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Soccer rules must also apply to politics

Dear Zimbabweans, We are a great nation blessed with abundant natural resources and very hard-working people. However as Africans we need to understand our history in order to move forward. I'...Read more

Soccer rules must also apply to politics

22 January 2019 | 1057 Views
Dear Zimbabweans, We are a great nation blessed with abundant natural resources and very hard-working people. However as Africans we need to understand our history in order to move forward. I'...

by Munya Shumba

I'm looking for the Mkwananzi family from Mgungubani

21 January 2019 | 877 Views
Good day Editor, Bengcela ukufuniswa abantu bako Ndlela abahlala eMgungubani eMberengwa induna yabo ngu Mkwananzi ongaba nolwazi ngitholakala call +27711618665 or WhatsApp +27793198412 email l...

by Obina Sibanda

How impartial are these human rights organisations?

19 January 2019 | 557 Views
Dear Zimbabweans, My fellow countrymen I write to you with a heavy heart, especially considering the recent events which reduced us to nothing but barbarians. Yes our conduct and behaviour sho...

by Munya Shumba

Open letter to Nelson Chamisa

18 January 2019 | 9902 Views
Dear Nelson, Hopefully this letter finds you well so that you can read, understand and appreciate my worries following the violence that took place in most parts of the country as a result of ...

by Peacemaker Zano

US Embassy condemns Zim government

17 January 2019 | 1238 Views
The U.S. Embassy is concerned about reports of violence in Zimbabwe and urges all parties to exercise restraint and to make every effort to find a peaceful solution.  We condemn any disproportion...

by Mandla Ndlovu

Dear President Mnangagwa, our demands are simple

14 January 2019 | 8165 Views
Dear Mr President,Let's start by talking about what's important to Zimbabweans.The things Zimbabweans demand are not complicated. They are not anything out of the ordinary.They...

by newZWire

Wrong turn Mr President

14 January 2019 | 3104 Views
Dear Mr PresidentMr President I'm sure someone is giving you very wrong advice. I can't imagine an elected President holding a press conference to dish out misery and poverty to his people. Th...

by Munya Shumba

Enough Is Enough my fellow comrades

13 January 2019 | 10514 Views
Revolutionary greetings Zimbabweans, Once upon a time this second republic promised people jobs, freedom and the betterment of each life in contemporary Zimbabwe.We as ordinary Zimbabw...

by Mberi Prince

Looking for Sicinginkosi Maphosa please assist

08 January 2019 | 1100 Views
Please help me people. I am looking for Sicinginkosi Maphosa she took my bag by mistake we were from Plumtree to Bulawayo Zimbabwe 4 January 2019.Our bags looked same. I found a baby clinic ca...

by Reader

Mnangagwa and the genesis of the unseen

03 January 2019 | 375 Views
EDITOR,One African poet once remarked: "There is nothing wrong with the African mind. Our problem is the African mindset. It is not a lack of resources, but a deficit of resourcefulness. And o...

by Gibson Nyikadzino

Mnangagwa end of year address

31 December 2018 | 364 Views
END OF YEAR ADDRESS BY HIS EXCELLENCY THE PRESIDENT, E.D. MNANGAGWA My Fellow Zimbabweans, As the year draws to a close, I take this opportunity to thank you ...

by E D Mnangagwa

Malibongwe Ndlovu hospitalised at Joburg Hospital

30 December 2018 | 3162 Views
Ababuya eTsholotsho kunobhudi abathi nguMalibongwe Ndlovu usesbhedlela eJhb hospital kalaa fonii uthi bamdubulile bamthathela ifoni kalaa fonii usesbhedlela ncela lidlulise lomlayezelo kumagroup wonke...

by Social media

No your Excellence, there's No Christmas for us povo

24 December 2018 | 1772 Views
Dear Mr President, Still waiting in this long winding fuel queue i decided to read your xmas message hoping to get some comfort and assurance from you but alas its all gloom. Surely your sense...

by Munya Shumba

The Gukurahundi victims demand apology and compensation

19 December 2018 | 1146 Views
Dear Editor, As we commemorate the Matebeleland and Midlands massacres conservatively put at over 20,000  civilians on 22 December our demands for a justice cannot be ignored. The sensele...

by L Dube

Zimbabwe to abolish death sentence

19 December 2018 | 629 Views
Dear editor, This is a step in the right direction. This issue of abolishing death penalty is a bone of contention in most jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions which pursue Sharia law, will not e...

by Njabulo

BCC ignores burst sewer in my yard

17 December 2018 | 1061 Views
Dear Editor, We reported to Bulawayo city council about a sewer burst in my yard, in Tshabalala near Vulindlela shops,  on the 3rd of December and this problem has never been attended to....

