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Dumiso Dabengwa a dissident that never was

by Don Chigumba
24 May 2019 | 2821 Views
Zimbabwe has lost her gallant son. The mountain has collapsed. ZANU PF did not only arrest and torture Dumiso Dabengwa but they also frustrated him to death. I am not shocked with the crocodile tears of President ED Mnangagwa over the death of Comrade Dumiso Dabengwa because he once did the same to the late Morgan Tsvangirai. ZANU PF and ED Mnangagwa physically and psychologically tormented Morgan Tsvangirai to death and later hijacked the funeral proceedings using money. This piece seeks to demonstrate that ZANU PF government frustrated Dumiso Dabengwa to death.

Comrade Dumiso Dabengwa was imprisoned without trial between 1982 and 1986 on false and ZANU manufactured allegations that he was a dissident. The current President ED Mnangagwa who was the then Minister of State for National Security played an evil role towards the imprisonment of Dumiso Dabengwa. It was through the power of God that Dumiso Dabengwa survived during that sad period (of imprisonment), his close friends' lives were taken away. There is no doubt that ZANU knows what happened to Lookout Masuku and other political enemies who died mysteriously.

Arresting and charging political opponents for treason has been an evil strategy for ZANU PF since 1980. I thought President ED Mnangagawa had learned a life lesson from this sad chapter in the history of ZANU PF. Today, just like what ED Mnangagwa did to Dumiso Dabengwa in 1982-1986 imprisonment the ZANU PF government is busy arresting innocent NGO activists on false allegations of plotting a regime change. Tatenda Mombeyarara (Citizens Manifesto), George Makoni (Center for Community Development in Zimbabwe), Nyasha Frank Mpahlo (Transparency International Zimbabwe) and Gamuchirai Makura (COTRAD) are the latest victims of ZANU PF government's attack on democracy.

Comrade Dumiso Dabengwa died a frustrated man. Thirty three (33) years down the line, ZANU PF government has failed to undertake the peace and reconciliation program for the victims of Gukurahundi massacre. Dabengwa tried by all means to fight while within ZANU PF but failed and decided to leave ZANU PF in 2009.

Dumiso Dabengwa died a frustrated man. He died while Zimbabwe is still having one Television Station (controlled by the dictatorship regime) since 1980. There is no democracy in Zimbabwe and President ED Mnangagwa has done nothing to expand the air space for Television Stations in Zimbabwe.

Dumiso Dabengwa died a frustrated man. He never experienced free and fair elections in Zimbabwe since 1980 to the point of his death. There is no doubt that Zimbabwe should be liberated from ZANU PF. As long as ZANU PF is leading, poverty will continue to be the order of the day.

Comrade Dumiso Dabengwa died a frustrated man. He died at a time when the Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube and the Reserve Bank Governor Mangudya are robbing innocent Zimbabweans. They store people's livelihoods and pension.

The death of Dumiso Dabengwa should be a wakeup call for President Mnangagwa to do the right thing. He should work for his legacy because time is ticking away. It is always better to disappear on earth with a great legacy rather than leaving a legacy of torturing innocent people. May the Spirit of Comrade Dumiso Dabengwa Rest in Power. We salute our hero, the son of the soil.

Don Chigumba can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Dumiso Dabengwa ZANU PF Mthuli Ncube

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Source: Don Chigumba


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