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Cyberwarfare is here

by Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi
25 June 2019 | 1547 Views
The USA has for the first time declared a cyber war on Iran, this is the first official Cyberwarfare, a true reflection that future wars will be fought on the cyberspace. Cyberwarfare is a term that describes the use of technological force within cyberspace. This must send shivers down our nation's spine considering that Zimbabwe is no longer an arms manufacturer but now imports all its war materials and artillery from foreign countries. Today's attack has proved that future wars are no longer fought killing human beings but are now fought using technology.

With the  introduction of the Internet has provided a new delivery mechanism that can increase the speed, diffusion, and power of an attack, changing Zimbabwe's national security threat. Its ubiquitous and unpredictable characteristics mean that the battles fought on cyberspace can be just as important as events taking place on the ground. The dynamic and constantly evolving nature of information and computer technology ensures that cyber defences will never be easy to monitor, evaluate and maintain.

Growing dependency on information and communication technology (ICT) and the interdependence of related critical infrastructures have made a secure cyberspace vital to the functioning of our state. Advances in the ICT sector have also presented other nations with new opportunities and attack vectors that they are increasingly exploiting. Zimbabwe now needs to cover all bases. Staying one step ahead of hackers and attackers requires vigilance and taking a holistic approach to national security.  Zimbabwe now needs the national military command center to deter computer hackers and must be able to mount its own cyber attacks at ease. While Zimbabwe does not have its own cyber weapons. Cyberwarfare is an emerging domain and the threat is growing. Zimbabwe needs to be prepared, to be able to execute operations in cyberspace.

The biggest worry is, Zimbabwe is a cashless society imagine a foreign entity hacking into our mobile money service, RTGS and all the online banking services. Our economy will be paralysed. Our national ultimate aim must be to completely be aware of our cyberspace, to understand minute-by-minute the state of our networks so that our national military can rely on them.

During a cyberwarfare computer network attacks are never physical or violent. This kind of attack against the enemy's production, distribution and banking systems, makes the impact more difficult to judge. Zimbabwe urgently needs a central cyber command center that consist of army, police, and the office of the president and cabinet monitoring all activities and must be potentially able to use cyber weapons that can knock out enemy missiles or air defences missiles, or destroy enemy computer networks, such a cyber attack is by far less harmful to human life than a traditional offensive with live weaponry.

Zimbabwe needs to be prepared for modern day war fares.

Engineer Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi Contact: +263772278161
Chairman of the ICT Divison of Zimbabwe Institution Engineers (ZIE), A Professional Engineer registered with Engineering Council of Zimbabwe (ECZ), Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and a Member of Institute of Directors (IOD)

Cyberwarfare Internet RTGS

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Source: Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi


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