by Tshabalala Resident

Open Letter to Motlante

17 December 2018 | 2662 Views
Date: 15th December 2018 Mr Kgalema Motlanthe Chairman of The Zimbabwe...

by The 1893 MHRRM-UK Leadership

We are our own enemies not politics

13 December 2018 | 1048 Views
Dear Zimbabweans, My fellow countrymen I salute you in the name of peace, love and harmony as i wish you all a happy Christmas though not a merry one.Well things aren't rosy especially...

by Munya Shumba

Bond notes have brought misery and suffering

10 December 2018 | 2818 Views
Dear Government, We cant progress if we dont accept reality and correct our shortcomings! It's a fact that bond notes have brought more problems to our sick economy. The bond note prescription...

by Munya Shumba

Independent Commission of Inquiry into the death of Football in Zimbabwe

09 December 2018 | 1200 Views
Your honour the president, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your recent self appointment to the vacant position of President at Zifa. I will tackle the issue of the...

by Unknown

MDC legislators are confused

07 December 2018 | 1182 Views
Dear Sir, The opposition has been very critical of the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Ziyambi Ziyambi for his position that opposition legislators should not expect resp...

by Elijah Chihota

Ibhetshu Likazulu position on Bhalagwe memorial site

06 December 2018 | 973 Views
The unfolding events around Bhalagwe memorial site have become very grave, painful and divisive such that as Ibhetshu Likazulu we cannot remain silent on the matter. Firstly, I would like to express o...

by Mbuso Fuzwayo

Lest we forget

30 November 2018 | 324 Views
Dear Zimbabweans, As we commemorate the first anniversary of RGM's ouster after 37 years of looting, plundering, autocracy and total dictatorship it seems all of a sudden Zimbabweans have beco...

by Munya Shumba

Open letter to Chief Maduna Mafu

29 November 2018 | 1639 Views
Dear Chief Maduna, I write to you as a concerned Zimbabwean citizen who is disappointed by the path you have decided to travel which undermines your office, which should be pursuing indigenous...

by Sibusiso Ndlamini

Let's not give Zanu-PF more time

26 November 2018 | 614 Views
Editor,The problems we face in Zimbabwe can never be resolved by Zanu-PF which created them in the first place.Zimbabwe is now one of Africa's poorest and most repressed economies as r...

by VM

MSU Vice Chancellor a law unto himself refuses to reinstate fired guards

21 November 2018 | 2650 Views
I'm a male adult and I was employed by Midlands State University as a security guard in 2006.In 2013 the university authorities forced security department to form its own workers association w...

by Fired guard

Open letter to the president Mnangagwa

14 November 2018 | 5726 Views
Dear  ED, It is with great disappointment, broken heart and shattered dreams that I write to you as the Head of this great state Zimbabwe. Today marks a complete year since the former pre...

by Mberi Prince

Ndebele Chiefs' letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa - Fulltext

13 November 2018 | 5179 Views
From the Office of.... CHIEF VEZI MADUNA MAFU OF AVOCA FILABUSI COMMUNAL LANDS 9 October 2018 The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe His Excellency President E.D. Mnangagwa ...

by Chief Maduna, Chief Jahana and Chief Sibasa

Please consider the plight of pensioners

13 November 2018 | 1531 Views
Dear, There is urgent need for the government to seriously consider the plight of pensioners most of whom are now very old, frail and ill. These pensioners are getting peanuts if not nothing f...

by Munya Shumba

Double standards by Rio Zim

11 November 2018 | 329 Views
DearRio Tonto Zimbabwe particularly Murowa Diamonds has a policy whereby prospective employees are subjected to serious vetting including police clearance and anyone with a criminal record is ...

by Concerned Zvishavane Residents

Why has Africa not developed after attaining independence?

11 November 2018 | 537 Views
Dear AfricaI grew up thinking that Africa was once referred to as a dark continent because most of its inhabitants are dark in complexion. Honestly it didn't bother me because to me black is r...

by Munya Shumba

Take corruption charges against Jonathan Moyo seriously

02 November 2018 | 2264 Views
Editor,As the Economic Freedom Fighters of Zimbabwe we are worried that corruption charges levelled against former Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo are not taken seriously. We are call...

by Innocent Ndibali

Chamisa a young Robert Mugabe

29 October 2018 | 4051 Views
Editor,Nelson Chamisa who has falsely appropriated himself the robes of a Messiah remains an unrepentant and dangerous toddler dictator. The dismissal of the democratically elected May...

by S Dube

Zimbabweans, we are our own worst enemy

28 October 2018 | 2736 Views
Dear EditorI'm sure somewhere someone is calling Zimbabwe a big joke as we are a country with misplaced priorities. For starters, we have good farming land, good climate, plenty natural resour...

by Munya Shumba

No madam Khumalo stop lying!

