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Holding the Lamp of Hope!

by Eric Shikobela
22 August 2018 | 2445 Views
This blessed and beautiful nation has been through worse pains, challenges and difficulties before. And it seemed impossible to overcome those odds at that time and season. But there were man and woman full of courage, and determination to liberate our nation at every cost.  

This leaders kept the lamp of hope burning, for the sake of all of us. Because where there is no hope, there is definitely no future. And where there is no future darkness ruins. So they had to keep the lamp burning even in worst circumstances.  

Today as a nation we face new challenges and difficulties. I guess every generation has a role to play in shaping their nation. We carry the calling, and the responsibility to contribute in moving our motherland forward. A little effort by everyone can amount to a huge difference when combined.

We must all keep the lamp of hope burning. We all have hope in different sizes. And we all have something to give back according to our capabilities. We can't just take and enjoy the gift of freedom our forefathers fought and died for. But we must all ensure that this hard earned freedom becomes a legacy that every generation will be proud to be part of. By taking it to glorious heights.

Despite how expensive and beautiful something can be, if it's not well maintained in a long run it loses it's value. And that's exactly what's happening in South Africa.

Today's youth they don't honor our heritage. And most of them say; What can the past do for me. Little do they know that it's the very same past that assured their present democracy. And it is what they do today that will determine a successful future. Nevertheless we shouldn't lose hope on them, at least let's assist them to see the rays of this light of hope.

The days are indeed dark in our nation. Unemployment is very high, hate and racial issues are like a time bomb, crime exceeds street limits into homes, our education and health system is poor, and political leaders keep on missing the main point. Despite what we go through as a nation, the blame game won't take us anywhere. We should hold our lamps of hope in silence, because so far much has been said and little has been done. And we should pray in our hearts for our nation to overcome this dark moment.

South Africa will shine again, yes it will.  It has happened before and it will happen again. And we will all know that history have a strange way of repeating itself. Just as the nation sang and marched with joy, after the first democratic elections. We will sing a victorious song again when all our recent problem becomes history. The best is yet to come my hope says so. Aslong as we keep holding our lamps without fear, favor or doubts. The light of hope will guide us!

We need leadership that will not only show us the problems we have, but to bringforth solutions to redress our problems, that's all we need. Leadership is not a career, but it's a calling that comes with great responsibilities. And solving problems should come natural on a leader. Leaders which can be used by God to heal, unite, prosper and save our nation. Let us all hold the lamp with hope, we all have it in our hearts and we must keep it burning because our nation needs it. I love you all,  Stay blessed!

Hope South Africa courage

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Source: Eric Shikobela


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