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Open letter to Jacob Mudenda: What was your role during Gukurahundi?

by Nicholas Ncube
20 August 2019 | 1089 Views
Hon Jacob Mudenda Sir,  I would like to applaud you for your speech recently. In this speech Advocate Jacob Mudenda, you urge the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) to advocate for a national apology for past conflicts including Gukurahundi.

Advocate Mudenda you go on to say a confession from Government would help the country move on from its past and pave way for successful reconciliation, national healing and integration.

You made this speech while addressing Parliamentarians during a capacity building workshop for the Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and the Thematic Committee on Human Rights on the mandate of the NPRC in Bulawayo.

In your speech you go on to mention that: "Fundamentally, the NPRC must vigorously agitate for the national institutional apology for the past conflicts, especially Entumbane One and Two as well as the Gukurahundi tragedy. Let's confess that era of conflict so that we go beyond the acknowledgement of ‘the moment of madness'.

"Confession is a condition precedent to letting bygones be bygones. Once that confession is done the spring of hope, national healing and reconciliation will abundantly germinate without any doubt,".

Your speech intrigued me and got me to do a bit of digging on Jacob Mudenda the man, as a person from Tsholotsho I love everyone who comes from Matebeleland North.

Your political CV indicates that you were an integral part of Government in Matebeleland North during the Gukurahundi era.

In 1980 you were selected by the Mugabe government regime as a district administrator. Through connections to Mugabe personally and good results, you are said to have been soon promoted to provincial administrator and provincial governor. In 1984, after continued success in politics, Mudenda was named resident minister for the government when the position was created. The appointment left Mudenda in charge of the Matabeleland North Province. The new position, as spokesperson for Matabeleland North, the second most populous province in Zimbabwe, continued Mudenda's rise in Mugabe's circle. While holding this position, Mudenda, Mugabe and Zimbabwe as a nation took significant fire for the incident known asGukurahundi. The incident, from early 1983 to late 1987 left over 20,000 individuals dead, and Mudenda is considered to have been Mugabe's line of contact through the period.

You urge others to apologize for their role in Gukurahundi yet you were the quasi government Spokesperson in Matebeleland North during Gukurahundi. Have you apologized to the people of Matebeleland North? Have you looked Jonathan Moyo in the eye and apologised for what happened to his father in the region you were resident Minister?

5 years ago hon Advocate Mudenda,  you spoke on Gukurahundi. Allow me to refresh your memory Cde Jacob "Scania"  Mudenda.
You said you had to reveal for the first time some details about the Gukurahundi killings in Matabeleland and the Midlands because you could not "hold back anymore".  You were addressing  a Brethren–in- Christ Church men's conference. You revealed that you were once called by the then Tsholotsho administrator to witness the torture of civilians by government soldiers, you were called in your capacity as the Matabeleland North governor during the atrocities which civil society groups say claimed lives of more than 20 000 civilians. You also spoke about the activities of the dissidents and the crucial role played by late president Canaan Banana in ending the conflict. He said atrocities were committed by both government soldiers and dissidents.  You stated at the conference that after the Unity Accord in 1987 you were invited by the dissidents, 97 of them, who wanted to surrender and had gathered in Nkayi. You said you went there to meet them and they had issues they wanted addressed by the then Prime Minister (Robert Mugabe) such as a provision for tents to house them for six months." Hon Mudenda you said the demobilised dissidents were provided with the tents with assistance from then Social Services minister Kumbirai Kangai.  

You also went on to claim that when Umdala (Nkomo) returned from exile, he approached you saying he was trying to reach out to Mugabe but people in the PM's office were blocking him,". You said that you then went on to facilitate that Banana act as an emissary to reach out to Mugabe, leading to the Unity Accord talks.

Hon Mudenda you were part of the system,  you represented the system in Matebeleland North and the first apology should come from you,  you sold out the people of Matebeleland North.

Today you say the Government should issue an apology yet you went to watch as people were tortured, that makes you a witness and an accomplice, Hon Mudenda!! You acknowledge that there were dissidents and that you had access to the dissidents and went to speak to 97 of them. Hon Mudenda bottom line is that you sold out. You were part of the system and you should apologise first. Vele what was your role in Gukurahundi? As resident minister you knew what Fifth Brigade was up to,  you knew what the dissidents were up to. How did you advise your principals at the time? Were you for the people of Mat North or against them?

We will talk about your corruption from as early as the Willowgate  scandal and your relationship with David Coltart on another day and we will talk about why you are called Scania on another day. Today I ask you to reply me,  on behalf of the people of Matebeleland I would like to know why you haven't apologised for your role in Gukurahundi,  why haven't you explained your role and function during that period. You were quasi government Spokesperson in Mat North as resident minister,  what did you tell our people as you addressed rallies and gatherings while they were dying at the hands of Gukurahundi and the dissidents? Are you a traitor to the people of Matebeleland North Hon Mudenda? Why are you not acknowledging the role of dissidents in and towards Gukurahundi?

Hon Mudenda it is my hope and wish that you reply this open letter one day. If not the people of Mthwakazi will judge you and sentence you during the next election cycle.

Yours Sincerely

Gukurahundi Mudenda NPRC

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