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Open letter to the president Mnangagwa

Dear  ED, It is with great disappointment, broken heart and shattered dreams that I write to you as the Head of this great state Zimbabwe. Today marks a complete year since the former pre...Read more

Open letter to the president Mnangagwa

14 November 2018 | 5594 Views
Dear  ED, It is with great disappointment, broken heart and shattered dreams that I write to you as the Head of this great state Zimbabwe. Today marks a complete year since the former pre...

by Mberi Prince

Ndebele Chiefs' letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa - Fulltext

13 November 2018 | 4918 Views
From the Office of.... CHIEF VEZI MADUNA MAFU OF AVOCA FILABUSI COMMUNAL LANDS 9 October 2018 The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe His Excellency President E.D. Mnangagwa ...

by Chief Maduna, Chief Jahana and Chief Sibasa

Please consider the plight of pensioners

13 November 2018 | 1464 Views
Dear, There is urgent need for the government to seriously consider the plight of pensioners most of whom are now very old, frail and ill. These pensioners are getting peanuts if not nothing f...

by Munya Shumba

Double standards by Rio Zim

11 November 2018 | 311 Views
DearRio Tonto Zimbabwe particularly Murowa Diamonds has a policy whereby prospective employees are subjected to serious vetting including police clearance and anyone with a criminal record is ...

by Concerned Zvishavane Residents

Why has Africa not developed after attaining independence?

11 November 2018 | 498 Views
Dear AfricaI grew up thinking that Africa was once referred to as a dark continent because most of its inhabitants are dark in complexion. Honestly it didn't bother me because to me black is r...

by Munya Shumba

Take corruption charges against Jonathan Moyo seriously

02 November 2018 | 2260 Views
Editor,As the Economic Freedom Fighters of Zimbabwe we are worried that corruption charges levelled against former Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo are not taken seriously. We are call...

by Innocent Ndibali

Chamisa a young Robert Mugabe

29 October 2018 | 3879 Views
Editor,Nelson Chamisa who has falsely appropriated himself the robes of a Messiah remains an unrepentant and dangerous toddler dictator. The dismissal of the democratically elected May...

by S Dube

Zimbabweans, we are our own worst enemy

28 October 2018 | 2676 Views
Dear EditorI'm sure somewhere someone is calling Zimbabwe a big joke as we are a country with misplaced priorities. For starters, we have good farming land, good climate, plenty natural resour...

by Munya Shumba

No madam Khumalo stop lying!

26 October 2018 | 2812 Views
Dear, Fellow countrymen I salute you for the hard work you are doing to improve our economy, God bless us.Yester-night while listening to the infamous and most unreliable source of new...

by Munya Shumba

Looking for my mother

20 October 2018 | 908 Views
To whom it may concern,Hello, my name is Patience Chenjerai. I am in the process of looking for my mother whom l lost contact.From the age of 2 years. I am now 27 years old but has pro...

by Patience Chenjerai

Sipepa Secondary school destroys young man's life, Zimsec please act

17 October 2018 | 1905 Views
Editor,I am deeply worried about administration of a school somewhere in Tsholotsho North by the name Sipepa Secondary school. How they handled the issue of my young brother.The matter is:...

by Ncube

Lets support the man on the ball

16 October 2018 | 785 Views
Dear Zimbabweans Growing up my poor father used to tell me that no team gonna win a match if other players dont support the man on the ball! Wise words from an old man as this surely makes sen...

by Munya Shumba

Open Letter - My 2c advice to H.E E.D and Hon. M. Ncube

14 October 2018 | 2460 Views
Dear comrades Well i trust you will find time to read and consider my sincere advice to you.I'm not an economist or a financial guru but i think my 2c advise will wipe out the prevaili...

by Isaac Nkomah

New broom sweeping clean, let's rally behind the new dispensation!

06 October 2018 | 1752 Views
Dear Zimbabweans, My fellow countrymen I salute you in the name of love, peace, harmony and development. God bless us.Well I don't know where to start from but one thing for certain Zimbab...

by Munya Shumba

Who cursed our Economy?

