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'Men hit on Mushekwi's wife every day'

by Staff reporter
30 May 2017 | 21099 Views
UNTIL March last year, very little was known of Luminitsa Mushekwi but it took an ugly incident in the senior national soccer team (Warriors) for her to attract public attention.

As revealed by H-Metro, ZIFA were forced to drop a job offer to Luminitsa following objections by her "husband" and Warriors striker Nyasha in the build-up to an Afcon qualifier in Swaziland.

Chinese-based Nyasha and Luminitsa are in a protracted process of divorcing but as things stand, the differences are irreconcilable.

There were reports last year that Nyasha even went on hunger strike to force Zifa president Philip Chiyangwa to drop plans to engage Luminitsa as a senior member of the national association's secretariat.

Chiyangwa felt that Luminitsa, who has a degree in Sports Marketing, was ideal for a Zifa struggling to attract sponsors after years of decay under Cuthbert Dube.

"She is actually a genius, she knows her stuff and plans are that she comes in as an assistant in the technical department. Remember we are changing the face of ZIFA and I have her papers with me, she qualifies for that role.

"As for the Swaziland issue, I heard the concerns raised by her husband and to me it's a domestic issue, which however could not be allowed to interfere with the Warriors ahead of such a crucial game and a decision was taken to respect his wishes.

"That is why we asked her to leave so that the game proceeded without any unnecessary drama," explained Chiyangwa in an exclusive interview with H-Metro.

More than a year after the drama that forced her out of Zifa, H-Metro finally persuaded Luminitsa to comment on the events in Swaziland and after.

In the H-Metro interview, Luminitsa revealed she was disappointed by Nyasha's antics that forced her out of the Warriors camp.

"All I can say is he (Nyasha) had his reasons for hunger-striking until I was suspended from the camp, which he thought was the most appropriate way to act. Only he can answer why. I was a bit disappointed.

"Imagine being told that we are taking away your job for now because your ex is not happy that you are working. It's shocking and unheard of in this world. But the (Zifa) president did what was best for the team and I respect how he handled the situation and made sure I was ok.

"I never went to this camp for him or any other reason but to only do my job so I could take care and provide for my son as a mother should do. How things happened, a little shocking.

"Around the world there are many women in football with very influential positions to add on. But gender discrimination is extremely common in football as well. Take for example Doctor Eva Carneiro, who was team doctor at Chelsea FC and left on terms of sexual discrimination. It's very sad but it's the world we are living in."

Luminitsa, however, feels the drama was a blessing in disguise as she secured more high profile assignments across the footballing world.

She took a dig at those men at Zifa that engineered her demise.

"Surprisingly most of the men that were intimidated by me and wanted me gone have all been fired and don't work for Zifa no more. Karma is a bitch hey.

"I went there to do my job but as it turns out, me being in that camp was as taboo as finding someone eating during the day on Ramadan in Dubai. But guess what, better doors beyond my wildest dreams opened up and I definitely am not complaining at all."

Looking at what became of her after the Zifa exit, Luminitsa said she has been exposed to some of the best brains in world football and best facilities.

"It's already a year? I never noticed. Amazing how time flies. Of course I moved on from that drama almost immediately because I knew what I was born knowing -that I was destined for greatness.

"In the past year I've had the priviledge of being a part of the elite of the football Industry around the globe. From top football clubs in Europe, the best footballers in the world, the best coaches, the best agents and managers, club owners you name it.

"It has been a wonderful experience being in the presence of such greatness in some of the best stadiums, boardrooms, football clubs.

"Being in places that you know other people have spent over 10 years possibly trying to get into , and then a young girl from Zimbabwe born yesterday comes and gets through the door.

"It's not every day that people see that or experience that. It's been very humbling to watch such things happen to me. I have been fortunate enough to be given a chance by those who believe in me more than I believe in myself and I believe in myself 100 percent so you can imagine how much they believed in me…hahahah.

"It has been a great experience learning from the masters and hopefully I can apply that going forth and grow, God willing."

Despite an eventful but largely successful year after leaving Zifa, Luminitsa feels she is yet to live her dream.

"Well at the risk of sounding ungrateful, I cannot say I am living my dream yet. I dream big, soo big that it scares me at times. So trust me, when I am living the best version of my dream, you will be the first to see it, the Universe will know without asking me. What I can say is I am living the best version of my “white” life right now."

