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'A praying bridge of Driekhoek'

by Eric Shikobela
08 February 2019 | 273 Views
A bridge is a perfect symbol of life with hope. It has the beginning, the middle and the end. And when one put the first step on the bridge he hopes to pass to the other side. It carries the significance of symbolizing the journey of life itself. We are born, we live and we hope to have successfully and beautiful destiny.

The bridge of Hoerskool Driekhoek  carried teachers and students to the other side of the school everyday, every week, every month and every year. The bridge became part of their lives and they became part of it. They walked on it without any fear, for they trusted it and it carried them successfully on daily basis. Until the day the unforeseen happened and lives were lost and hurt.The bridge collapsed, "what the agony it brought to the heart of those who trusted it."

"The next day after the tragedy at Hoerskool Driekhoek. Very early in the morning as the bridge lies on the ground being broken into pieces, the bridge decided to pray for no one could see how dissapointed and heartbroken it was for failing those who walked on it with trust and confidence. The bridge thought to itself, if the Lord spoke to the ocean though it had no ears but it heard his voice, so though I have no mouth I shall speak to the Lord."

"The praying bridge said to God; I have carried the children with confidence and dignity from one academic year to another. I have never failed them to get to the other side, neither did I hurt them. But when you Lord decided to call those you love to come to rest in your arms who am I to say no. Lord I know they were young and alot was still awaiting them, but who can question your will.
Heaven also needs young angels to carry out special tasks, for you Lord call those you choose, those you love."

"Lord I pray for their beloved families and friends. May you make them understand that as they mourn their loss, their children have gained peace, and an everlasting love in the arms of their Creator and Savior. And they wish to tell their beloved families and friends that they are at a better place in heaven. Lord may you touch their families and friends with heavenly comfort and bandage their wounds with the Holy Spirit."

"The bridge continued to pray and said; Lord may I not be called a bridge of death and pain. For I have carried this kids with love and strength every single day. Until my strength failed me, until your greater will overtookme. Lord may I be reconstructed to become better and stronger. Lord I pray to be seen as a bridge of hope, for I carried this students with hope for a better future."

"I hope their parents heal in time, I hope the school unites in prayer. I hope the government will use this tragedy as an eye opening to inspect and upgrade safety measures in every school. I hope the deceased students are never forgotten. Lord I pray that we may not point fingers neither should we throw blames. I pray for love, peace and unity in our beautiful and blessed nation. Surprisingly the bridge heard voices of the deceased students saying a harmonious; Amen!"

I thank you!

Kind Regards
Mr Eric Shikobela
Pretoria, Mamelodi.

Hoerskool Driekhoek Praying Eric Shikobela

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Source: Eric Shikobela


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