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Chamisa using people for his own selfish ends

by Pupurai Togarepi
23 August 2019 | 348 Views
MOST probably ensconced in the comfort of their homes, the violence mongering leaders of the opposition used their proxies to ignite chaos in the heart of Harare. What they did not know is that their planned violence was never to be because the police who had gathered intelligence of the evil machinations were on top of the situation.

While I am no prophet, I know just as the sun will rise tomorrow that any attempts to reverse the will of the people, expressed unequivocally in last year's elections, will never be accepted.

We have our next elections in 2023, and until then President Mnangagwa remains our President.

Chamisa and his band of sore losers, whose recalcitrance is the  stuff of legends, should eat the chill-pill and move on.

We have so many things to do yet so many distractions from all sorts of clowns who crave unnecessary attention especially whimpering adult men who believe they must be part of Government even when the people rejected them.

As we watched from the sidelines, a few inebriated MDC youths who had been sponsored to descend on Harare and stir up emotions, a melancholy feeling settled in.

We asked among ourselves, "Why are the leaders of the opposition so heartless, they call for demonstrations but when push comes to shove they drive to the safety of their homes?" reminding us of Thomas Hardy classic novel "Far from the Madding Crowd".

I really felt sorry for the men and women who dared to cross the line and pushed the police to the limits because in the madness that was swiftly splashed on social media, I was being haunted by Chamisa's own words that protestors are stupid, yes, the ambitious advocate- cum-pastor described his supporters as such just a year ago and it seems the would-be demonstrators learnt nothing from that gaffe.

While the right to demonstrate is something enshrined in our Constitution, the law enforcement agents had good reason to believe that the MDC was spoiling for violent demonstrations, using their powers, the police prohibited the demonstrations.

A High Court judge also dismissed an application by the MDC to proceed with its demonstration but defying all logic and daring to take the bull by the horns MDC supporters were unleashed onto the streets. Fortunately for peace-loving Zimbabweans, the police were at hand to ensure peace and also protect business.

All this happened as the cowards who lead the opposition were in the comfort of their homes or offices, drinking tea or coffee while the youth they had bought cheap drugs like nyaope challenged the police.

Can we locate Chamisa's grievances and why he thinks (wrongfully) that demonstrations are his ticket to power, no authority is derived from people through elections, it is not derived through street protests, that is a subject that lawyers (or is it liars?) in the sinking ship that is the MDC should accept, embrace and move on.

In their infantile imaginations, fed by their handlers who are tinkling a few pieces of silver in order to subvert the will of the people, the opposition leaders think that they will trigger an Arab Spring revolution in the country even as they lack the masses to back that fantasy.

President Mnangagwa has extended his hand, he is talking to progressive opposition figures but like ostriches the likes of Chamisa have stuck their heads in the sand. They want to make noise but no one, not in Zimbabwe or outside, is prepared to listen to the fictitious concoctions. Zimbabwe is not on the brink.

The economy is on a recovery path and it is the bitter medicine that will ensure healing that we must take no matter how vile it is to the palate. The country is set to regain its lost lustre and that is one of the major reasons why Chamisa and his misfits would want to ensure they spoil the party and rock the boat.

As the leader of the Zanu-PF youth league, I am comforted that we have a youth movement that is patriotic, a wing that is well informed and appreciates the headwinds and yet never loses focus of the goals.

Unfortunately, Chamisa, whose only weapon against Zanu-PF is the economy, knows that when the economy recovers he will be rendered useless and irrelevant, time is indeed running out for him.

We are also alive to the power struggles in the MDC and Chamisa's desperation to fend off competition from the likes of Biti, the man he betrayed in 2014 in order to clear his path to the party's presidency.

Biti's is breathing hard on Chamisa's neck and the latter is now behaving like a desperate slut, hitching skirts to grab the attention of donors and save his position which, need I say, is a hot seat.

All the prancing is to convince donors that he is still relevant. From the above, it is as clear as daylight that Chamisa just wants to use and abuse people for his gain, he is living large yet he forces people to go on the rampage and disrupt everyday life.

People should refuse to be used by such charlatans. This was another disgraceful ending to the so-called demonstrations that are nothing but a desperate bid to stir up emotions and trigger a bloodbath.

Kudos to our Government arms for protecting and maintaining peace.

I salute the peace-loving people of Zimbabwe for resisting these soldiers of fortune. For those who were used as cannon fodder by some masochists in the opposition it's time to introspect and choose peace for the good of our great country.

Pupurai Togarepi Chamisa Zimbabwe

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Source: the herald


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