On whether Zifa needs her services, Luminitsa believes there are capable people currently running the association.

"I don't have the answer to that. I'm sure they have a very capable team running that ship. I have nothing against ZIFA to be honest. The president, Dr Phillip Chiyangwa gave me a fair chance at Zifa based on my qualifications and capabilities before all the unnecessary noise all because I am a woman, a woman too beautiful for football they said. "He (Chiyangwa) is a visionary, a very great strategist and leader. We have seen him go from being more than just a Zimbabwe football boss to being the COSAFA boss. Now such transitions in such a short time don't just take a regular person to pull off, therefore I am sure Zifa is in the most capable hands."

A lot of things have happened since she was dropped from Zifa and Luminitsa broke it down:

"Work-wise I spent a lot of time at AS Monaco FC, in Monaco. That has been by far my greatest experience to date. Amazing moments that continue until today. I was recently in Monaco actually just a week ago when I flew there to watch their last match of the season against Rennes on 20 May 2017, and watch them be crowned the French League 1 Champions of season 2016/17.

"The celebrations were legendary. Celebrating such season success is always memorable and being a part of something like that is amazing.

"Fashion-wise, I have grown into my style and know what suits my body more and what looks great on me. Growing up I would just see a celebrity and want what they were wearing coz I thought that was cool. But it's not for everyone.

"Hahaha, not to say I can't pull it off but it just might not suit my body type and perfect fit is of paramount importance. Hahahah. I have definitely evolved in my style and slaying it darling…yeeeeeeeeees!

"Personal-wise, I'm told that I am the best mother any son can ever ask for, hahaha. But I know this, he is the best rascal any mother can ever wish for. So personally that relationship has been the highlight above all else."

Challenged to reveal her long term goal, Luminitsa said:

"Hmmmm Mr Lawrence. My father always says 'keep 3 things to yourself in life -(a) your love life, (b) your money and (c) YOUR NEXT MOVE…That way I promise you, all the witches hanging in the corners will never know what to attack..'

He is a very funny man but one of the most intelligent genius’ I have ever known in my life. So that one you will have to just wait and see…

For all her 'body attributes', Luminitsa says she has stayed focused and will not allow pursuers to distract her.

"Again, at the risk of sounding vain, there is not a day that goes by without me being hit on in the football world, never! And I have been criticised by many people saying I'm too damn pretty to work with men like footballers and their handlers.

"I don't know what a woman in football should look like. I'm sure very soon they will give us specifications of what we need to look like if we want to work there. No big ass, no light fair skin, no big bo-bs, no hips, no long hair, don't look sexy, what's next?

"Always people look at women very sexually in such industries and overlook what they bring to the table at first sight. Men will always be men and it's just like in any industry. A bus driver, Ice-cream vendor, a football player, a basketball player, a man in the boardroom, a man cleaning toilets… men will be men and they will just pursue you whether they have a chance or not.

"I act normal and treat it like any guy who has seen a gorgeous girl and wants a bite of the apple. The trick is simple for me, I know what I'm there for and because I have to work 10 times as hard as any man in football my crime being a woman and I have a lot to prove, I just focus focus focus."

Away from the football arenas, Luminitsa is also crazy about fashion and asked whether this was inborn or prompted by riches, she said:

"Prompted by riches you say. I'm not rich. I'm just a regular girl living a normal life. Hahaha. My fashion sense is definitely inborn. It's not all the time that I carry designer handbags or get draped in designer threads and shoes. I'm that girl that you can give $20 dollars to get into a flea market and I will walk out of there looking like Dita Von Teese at Milan Fashion Week. It's just in me. I was born to look like a bag of money…"

On social media she has a fair share of followers and she had some advice for them.

"I'm a born sportswoman and my advice will definitely be that adults should support their children in sport. Sport has the power to bridge cultural divides, stitch racial gaps and instill discipline and commitment in our children, teaching them the art of teamwork, working hard and the magic of persistence.

"It has the power to combat unruly behaviour in our children from a young age and gives them a chance at life of doing something else because not everyone is built to be book wizards.

"To the youths, oh well…work as hard as you can to be where you wanna be and to be who you wanna be. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot. I was told that before. But I refused to believe it and today I'm glad I never did. Fly and if you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl. By all means keep it moving."

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Source: hmetro


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