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Zanu PF hypocrites left in the bare as ED negotiates heroes acre for Mugabe

by Dr Masimba Mavaza
11 September 2019 | 5886 Views
The former Zimbabwean opposition member of parliament Ambassador James Maridadi took the bull by the horns. ZANU PF should applaud him for that. He stated that "we Zimbabweans must be dignified and we must be honest with each other those values are sacrosanct " it took the opposition to see the hypocrisy in our own party and in our honourable respected members. The attacks on comrade Mugabe by some of our political leaders was knee shaking and totally disgusting. Each attacker was clear that he or she does not want Mugabe at the heroes acre. The attacks on the president was in direct contrast with what President Mnangagwa said. He took a position from the first day of assuming power that Mugabe was his mentor and he regards him as his father. President Mnangagwa has at every turn reminded every person with an ear that Mugabe remained a hero. There are some cadres who mistook praising ED with insulting Mugabe. Very senior people in the party took turns to castigate Mugabe at a very personal level. The reality of the matter was that some cadres wanted promotions within the party or simply wanted to justify their promotions by making insulting Mugabe their business.

At any party meeting or party organ meeting they will deviate from the script and make insulting Mugabe their business.
Some were taking a revenge for the torment they got during Mugabe’s last days in the office.  Some had no reason whatsoever as they donated cattle and sofas to Mugabe just days before the army induced resignation.

During Mugabe’s time ZANU PF had been exposed to be a party congested with praise singers on the top and the rest were the electorate. Zimbabwe saw the reduction of a revolutionary party into a gossip praise singing and dancing outfit. The political opportunists trampled each other behind the then first lady and swore their undying love.  Only to make a sharp Uturn when ED bounced into power. Now they are still alive. They gossiped and discriminated those who did not follow the first lady. They totally misled the first lady and none dared to correct her. Any one heard rebuking her was summarily fired. The constitution was abused adults were seen publicly licking the powers that be. Those who destroyed the party are still in parliament. Those who fired  Emmerson Mnangagwa while sitting in the Central Committee had their life span extended. The speed they changed their allegiance leaving the former president is knee shaking and indeed embarrassing.   The party was plunged in the political quagmire and those big stomached and bearded praise and worship team kept silent. They could not be principled. Their allegiance is were they are fed. They are after money and not after their constituency.

Those still sitting in parliament today on ZANU PF ticket the majority voiced their dislike of ED. They demonized any province which supported the VP then. They went into a crusade of firing all war veterans from the party. I remember a list from Manicaland firing Madam Oppah one could not imagine ZANU PF without Oppah. Heroes like Dr Win Mlambo Patrick Chinamasa the talking mongul cde Mutsvangwa to name but a few were to be fired from ZANU PF. CDE Josiah Hungwe  even though he is a praise singer in his own right was shown a red card and the legal gurus like Paul Mangwana were in the ejected list Midlands had many chopped off. Those who were doing this made the party believe that they were sent by the first lady. The first lady was not an angel but she was led astray by the men and women who are still wearing the party regalia now. The fruits of the operation restore legacy are being  enjoyed by the wolves in the ship skin.  

One thing we must remember is that Zimbabweans are now enlightened. They are moved by principles. What principles are we showing when we jump ship in a speed of a light.  

The party now has a political problem.  It faces a danger of those who are destroying it from within. Boneless spineless cowards speaking big. If the president ED is not careful he will be ambushed by those who pretend to love him. They did the same to former President RG Mugabe.
There is no political problem that is impossible for the skilled politicians to defuse. However, politicians without imaginable point of agreement or meeting in the political realm can't call themselves skilled politicians in the real sense of the word. Leadership is the essence of politics and it doesn't matter what political color or the ideology a political party or politician do you pursue, the presumed objective and the intended destination should be but leadership. Politicians are here to lead people, solve their problems, enable them to live in peace and harmony by narrowing their differences, divisions and grudges, be them political, social or ethnic based. Politicians might differ in the way they get to the seat of power and government but when they have reached there their duty and role will be the same, to make the country better.  The crop of the politicians we have are bootlickers good for nothing people. They are not firm in their belief they have no belief at all. They have insulted Mugabe as if they were senior to him or were senior at all. These people are the same people who will castigate ED once he retires.  They are friends in prosperity but never in trouble.  
There shouldn't be real objective differences between our current leaders and politicians since their presumed objective is all but to lead the people of Zimbabwe to better present and future in term of socio-economic, cultural and political aspirations. The Zimbabwean people from the general assumption are like any other nations on earth that are wishing and entitled to live in peace, stability and to get the development and prosperity they deserve regardless of whether their illiteracy rate is higher or the claim that they just got their dispensation they are still entitled to good leaders and politicians that must work tirelessly together to realize the mentioned aspirations and goals. They should not be insulted by being given thieves who strive to be near the president for protection.
President Mnangagwa has introduced smart politics without insults a political atmosphere covered with respect even of our enemies.
It is ironic that the close cadres go out and sing a different tune from their principal.