26 October 2018 | 2819 Views
Dear, Fellow countrymen I salute you for the hard work you are doing to improve our economy, God bless us.Yester-night while listening to the infamous and most unreliable source of new...

by Munya Shumba

Looking for my mother

20 October 2018 | 909 Views
To whom it may concern,Hello, my name is Patience Chenjerai. I am in the process of looking for my mother whom l lost contact.From the age of 2 years. I am now 27 years old but has pro...

by Patience Chenjerai

Sipepa Secondary school destroys young man's life, Zimsec please act

17 October 2018 | 1936 Views
Editor,I am deeply worried about administration of a school somewhere in Tsholotsho North by the name Sipepa Secondary school. How they handled the issue of my young brother.The matter is:...

by Ncube

Lets support the man on the ball

16 October 2018 | 792 Views
Dear Zimbabweans Growing up my poor father used to tell me that no team gonna win a match if other players dont support the man on the ball! Wise words from an old man as this surely makes sen...

by Munya Shumba

Open Letter - My 2c advice to H.E E.D and Hon. M. Ncube

14 October 2018 | 2465 Views
Dear comrades Well i trust you will find time to read and consider my sincere advice to you.I'm not an economist or a financial guru but i think my 2c advise will wipe out the prevaili...

by Isaac Nkomah

New broom sweeping clean, let's rally behind the new dispensation!

06 October 2018 | 1759 Views
Dear Zimbabweans, My fellow countrymen I salute you in the name of love, peace, harmony and development. God bless us.Well I don't know where to start from but one thing for certain Zimbab...

by Munya Shumba

Who cursed our Economy?

05 October 2018 | 1563 Views
Dear Zimbabweans, REF: I have a dilemma and need your help.THEY came with their donkeys and mixed them with my cows and told me that the donkeys...

by Melfort Sibanda

Open letter to AFM leaders

29 September 2018 | 4912 Views
Our church has been captured. I did not want be tempted to comment on the current events prevailing at AFM but I am being pushed by this inner saddened and heavy spirit which I cannot carry alone....

by Leonard Koni

Open letter to Finance Minister Ncube - Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

24 September 2018 | 657 Views
You may remember the ever-popular Hollywood film Groundhog Day. (It seems to shown every day!) The film tells the story of a man who had to repeatedly relive the previous day until he finally learnt t...

by Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

Shame on you MDC MPs

19 September 2018 | 2054 Views
Dear, Madness! Nothing but total madness. That is the only suitable description of MDC's MPs (read mad people) behaviour. Its now crystal clear that MDC is a movement for super greedy egocentr...

by Munya Shumba

Hiding in the comforts of Sweden: Paul Siwela pens a letter to Mnangagwa

18 September 2018 | 3558 Views
Dear Bhudi Paul, With dismay I read the letter you wrote President Mnangagwa today. I hasten to say that I was disappointed by this militant language you have now adopted as a party: MLO. What...

by Nomazulu Thata

Paul Siwela pens letter to Mnangagwa, Demands immediate restoration of Matabeleland State

18 September 2018 | 4776 Views
Dear President ED Mnangagwa, Ref: Demand for Immediate Restoration of Matabeleland StateYour Excellency, I am writing to you in my capacity as t...

by Paul Siwela

Letter to Nelson 'Mischief' Chamisa

17 September 2018 | 3331 Views
Dear Mr Chamisa First, greetings from the cotton tuft-haired elders in the land of milk, honey and dust or Guruve. Admittedly, this is the first time that the council of Karitundundu, the agel...

by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe is a weird country

15 September 2018 | 1030 Views
Dear, My sincere condolences to the victims of cholera. Surely this unnecessary loss of lives is totally unacceptable this time and age.What's surprising me and maybe the world at larg...

by Munya Shumba

ZIMRA saga a tip of the iceberg

13 September 2018 | 3236 Views
Dear, I am not amused by the topical story of a top ZIMRA official demanding bribery from a patriotic whistleblower as i strongly believe that the whole authority is rotten from top to bottom....

by Patriotic Citizen

Is MDC a better alternative, I wonder!

12 September 2018 | 1395 Views
Dear Zimbabweans, My fellow countrymen i salute you in the name of peace and love.Is MDC a cursed political party or its just a grouping of ideological deficient and emotionally charge...

by Munya Shumba

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Zimbabwe shutdown, a noble cause but many things went wrong!

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Mnangagwa's move to go after rogue soldiers welcomed by analysts

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High Court ruling on Internet hailed - Information, communication and ...

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Africa Human Rights Film Festival

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Mahlalela ropes in Omkhula in new film

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Sandra Ndebele reflects on music journey

by Staff reporter | 11 January 2019 | 309 Views

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