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Starman Chamisa willing to sacrifice our votes for his 2023 candidature

by MDC supporter
04 April 2019 | 1754 Views
Greetings my president, we have pressing issues in our Mbare Constituency. Lemme start by introducing myself, my name is ****** and I live in Mbare, I have been a supporter of the MDC since it's inception.

At this juncture, sir, am appalled by what I witnessed since congress commenced. Members no longer have the party at heart they're only interested in personal gains, especially your own brother the MP, Starman Chamisa. He's willing to sacrifice our votes in Mbare for his 2023 candidature. He's working in cahoots with the likes of the District chairperson, Mr Mapukute, security guys (Mr Cotton and one Mr ma fight), and some ward members who don't live nor work in Mbare (Wonder Sachirombe and Bhauren).

All along, I have been voting for MDC without being an active member - as you know during the Mugabe era it was too dangerous to be active in places like Mbare - this time a close friend of the Mp who happens to be also a close friend of mine invited me to be registered into the branches for the first time.

Sometime last week we had our branch congress. Everything went well, verification was done, the template was adhered to.

All hell broke loose when when we were doing the wards. The MP and the District chairperson's guys lost and the chairperson discredited the whole election process. On the other hand the MP came and and echoed the chairman's sentiments, and he vowed that the process had to start again in his presence. All other district executive members were there during the elections and agreed that they were done properly only for Starman to come and order the elections to be done again. We heard the reason he gave was that, he wasn't there when the elections we. Does he really have such powers or the powers lie with the chairman.

As if that was not enough, Starman called for a ward assembly. The agenda wasn't clear. To everyone's surprise the chair announced that we were re running the elections and he hired some vendors from town (who are not even Mbare voters), to come and be part of the branches to the disgruntlement of the real Mbare cadres.

Please, Mr President take care of the concerns, your brother is giving himself too much powers to the detriment of the party.

Am very sorry to use this platform, am an aspiring member and I don't know the proper channels, but it's for the good of the party.

Another date was set, Sunday 31 March, and all the voters were accredited. The former district and ward officials agreed that everyone was eligible to vote. Voters were counted and totalled 56, one Wellington got 30 and wonder (the MP's guy) got 26, this time it happened at Harvest house. Again the MP's guy was defeated for the third time, the MP and his guys disrupted the proceedings and elections were abandoned

MDC Chamisa Starman

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Source: MDC supporter


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