our interest?

08 May 2019 | 429 Views
Ever wondered about why online games are so appealing? Why do we enjoy playing them so much? Let's take a closer look at what it is so interesting about them. ...

by Staff Writer

Why South Africa wants to regulate cryptocurrencies

03 May 2019 | 2405 Views
South Africa as a financial market participant has been on the rise in the last decade or so. Their prowess in financial knowledge, the growth of their economy, alongside the private equity indicator ...

by Staff Writer

Top 10 Tech and Innovation Predictions for 2019

26 April 2019 | 960 Views
It’s amazing how technology has rapidly grown for the last 40 years. Software and hardware have changed drastically, starting from big clunky devices such as life-sized 128 bit hard drives and dial-...

by Staff Writer

Telecel increases data charges

26 April 2019 | 2170 Views
Telecel has announced that it has increased the price of data bundles effective from Saturday 27 April 2019. Telecel however said that the bundles purchased before the 27th date will not be af...

by Mandla Ndlovu

Zimbabwe key to Nissan's African plans - Market leader celebrates Trade Fair's 60th anniversary

25 April 2019 | 1143 Views
BULAWAYO - Zimbabwe's perennially popular automotive brand is back on show at the annual Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, which is currently underway in the c...

by Agencies

How Performing a VIN Check Can Save You From Buying Lemons

25 April 2019 | 1563 Views

by Staff Writer

Cyberbullying and Cyber Harassment

21 April 2019 | 295 Views
I was approached by a fellow executive on how he could legally pursue and remove malicious information that is online. For years, Zimbabwe high profile individuals, executives and business owners have...

by Engineer Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi

New online trends

09 April 2019 | 773 Views
VR and AR have been on the headlines for a while. Voice shopping is expected to be one of the biggest trends in 2019. Everything that looked trendy in 2018 will either continue to trend in 2019 or exi...

by Staff Writer

Mobile Sports Betting: How 2019 Will See The Boom

04 April 2019 | 1299 Views
Worldwide sports betting is a phenomenon. It's makes billions in the likes of the UK and Europe as punters place bets on the go, whether that be to work, in the bar on a Saturday afternoon, or even li...

by Staff Writer

Top casino software providers drive industry growth

28 March 2019 | 943 Views
The casino industry is booming these days. Rapid expansion across the United States and around the world in new regulated markets are two ma...

by Tech Reporter

How to choose the right powder welding machine

20 March 2019 | 1259 Views
The choice of the right powder welding machine can be simple and profitable if you caref...

by Tech Reporter

In need of Python homework help? Professional Help, Cheap and High-Quality!

20 March 2019 | 1016 Views
Programming is super complicated. So, if you study in a programming course, getting confused from time to time even with the simplest tasks is normal. Many students request help, so, why you cannot do...

by Tech Reporter

Government sells NetOne and TelOne

20 March 2019 | 8811 Views
The Government has announced that it is selling its shares in the two giant Telecommunications companies TelOne and NetOne.The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, MthuliNcube told a ...

by Mandla Ndlovu

Top 5 helpful websites for students with high-quality and affordable help

14 March 2019 | 1653 Views
Times are over when studying was a privilege of rich people. Now the internet is becoming increasingly popular. Accordingly, affordable education options are increasing in number. There are many helpf...

by Joe K

The most popular gaming genres

14 March 2019 | 460 Views
Even if gaming as we know it only got born recently, video games and an earlier form of gaming have been around for quite a while. The earliest form of gaming and gaming communities date as back as th...

by Tech Reporter

Mnangagwa commissions the National Backbone Fibre Optic Link

13 March 2019 | 1799 Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday commissioned the National BroadBand optic fibre link at TelOne Beitbridge Exchange. The TelOne Optic link will connect Beitbridge with Bulawayo, Harar...

by Mandla Ndlovu

The amazing history behind live casino games

13 March 2019 | 765 Views
During the last decade, revolutionary new casino technology has made all the difference in the online casino industry. Someone came up with the idea to feed the so-called "social hunger" that casino a...

by Staff Reporter

Digital options under scrutiny by regulators

12 March 2019 | 490 Views
Digital options is highly attractive because of perceived simplicity. You just have to predict whether the value of an underlying asset will increase or decrease. This is similar to traditional forms ...

by Staff Reporter

How the nature of online casino venues changed to increase their attraction to millennials

05 March 2019 | 308 Views
One of the most essential considerations online players require of online casino entertainment venues is their range of available games modernised to offer the excitement of gamification. A number of ...

by Staff Reporter

Slot Volatility - What is It?

05 March 2019 | 469 Views
Players new to online casino entertainment often read about the volatility of a slot without understanding what exactly the term refers to. This is simply because most reviews or statistic sites offer...

by Staff Reporter

What constitutes greatness in a modern online casino?

05 March 2019 | 195 Views
New sites for modern online casinos pop-up continuously. That makes finding a great one perfectly suitable for your requirements and exacting task. This is especially so considering the vast multitude...

by Staff Reporter

How to avoid getting ripped off by a shady online casino

24 February 2019 | 946 Views
Online casinos have gained a lot of relevance- thanks to our jam-packed lifestyle and the ease that the online medium adds to the whole equation. However, many online casinos with ill motives have com...

by Staff Reporter

What should I watch out for when betting on sports?

17 February 2019 | 294 Views
Sports betting is becoming more and more popular. As a result, new bookmakers are constantly coming onto the market and trying to lure players into their ranks with a high bonus. In order to get an ov...

by Staff Reporter

The best online casinos in 2019

17 February 2019 | 235 Views
Many gamblers will have noticed. In 2019, numerous new online casinos entered the market again, offering players high bonuses that lure them to make a deposit. However, as last year, there are some ca...

by Staff Reporter

The most popular slots in the year review

17 February 2019 | 157 Views
In 2018, there were many games that were at the top of the most popular slots rankings at online casinos and are therefore the most played. In addition to "old hands", numerous new slots have been add...

by Staff Reporter

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The latest slots online in 2019

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Ios 9 Features Inspired By Android

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What To Look For In Video Converter Software

looking for the best video converter software? you have to compare different video converters before making a purchase.the ability to watch video on different types of devices is a wonderful thing. not so wonderful are the compatibility issues that ... Read More
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