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'Mnangagwa must convene inclusive national dialogue' - reward for rigging elections, to what end

Dear Tajamuka/Sesjikile "After the 2018 disputed elections, we stated categorically clear that the electoral process and its outcome fell abysmally short of a truly free and fair election. As ...Read more

'Mnangagwa must convene inclusive national dialogue' - reward for rigging elections, to what end

19 May 2019 | 1284 Views
Dear Tajamuka/Sesjikile "After the 2018 disputed elections, we stated categorically clear that the electoral process and its outcome fell abysmally short of a truly free and fair election. As ...

by Nomusa Garikai

Open letter to Delta Coaches management

18 May 2019 | 2823 Views
Dear Delta coaches management,On the 13th of May 2019 I used a Delta coach from Bulawayo to Johannesburg (Bus Registration HD 64 FG - GP) and I would like to register my displeasure to the Delta C...

by Sizwesimanyene Godlwayo

Open letter to Chief Ndiweni

17 May 2019 | 2434 Views
Dear Chief Nhlanhla Ndiweni.As a concerned Zimbabwean citizen, I write this letter in dismay pertaining to the bad behaviour that you exhibited to the nation. To begin with, the path t...

by Peacemaker Zano

Open letter to President Mnangagwa - Gukurahundi closure

30 April 2019 | 1751 Views
Dear sirWith reference to the above, our understanding as MLF has been that this matter needs closure in the most conclusive of ways whereby the victims and survivors alike find closure to the...

by Andrea Sibanda

Mnangagwa must act on economic decay

20 April 2019 | 2206 Views
EDITOR,Recently, I went to a supermarket to do my groceries for the month, I was shocked to realise that a 2kg mixed portion chicken is now ranging between $15 to $18, a 2-litre concentrate ju...

by Concerned Citizen

South Africa and Zimbabwe turn a blind eye

20 April 2019 | 1150 Views
Dear EditorI am deeply pained by the situation in Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa should be more concerned about the welfare of his people and country, Ringisai Chikohomero ("South Africa's Zimbabwe Dilem...

by Sipho Ndlovu

The Gukurahundi roll of dishonour

16 April 2019 | 506 Views
Had the brave and forthright Bulawayo24News existed at the time of Gukurahundi so many lives could have been saved. Indeed the latter-day revisionists who are shouting that it was a war are being trut...

by L. Dube

Gukurahundi victim speaks out

10 April 2019 | 1778 Views
It is highly saddening that a group of people should masquerade as a collective and purport to speak on my behalf with neither my consent nor knowledge. From the onset I must dismiss with exaggerated ...

by Gukurahundi victim

Zimbabwe EFF forms Diaspora structure in UK and & Ireland

09 April 2019 | 923 Views
Dear  Zimbabweans in UK and Ireland The Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters,  in accordance with the provisions of the Zim EFF constitution, has given a go a...

by Khumbulani Sibanda

Handing over the baton to new blood in Bulawayo province

08 April 2019 | 1152 Views
The Bulawayo Provincial Executive.Dated 05/04/2019Ref: Handing over the baton to new blood in Bulawayo Province.Att.The chairperson.I write this article full of happiness a...

by Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda

Let's Preach Abstinence to the Nation!

05 April 2019 | 753 Views
The Editor, May you please allow me space to tell the nation the truth, nothing else but the living reality through this educative and informative newspaper that Abstinence and monogamy is the...

by Kufakunesu Mawira

Starman Chamisa willing to sacrifice our votes for his 2023 candidature

04 April 2019 | 1739 Views
Greetings my president, we have pressing issues in our Mbare Constituency. Lemme start by introducing myself, my name is ****** and I live in Mbare, I have been a supporter of the MDC since it's incep...

by MDC supporter

Letter to President E.D. Mnangagwa

03 April 2019 | 1077 Views
Your Excellency President of the Republic of Zimbabwe E.D. Mnangagwa. A cat may look at a King. Writing directly to you seeking redress on issues that could have been dealt with by line heads of depar...

by Thomas Murisa

Letter to Bulawayo MDC province

03 April 2019 | 283 Views
Dear colleaguesRe: *Seeking Nomination  Mashonaland West for a VP post, 2019 MDC Congress*As a formality to yourselves, theb esteemed provincial executive, I hereby seek your indu...

by Felix Mafa

An open letter to VP Kembo Mohadi - 'Genocide Was Nation Building'

01 April 2019 | 5649 Views
The late hero and favourite ZAPU's Makokoba member of Parliament, Honorable, Sydney Donald Malunga once observed that once one drank from the ZANUpf cup, one will never be normal. Today his words have...

by David Magagula

Shame on you Zanu PF

31 March 2019 | 1845 Views
Editor ,The move by the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) to bar Zanu-PF bigwigs from interfering with food distribution in the Cyclone Idai ravaged areas is quite commendable.It is very in...

by Stanley Mawire

Show me your breasts!?