05 October 2018 | 1552 Views
Dear Zimbabweans, REF: I have a dilemma and need your help.THEY came with their donkeys and mixed them with my cows and told me that the donkeys...

by Melfort Sibanda

Open letter to AFM leaders

29 September 2018 | 4780 Views
Our church has been captured. I did not want be tempted to comment on the current events prevailing at AFM but I am being pushed by this inner saddened and heavy spirit which I cannot carry alone....

by Leonard Koni

Open letter to Finance Minister Ncube - Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

24 September 2018 | 650 Views
You may remember the ever-popular Hollywood film Groundhog Day. (It seems to shown every day!) The film tells the story of a man who had to repeatedly relive the previous day until he finally learnt t...

by Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

Shame on you MDC MPs

19 September 2018 | 2050 Views
Dear, Madness! Nothing but total madness. That is the only suitable description of MDC's MPs (read mad people) behaviour. Its now crystal clear that MDC is a movement for super greedy egocentr...

by Munya Shumba

Hiding in the comforts of Sweden: Paul Siwela pens a letter to Mnangagwa

18 September 2018 | 3555 Views
Dear Bhudi Paul, With dismay I read the letter you wrote President Mnangagwa today. I hasten to say that I was disappointed by this militant language you have now adopted as a party: MLO. What...

by Nomazulu Thata

Paul Siwela pens letter to Mnangagwa, Demands immediate restoration of Matabeleland State

18 September 2018 | 4699 Views
Dear President ED Mnangagwa, Ref: Demand for Immediate Restoration of Matabeleland StateYour Excellency, I am writing to you in my capacity as t...

by Paul Siwela

Letter to Nelson 'Mischief' Chamisa

17 September 2018 | 3327 Views
Dear Mr Chamisa First, greetings from the cotton tuft-haired elders in the land of milk, honey and dust or Guruve. Admittedly, this is the first time that the council of Karitundundu, the agel...

by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe is a weird country

15 September 2018 | 986 Views
Dear, My sincere condolences to the victims of cholera. Surely this unnecessary loss of lives is totally unacceptable this time and age.What's surprising me and maybe the world at larg...

by Munya Shumba

ZIMRA saga a tip of the iceberg

13 September 2018 | 3230 Views
Dear, I am not amused by the topical story of a top ZIMRA official demanding bribery from a patriotic whistleblower as i strongly believe that the whole authority is rotten from top to bottom....

by Patriotic Citizen

Is MDC a better alternative, I wonder!

12 September 2018 | 1389 Views
Dear Zimbabweans, My fellow countrymen i salute you in the name of peace and love.Is MDC a cursed political party or its just a grouping of ideological deficient and emotionally charge...

by Munya Shumba

Mthwakazi writes to Mnangagwa

12 September 2018 | 2227 Views
Dear MnangagwaGood day Mr President. I would have loved to congratulate you for your presidency unfortunately my conscious will not allow me to do that considering the fact that the harmonized...

by Mbonisi Gumbo

Open letter to Minister of Sports Kirsty Coventry

11 September 2018 | 2422 Views
Dear, I am humbled to learn that as one of the greatest daughters in our land you have been elevated to a position of authority as the Minister of Sports for our beloved nation of Zimbabwe. Ex...

by Trust Vimbayi Mukamba

Congrats to Hon Winston Chitando

10 September 2018 | 1481 Views
Dear, The Murowa Community Ward would like to congratulate Hon. Chitando on his appointment as the minister of mines.Congrats Makorokoto Amhlope...We salute this wise appointme...

by Murowa Ward Community

Letter to Comrade Julius Malema

07 September 2018 | 3235 Views
Dear Mr. Malema, Firstly, I would like to apologize to you personally because when you started your political path, I am one of those you did not take you seriously. I was deeply concerned abo...

by Nomazulu Thata

Open Letter to Makandiwa and Mahiya

06 September 2018 | 6624 Views
It came not as surprise to Zimbabweans to hear the words of Makandiwa denouncing USA concerning sanctions to Zimbabwe. Your prophesies are fake. Remember you were to vocal in support of introd...

by Isaac Nkomah

Open letter to the president of Zimbabwe

03 September 2018 | 5523 Views
Dear honourable President (ED MNANGAGWA), First of all I would like to say congratulations for winning the 2018 elections. Yes we were not pleased as youth of Zimbabwe but anywhere we don't ha...

by Tracy Mpofu

Open letter to E.D. Mnangagwa the Incoming president of Zimbabwe

26 August 2018 | 2878 Views
Mr. President, I congratulate you with 'heavyheart' for being sworn in as the next president of the republic of Zimbabwe for the next five years. I am sure that that you are aware that millions of Zim...

by Don Chigumba

I'm beginning to doubt Jonso's IQ

25 August 2018 | 4657 Views
Dear Editor, Fellow countrymen I salute you in the name of love, peace and harmony. Honestly I say to you let us love one another irrespective of our differences, let us disagree to agree for ...

by Munya Shumba

Gain Cash and Carry (National foods) managers fear losing jobs

25 August 2018 | 1910 Views
Dear EditorAs branch managers of Gain Cash and Carry company formerly National Foods we would like to share our grievances with the nation of Zimbabwe at our company.We are not enjoyin...

by Concerned managers

ICJ to observe Chamisa poll challenge

19 August 2018 | 763 Views
DEAR EDITOR,The International Commission of Jurists will be sending a delagation of emminent jurists to Zimbabwe to observe Advocate Nelson Chamisa's Constitutional Court challenge set for Wed...

by Walter Nyabadza

Exposed Chief's wife goes berserk threatening all and sundry!

