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The online casino boom in Africa

 - The Facts and Figures - How is the market growing? - Phone Use Across Africa - Is this the new way to access online casino sites? - Legislation Across the Continent - Operato...Read more

The online casino boom in Africa

13 November 2018 | 349 Views
 - The Facts and Figures - How is the market growing? - Phone Use Across Africa - Is this the new way to access online casino sites? - Legislation Across the Continent - Operato...

by Staff Reporter

5 Benefits of using YouTube Video Downloader

06 November 2018 | 2035 Views
YouTube is a prime platform that offers free movies, videos, songs and many more for the convenience of the users. The users require the need high-quality video content online. Do you have any issues ...

by Staff Reporter

4 stages towards success

30 October 2018 | 1168 Views
Success is measured in various ways - tangible rewards such as trophies, professional rewards such as promotions, and even the simple feelings of achievement that success brings. But what is it that c...

by Tech Reporter

Consequences of South Africa's tightening of online gambling laws

26 October 2018 | 539 Views
Gambling is a very popular pastime. Since the beginning of the casino era, millions of people were captivated by the chance of getting really rich either by luck or skill. However, recent ch...

by Staff Reporter

The rise of live gaming in Zimbabwe

26 October 2018 | 985 Views
In Zimbabwe, there are many ways for residents to find entertainment or relax, with Indosakusa the Morning Star being a ...

by Staff Reporter

Online gambling in South Africa - A new dawn of gambling

26 October 2018 | 1084 Views
If you think that gambling in South Africa is about the hooves on the turf at the Durban July, Montecasino in Johannesburg's affluent Fourways suburb, or about exciting gambling mixed with a safari ex...

by Staff Reporter

5 Reasons to Use eWallets for Gambling Deposits

24 October 2018 | 1043 Views
Gambling online has obvious benefits. It includes 24/7 service, accessibility from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, etc. However, making payments online can be a scary thing. Every playe...

by Staff Reporter

How to find a safe and reliable online casino

23 October 2018 | 334 Views
Finding a safe and reliable online casino is easier said than done - if you succeed, you will be rewarded with endless hours of fun and the possibility to win thousands of pounds, if not millions. But...

by Staff Reporter

Potraz sets up Internet Protocol Version 6 Testbed

27 September 2018 | 735 Views
The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has completed setting up a regional Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Testbed.The Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6...

by Staff reporter

TelOne confirms voice and internet outage

27 September 2018 | 700 Views
TelOne, the government-owned fixed line telephone and internet provider, has acknowledged that its both voice and internet services are down in Borrowdale, Highlands and parts of Avondale.In a...

by Staff reporter

Offshore online casinos becoming popular in African countries

31 August 2018 | 578 Views
Despite the widespread popularity of online gambling sites, these have always met criticism from countries with legislation against legalising online gambling activities. For the most part, participat...

by Agencies

How to Promote Your Website for Free

30 July 2018 | 559 Views
You might have the prettiest, the most responsive website in the world, and the best products can be bought there, but it won’t bring in any profit if nobody knows how to find it. You can promote it...

by Agencies

What are some of the best online games?

18 July 2018 | 448 Views
Are you interested in playing games online? If the answer is yes, you’ll have a whole bunch of options at your disposal. While you could go ahead and play solitaire, you’ll definitely want to thin...

by Agencies

Twitter removes +1-million fake and dubious accounts a day

09 July 2018 | 498 Views
Twitter has been suspending more than 1-million fake and dubious accounts a day, according to The Washington Post, in an aggressive bid to stem the flow of false information.The social media p...

by AFP

Everything you need to know about online shopping

02 July 2018 | 1203 Views
This new way of shopping gifts or service reservations has won over many users in recent years. To be pragmatic, buying on the internet is both time and money saving and it is especially more convenie...

by Agencies

Mnangagwa launches mobile app

27 June 2018 | 3717 Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa has launched a mobile app to bolster his campaign for Zimbabwe's top job.Mnangagwa is calling his ruling Zanu-PF party to appeal "humbly" for votes as it camp...