Now those who insulted Mugabe more have zipped their mouths and have left ED to negotiate with the Mugabe family. They were loud sounding nothing only good to say what they can not stand for.

Even our opposition except Maridadi is full of liars and idiots. The politically unstable people like Job Sikhala represent the arrested members of ZANU PF and make a statement outside court that nobody has stollen.  At night he campaigns and say there are thieves in parliament. Clearly he is telling the electorate that  there is no need to weed out corruption. He lacks the decency of recusing himself from a case. All what he needs is the lime light and does not care the impact of his choice to the electorate. The message the opposition lawyers give to the people is that they have been lying all along.  There were never thieves in parliament. Have you noticed how quick the opposition lawyers jump to defend those from ZANU PF. It shows ZANU PF is a clean party??  If you are in doubt ask Job Madhuku and Mwonzora.   

Both our political camps are claiming patriotism, heroism and that they are all about Zimbabwean dignity, development, sovereignty and prosperity and hence one may wonder where then are the differences that are destroying the lives of their constituency and the few infrastructures we have inherited as well otherwise one of these camps or both are using such claims for political consumption and rhetoric.
Political opportunism and the opportunistic politics that has replaced objective and principled politics is killing our country. Exploiting conflicts or creating ones to exploit is what opportunist politicians do often feed from and not only that, they make sure it is ongoing and active for them to stay in power. Apart from that, other effective ingredients of political opportunism are ethnic and religious divisions, hatred conspiracies, tribal ego or gender prejudice and domination.

If the President is not careful he will be surrounded with vultures who are just after money and power.  His legacy which  he is building will be pounded into dust. If in doubt he can check how the pretenders dumped comrade Mugabe in a twinkling of an eye.

The current first lady encouraged me when she said people must stop following her.  She must be allowed to do her work. Not when she goes to buy tomatoes the whole cabinet follows her.
While addressing a meeting in Mashonaland West the ZANU PF chairperson and the minister of Justice was quoted as saying. " the first lady is not an attention seeker and she is not impressed by people who stop their work and follow her around."  The spirit pf immortalizing leaders or their spouses must be stopped.  

2017 was a great example of such a parasitic politics. It was an example of how tribalism again was used to destabilize the peace and stability of the iconic party and the destruction of the African icon. Politicians who were left out or whose political opportunism have reached a dead end in the new era of an independent Zimbabwe came at last to enter the political life again from the back door and through vicious political opportunism. Not merely the only one but the most living example among many of such kind of politics is the central committee whose majority members consist of former politicians who initially were the ring leaders in plotting against comrade Mnangagwa.  However, they came and in an attempt of revival, they entered the political life again from the back door, penetrating the Party and sabotaging it from within, rocking it from within on different beats.

Accordingly, and with Mnangagwa finding himself faced by the need to unite the rest of divided Leaders he has no option but to ally himself with the necessary evil and the devils in order for him to survive and hence this was the gateway of political opportunism and opportunistic politicians who have invested heavily in blood of our people through the corruption and divide and Rule system.

Very evidenced is that throughout 2013 to 2017!there was not a single politician that has allied himself with the truth nobody was telling cde Mugabe the truth of what was going wrong in the country, not even when their relatives were dying of hunger and were jobless and being killed at their very watch.

Well if this country has to be positioned right and into a brighter future, our political leadership need a new approach that encourages great good values and principles and that aims on building solid foundation for tomorrow great and qualified leaders and that fights mere political opportunism which give nothing in return but except being the underpinning cause and the corrupted foundation for the socio-economic and political life and where making money through corruption and reaching to political power through opportunism and nepotism is the norm not the exception. Well such a choice is a sure dead end and not a good reputation for any country or nation to pursue.

The electorate needs principled people who will stand by their choice.  
ZANU PF needs to vet the position holders in the constituencies. People need leaders with a back bone.

ZANU PF does not need Maridadi to tell them to have a dip reflection of who is who.  
To me Mugabe is still a hero. Those lining up to insult him or his wife have nothing to offer to the people.  President Emmerson Mnangagwa said Mugabe remains his Hero and he will respect him.  We need principles like the ones exhibited by the current president. He has given the hypocrites a second chance to be principled.  
So it must be known that those insulting Mugabe are never doing it in ED’s Name.


ZANU PF Mnangagwa Mugabe

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Source: Dr Masimba Mavaza


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