28 March 2019 | 7169 Views
Controversial businessman, Ginimbi, posted a video in which he asks a young girl to show him her breasts. Vimbaishe Musvaburi gives her reaction.Dear G...

by Vimbaishe Musvaburi

Open letter to President Mnangagwa

24 March 2019 | 3883 Views
PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa's admission that he is the one who authorised the deployment of soldiers to quell street protests on August 1, 2018 and in January this year was brave but leaves neutrals ...

by Viniel Deredza

The curse of Murowa diamonds

24 March 2019 | 2215 Views
Dear Editor, We recently learnt through your informative publication the likelihood of Zimbabwe Diamonds being discussed and categorized as " conflict diamonds " during the forthcoming UN plen...

by Deprived Murowa Ward Community

Open letter to the Honourable Minister Professor Amon Murwira

22 March 2019 | 312 Views
Honorable Minister Professor Amon Murwira, I humble submit, now maybe the right time for your Ministry to sponsor a true Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) bill through Parliament, which when it...

by Enock Jonathan

Mudzuri exposes Chamisa

19 March 2019 | 5728 Views
THE weekend interview MDC deputy president Engineer Elias Mudzuri had with the private media has all but exposed the party's leader Mr Nelson Chamisa as an illegitimate, power hungry person whose poli...

by Nduduzo Tshuma,

Reform now before it's too late

17 March 2019 | 1392 Views
EDITOR,Someone once said that it is never too late to turn back and do the right thing. What Zanu-PF seems to be blind to is that in their exclusion of all and anything not perceived to be Zan...

by TruthBTold

Selfish Zanu-PF govt behind our suffering

17 March 2019 | 1035 Views
EDITOR,Zimbabwe is my motherland. My heart bleeds when I see Zimbabwe in such a terrible state. Our elders took over the reigns from colonial masters and we all celebrated because we thought w...

by E Denhere

Open letter to the Honourable Minister Professor Amon Murwira

15 March 2019 | 1436 Views
Honorable Minister Professor Amon Murwira, I humble submit, now maybe the right time for your Ministry to sponsor a true Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) bill through Parliament, which when it...

by Enock Jonathan

No justification for ECD non-Ndebele Speaking Teachers

10 March 2019 | 736 Views
Dear Editor, The condescending article  by Shumba Happison cannot go unchallenged  as it is a concoction  of tribal lies and displaced  superiority complex. Oblivious ...

by Sihle Ndlovu

Trump's letter to the House and Congress renewing Zimbabwe sanctions

09 March 2019 | 3484 Views
Dear Madam Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:)Section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)) provides for the automatic termination of a national emergency unless, within 90 day...

by Donald J Trump

Waves from Kempinski Hotel

05 March 2019 | 1447 Views
Hello guys, hezvoko! Bwaa! Greetings from my five star apartments here at Kempinski Hotel, right in the heart of the sizzling sights of the Atlantic Ocean sending encouraging breezes from my b...

by Chigumbu Warikandwa

Open letter to Mnangagwa - Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

28 February 2019 | 5501 Views
Dear HE E. Mnangagwa, Your Excellence i write to you for the zenieth time, informing you of the dire plight of pensioners who are not only living in abject poverty but dying as paupers. Here i...

by Munya Shumba

Generalised anxiety disorder

28 February 2019 | 445 Views
EDITOR,It is normal to feel anxious from time to time, especially if your life is stressful. However, excessive, ongoing anxiety and worry that are difficult to control that interferes with day-to...

by Dr Sacrifice Chirisa.

Botswana must accept Zimbabwe emergency travel documents

28 February 2019 | 583 Views
Editor,Please could you kindly publish my input for the Head of State, His Excellency ED Mnangagwa and his counterpart from the Republic of Botswana who are about to hold their special meeting...

by Rev Africa M S Jubane

Senile Mugabe; misdirected bitterness

26 February 2019 | 3260 Views
Dear Mugabe, At 95, an age that most will not get to, there is a lot to be thankful for. Chief being that, you have lived long enough to experience nine and half decades. A long time to have a...

by Anesu Pedzisayi

Chamisa should not be treated with kid gloves

26 February 2019 | 900 Views
EDITOR: Nelson Chamisa is a power hungry fellow. Remember he didn't even wait for the repatriation of Morgan Tsvangirai's body from South Africa, before he wrested power from Thokozani Khupe? ...

by Citizen

Open letter to Ramaphosa

25 February 2019 | 929 Views
Greetings from Zimbabwe, Your Excellency.  I hope I find you in the best of health. Incidentally, this letter is all about health.I, like so many others am grateful for the huge role that...

by Staff reporter

Open letter to Innocent Kufa

23 February 2019 | 2542 Views
Dear Sir,            25 years ago I, together with my Zimbabwean partner, resolved to open a small trading business in Bulawayo offering, amon...