by Ndou Paul

Zimbabwe slashes mobile data costs from 12.5c to 5c per MB

20 June 2018 | 6779 Views
Mobile data tariffs in Zimbabwe have fallen from 12.5 cents to 5 cents per MB, with the internet expected to play a key role ahead of harmonised elections slated for July 30 this year.The Post...

by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe to expand broadband network investment

20 June 2018 | 611 Views
The government is targeting to expand investments in the broadband networks by ensuring that more fibre optic cables are laid to connect all towns and districts across the country.The plan is ...

by Staff reporter

Close digital divide, says POTRAZ

15 June 2018 | 214 Views
THERE is a need to upscale the utility of wireless resources to close the digital divide in Zimbabwe and other African countries, Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ...

by Staff reporter

TelOne changes area codes

08 June 2018 | 782 Views
As the implementation of the $98 million National Broadband Project nears completion, TelOne is changing all the area codes and modifying telephone numbers countrywide.The area codes have been...

by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe embarks on broadband connectivity upgrade

23 May 2018 | 1143 Views
ZIMBABWE'S sole fixed telephone operator, TelOne, has embarked on converged network upgrade aimed at enabling customers realise faster broadband connectivity.The state-owned fibre-optic operat...

by Staff reporter

NetOne set to get $71m loan

22 May 2018 | 273 Views
State-owned mobile operator NetOne is close to securing the release of the $71 million loan facility from China Exim Bank to construct and upgrade base stations countrywide.Speaking at the sid...

by Staff reporter

DStv working on streaming-only package

02 May 2018 | 1709 Views
DStv is developing a streaming-only version of the service, MultiChoice South Africa CEO Calvo Mawela told ...

by Staff reporter

How can businesses improve cyber security?

02 May 2018 | 765 Views
The word cybersecurity is now part of a daily concern for businesses as breaches continue to threaten t...

by Agency

Cybersecurity 2018: what's working and what’s a worry

26 April 2018 | 1140 Views
Every time a report on the state of cybersecurity is released, the world braces itself. After all, while the details have intermittently changed over the last few years, the overall message has remain...

by Agencies

CSOs up in support of internet freedoms

16 April 2018 | 345 Views
The internet has given a 'few' willing Zimbabweans a room to open up, demonstrate and petition against injustices perpetrated by the socio-economic and political power block.The digital room '...

by Francis Tshabalala

Potraz to construct cell towers in Tsholotsho

14 April 2018 | 1242 Views
THE Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has committed to constructing towers in Tsholotsho, Matabeleland North province, to boost telecommunications connectivity in...

by Staff Reporter

China, Russia and Iran helping Zimbabwe to set-up own NSA

23 March 2018 | 5050 Views
COLOGNE - Zimbabwe is reportedly on the brink of setting up a powerful multi-million dollar sophisticated surveillance system facility, said to be similar in function to the National Security Agency (...

by Itai Mushekwe

Block chain can solve social media's biggest problems

15 March 2018 | 297 Views
AS a follow up to my recent article about fake news on social media, this piece sheds light on the block chain technology and how it could be just what the doctor ordered.To those who do not k...

by Robert Ndlovu

Disruptive technology - the cycle of adopting new technology

27 February 2018 | 317 Views
THE technology adoption lifecycle, research has shown, is a sociological model that describes the adoption or acceptance of a new product or innovation, according to the demographic and psychological ...

by Robert Ndlovu

Website to track President Mnangagwa's performance launched

07 February 2018 | 7358 Views
A website called Mnangagwameter has been launched with a mission to collate, track and analyze promises made by President Mnangagwa since his first day in office. No longer will an incumbent President...

by Agencies

How to 'unsend' an accidental WhatsApp message

20 January 2018 | 9918 Views
Have you ever accidentally sent a voice note to the wrong person, or sent a personal message to a group chat when it was actually meant for a loved one?In November 2017 WhatsApp revealed a muc...

by Staff reporter

Online platform helps struggling Nigerian authors, artistes publish their works for free

13 October 2017 | 217 Views
While there are millions of talents in Nigeria, many of them remain undiscovered due to lack of resources and funds to get published. For some that struggles to publish their works, promoting and gett...