18 August 2018 | 2691 Views
Dear EditorWe don't know either to laugh or cry? But surely some people have less grey matter than a bullfrog. So the wife of self imposed chief Mazvihwa has threatened to beat Murowa School t...

by Concerned Murowa Ward Community

Gunning down people, legitimacy and hope, The position of peasants under the 'new dispensation'

17 August 2018 | 813 Views
Dear Mango News, I wish to complement the publication of this factual news on the political realities that faced ordinary Zimbabweans after independence and thirty nine years after by Mango. I...

by Andrew Mamyevere

Depriving the poor of the right to education

16 August 2018 | 780 Views
Dear Editor, Thank you and your crew for your informative editions which have become the voice of the voiceless giving hope to the hopeless.What we witnessed today driving around Murow...

by Murowa Community Zvishavane

'Rural voters show fealty to Zanu PF,' says Matyszak - but does that count as free vote

12 August 2018 | 1491 Views
Dear Derek MatyszakI would like to thank you for your excellent article in Zimeye. Thank you.I believe the issue of whether or not these elections were free, fair and credible is a ver...

by Patrick Guramatunhu

Liberate and free the last colony of Africa

11 August 2018 | 1719 Views
Dear Mr. S. Sibanda, "Very true that woman are marginalized" by S. Sibanda That was your article on the 8th of August 2018 on Bulawayo24: I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the...

by Nomazulu Thata

Chamisa wants to bulldoze his way to State House

10 August 2018 | 3369 Views
Dear Its well choreographed, well planned but poorly executed! Truly, I say to you Zimbabweans demons have been unleashed upon our country and lady Macbeth is doing all she can to once again g...

by Munya Shumba

The numbers make sense unless my mathematics is wrong

08 August 2018 | 9922 Views
Dear MDC Alliance I'm neither a mathematician nor a rocket scientist but surely these numbers make sense thanks to my grade 2 maths lessons. Listening to the biased VOA on Wednesday evening N....

by Munya Shumba

Zimbabwe is the only country we have, please stop being so negative about it!

05 August 2018 | 635 Views
Dear PatriotsBut why? Why being so negative about your own country? I been listening to VOA and surely speaking the news reporters and reportage lack patriotism and this negative perception of...

by Munya Shumba

Open letter to Nelson Chamisa of the MDC Alliance

04 August 2018 | 10606 Views
Firstly, I would like to extend my commiserations for the 'loss' that was not a loss in the Zimbabwe 2018 elections. Like most of the millions of Zimbabwe's Diasporas, I followed every detail of the e...

by Trust Siguake

Lawyer pens letter to Mnangagwa

04 August 2018 | 13518 Views
Greetings HE, Am a young lawyer aged 40. I was practicing law on my own account @ ZIMDEF Hse in Byo until Prof. Moyo had me evicted for failing to pay illegal rent. To date, am one of the grad...

by Walter Nyabadza

How Judge Chigumba & ZEC manipulated votes - Evidence Part One

03 August 2018 | 14719 Views
Dear ZimbabweansI know you are in great pain, it is obvious that Judge Chigumba successfully managed to lead her evil team in subverting the will of the people. I told you yesterday (...

by Don Chigumba

Open letter to the president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa

03 August 2018 | 3415 Views
Your Excellency the President let me begin by applauding you on your 50.8% triumph on this year's elections giving you your first term as President of Zimbawe. I would like to thank you for ev...

by Mberi Prince

A confidential letter to Judge Chigumba & ZEC

01 August 2018 | 10165 Views
I greet you cordially. I am writing this letter to let you know that your conduct of the 2018 elections has embarrassed both the living and the living-timeless. I am among the Zimbabweans sham...

by Don Chugumba

Open Letter to SADC and AU

31 July 2018 | 5090 Views
SADC and AU, We have reached a point again where Zanu-PF refuse to release the results of an election which is no longer a secret that they lost. We don't have a polling stations that is still...

by Isaac Nkomah

Open letter to Zanu voter

29 July 2018 | 1052 Views
Dear Zanu voterI hope this letter finds you well.  It is actually rude of me to even assume that  there is a remote chance that you might be well. Not if you are still living in Zimb...

by Sibusisiwe Tshuma

Open Letter to Prosecutor-General

29 July 2018 | 84 Views
Dear Acting Prosecutor-GeneralMy heartfelt congratulations on your recent appointment, Mr Kumbirai Hodzi, as the Acting Prosecutor-General. Hopefully in the long run the appointment will be tu...

by Garikai Mazara

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