by Gordon W. McFarlane

Is MDC A a true democratic party

20 February 2019 | 534 Views
Dear, Zvatanga! Chamisa chete chete! Thats madness, absolute madness especially coming from a party that claims to a social democrat. In democracy leaders are chosen not vetoed into positions....

by Munya Shumba

Letter to my friends in the MDC Alliance

19 February 2019 | 2471 Views
I write to advise you as a friend that in your next congress scheduled for this year kindly introduce Term Limits for your Councillors and Members of Parliament. Your primary elections were ve...

by Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo, Sr

A letter to Mugabe that could have changed the course of Zimbabwe's history

05 February 2019 | 12036 Views
An Eritrean diplomat friend sent the attached letter to me last night and I was blown away by how prophetic it was to Zimbabwe's situation, and how if Robert Mugabe had applied the advice given to him...

by An introduction by Hopewell Chin'ono

Mmusi Maimane's letter to Mnangagwa

02 February 2019 | 2842 Views
Thursday, 31 January 2019His Excellency, E.D. Mnangagwa, President of ZimbabweOffice of the President, Samora Michel Ave, Harare, Zimbabwe...

by Mmusi Maimane

Soccer rules must also apply to politics

22 January 2019 | 1068 Views
Dear Zimbabweans, We are a great nation blessed with abundant natural resources and very hard-working people. However as Africans we need to understand our history in order to move forward. I'...

by Munya Shumba

I'm looking for the Mkwananzi family from Mgungubani

21 January 2019 | 893 Views
Good day Editor, Bengcela ukufuniswa abantu bako Ndlela abahlala eMgungubani eMberengwa induna yabo ngu Mkwananzi ongaba nolwazi ngitholakala call +27711618665 or WhatsApp +27793198412 email l...

by Obina Sibanda

How impartial are these human rights organisations?

19 January 2019 | 569 Views
Dear Zimbabweans, My fellow countrymen I write to you with a heavy heart, especially considering the recent events which reduced us to nothing but barbarians. Yes our conduct and behaviour sho...

by Munya Shumba

Open letter to Nelson Chamisa

18 January 2019 | 10452 Views
Dear Nelson, Hopefully this letter finds you well so that you can read, understand and appreciate my worries following the violence that took place in most parts of the country as a result of ...

by Peacemaker Zano

US Embassy condemns Zim government

17 January 2019 | 1274 Views
The U.S. Embassy is concerned about reports of violence in Zimbabwe and urges all parties to exercise restraint and to make every effort to find a peaceful solution.  We condemn any disproportion...

by Mandla Ndlovu

Dear President Mnangagwa, our demands are simple

14 January 2019 | 8541 Views
Dear Mr President,Let's start by talking about what's important to Zimbabweans.The things Zimbabweans demand are not complicated. They are not anything out of the ordinary.They...

by newZWire

Wrong turn Mr President

14 January 2019 | 3151 Views
Dear Mr PresidentMr President I'm sure someone is giving you very wrong advice. I can't imagine an elected President holding a press conference to dish out misery and poverty to his people. Th...

by Munya Shumba

Enough Is Enough my fellow comrades

13 January 2019 | 10639 Views
Revolutionary greetings Zimbabweans, Once upon a time this second republic promised people jobs, freedom and the betterment of each life in contemporary Zimbabwe.We as ordinary Zimbabw...

by Mberi Prince

Looking for Sicinginkosi Maphosa please assist

08 January 2019 | 1133 Views
Please help me people. I am looking for Sicinginkosi Maphosa she took my bag by mistake we were from Plumtree to Bulawayo Zimbabwe 4 January 2019.Our bags looked same. I found a baby clinic ca...

by Reader

Mnangagwa and the genesis of the unseen

03 January 2019 | 409 Views
EDITOR,One African poet once remarked: "There is nothing wrong with the African mind. Our problem is the African mindset. It is not a lack of resources, but a deficit of resourcefulness. And o...

by Gibson Nyikadzino

Mnangagwa end of year address

31 December 2018 | 387 Views
END OF YEAR ADDRESS BY HIS EXCELLENCY THE PRESIDENT, E.D. MNANGAGWA My Fellow Zimbabweans, As the year draws to a close, I take this opportunity to thank you ...

by E D Mnangagwa

Malibongwe Ndlovu hospitalised at Joburg Hospital

30 December 2018 | 3235 Views
Ababuya eTsholotsho kunobhudi abathi nguMalibongwe Ndlovu usesbhedlela eJhb hospital kalaa fonii uthi bamdubulile bamthathela ifoni kalaa fonii usesbhedlela ncela lidlulise lomlayezelo kumagroup wonke...

by Social media

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Seven things to consider when transacting in Africa

by Morne van der Merwe, Managing Partner, and Wildu du Plessis, Head of Africa at global law firm Baker McKenzie in Johannesburg | 21 May 2019 | 407 Views

Mphoko's nemesis suspended by Choppies Board - The board of grocery re...

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