by Agencies

Cyber Security minister has five 'Facebook accounts'

11 October 2017 | 3385 Views
Hon Patrick Antony Chinamasa, the outgoing Finance Minister was just reappointed as the new Minister of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation, TechZim has reported. As he takes on th...

by Leonard Sengere

How social media is helping news spread faster than ever

04 October 2017 | 24462 Views
News - good or bad, true or false - has always traveled fast, but since the dawn of social media, it t...

by Staff Reporter

Facebook highlights its commitment to online safety in South Africa and Zimbabwe

14 September 2017 | 495 Views
This week, an expert team from Facebook will meet with leading South African and Zimbabwean representatives, civil society and experts to learn from, as well as provide practical advice in helping peo...

by Agencies

PHOTO: Are these snakes or doughnuts?

05 August 2017 | 1416 Views
This picture has gone viral social media, many people are asking whether is real snakes or doughnuts shaped like snake. What's you take, snakes or doughnuts?...

by Staff Reporter

Facebook chooses 60 finalists across the Middle East and Africa in Bots for Messenger Developer Challenge

17 May 2017 | 277 Views
JOHANNESBURG - Facebook has selected 60 finalists from the hundreds of entries it received from across the Middle East and Africa for the Bots for Messenger Developer Challenge. The Bots for Messenger...

by APO

Thank you - Our network has reached its first 100 users

05 May 2017 | 709 Views
Join us here ...

by Moyo Roy

WATCH: TelOne Byo-Beitbridge fibre optics link ground breaking ceremony

28 April 2017 | 536 Views

by Staff Reporter

Join Bulawayo24 networking platform

20 April 2017 | 570 Views
We have setup a micro blogging platform for our community. Members can share updates and comments.Please join and update us about what is happening in your area.Once you are a member y...

by Moyo Roy

Social media not that social for young people: New research

12 March 2017 | 405 Views
NEW YORK - A new research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine says that social media may not be that social for young people.The study revealed that excessive social media...

by Xinhua

Facebook challenges developers in Africa to create the smartest Bots for Messenger

15 February 2017 | 210 Views
JOHANNESBURG - Facebook ( is challenging developers across the Middle East and Africa to create innovative bots in the Bots for Messenger Developer Challenge. This aligns with Faceboo...

by APO

This photo has gone viral

23 September 2016 | 5045 Views
A photograph of someone eating isitshwala, green veg, chicken head and avocado has gone viral on social media. ...

by Staff Reporter

Oracle Continues to Drive Cloud Adoption in Africa

08 September 2016 | 750 Views
'Africa Executive Summit' hosted in Mauritius to drive awareness and highlight the impact of Oracle Cloud Solutions for business growthPORT LOUIS, Maur...

by APO

Facebook CEO 'Mark Zuckerberg' goes to Nigeria

30 August 2016 | 703 Views
LONDON - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is visiting Nigeria this week on his first trip to Africa, using his time in the country to visit the Yaba technology hub in Lagos, meet with developers and partn...

by APO

Facebook celebrates Young African Creatives at The Loerie Student Awards

19 August 2016 | 411 Views
The Facebook Challenge will become an official Loerie Award in the Student Category from 2017DURBAN, South Africa - Facebook ( celebra...

by APO

Facebook launches new products to offer increased support to prevent suicide and self-harm

15 June 2016 | 2031 Views
JOHANNESBURG - Today we're updating the resources we offer to people around the world who may be experiencing self-injury or suicidal thoughts, as well as the support we offer to their concerned frien...

by APO

African developers take the world stage at Facebook's annual F8 conference

15 April 2016 | 4729 Views
JOHANNESBURG - Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) ( announced at its annual F8 developer conference (, held in San Francisco on 12 and 13 April, that the company partner...

by APO

SimbaPay expands Africa Remittance Service to more EU Countries

29 February 2016 | 3555 Views
LONDON - SimbaPay (, a leading digital money transfer provider, has expanded its instant Africa money transfer service to 5 new EU countries. The new countries are France, Germany, Ir...

by APO

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Olinda, Tytan planning to relocate to South Africa

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