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Zimbabwe economy is literary dead, Where is Mnangagwa?

by Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
18 May 2019 | 5270 Views
The continued recycling of failed ministers is a clear sign that Zimbabwe Govt is buffeted by lack of cohesion, Zanu is buffeted by lack of incapacitation to deal with the current situation, it is buffeted by inconsistencies and it is buffeted by intra party politics.

Where is the fuel Gumbo promised for the next 18 months??? Which investor will take Zimbabwe seriously?? Where are the buses Mnangagwa promised that they are already in the country???? Where is the 1 billion for the Platinum and other mineral discoveries which the Government promised???

The hullabaloo surrounding this country is likely to lead to the 2008 scenario and this is likely to be a national security threat? Zanu-PF cannot continue to ignore the untold sufferings which Zimbabweans are going through.

Our economy is now dysfunctional and literary dead. We have a real crisis in this country. It is up to Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF to save this country from total collapse. We don't have an economy to talk about. We are experiencing so many problems such as fuel, prices are skyrocketing, corruption etc. To be quite honest corruption has destroyed this country. This is the worst part of our situation. We are experiencing such hardships due to legitimacy problems. We have to hit the real stone. We must not bit around the bush.

Mnangagwa must address the issue of legitimacy, which is one of the key issues which must be dealt with. Dialogue must be between Nelson Chamisa and State President Emmerson Mnangagwa. We have a crisis of legitimacy that has befallen our country and it is up to Mnangagwa to save this country from total collapse.

The regime has legitimacy problems and there is no confidence on the ground and the only solution is to engage Chamisa on the grounds of legitimacy problems and lack of confidence on the ground. We are in these problems as a result of corruption.

The regime is filthy corrupt. Ministers have been looting on the day brought light, Mnangagwa promised to deal with corrupt elements and nothing has taken place. Looters are walking scot free in Harare CBD and since Mnangagwa came into power through the legitimized military coup, no one is behind bars because of corruption. The Chivhayo case where he looted over 7 million people's hard earned currency has died a natural death.

Our judiciary system is filtered with corrupt elements. How then do we attract investment with such a shambolic state? Reshuffle is not the solution, Last night I read about Advocate Chasi who has been recently appointed Minister in charge of Energy, my question is about competency or it's about shortage of foreign currency? We are experiencing severe fuel shortages, and our major problem is industry is dead, our production levels are weak, the level of exports is very low, and we are relying on imports.

Economy is about doing business, exporting and also having a stable currency. Whether ED reshuffles many times this will not solve anything, the solution is we must produce enough for exportation.

Our situation can't be ignored anymore, something must be done urgently # As a Policy Advisor I'm submitting the following:

1. Cut the size of the cabinet to 14 ministers
2. Remove deputy ministers
3. Disclose the public debt. Why? Because before you engage creditors they want to know the nature of our debt.
4. Stop globe-trotting and focus on the dying economy
5. Your focus is on the economy not opposition
6. Institutional reforms.
7. Civil service reforms
8. Policy Consistency. Zanu-PF Government is not consistent on Policy formulation 9. Introduce one stop over business. Quick method
10. Tax reforms
11. Focus on industry & production
12. Dismiss corrupt ministers
13. We have a bloated Parliament. It must be reduced
14. We don't need a senate. It must be removed
15. Redirection of expenditure 16. Fire incompetent ministers must go
17. Dialogue is Key with Nelson Chamisa
18. Media reforms. Award license to other independent players
19. Investment laws must be reformed.
20. Re-engagement must be inclusive
21. Introduce the National Dialogue Forum which includes everyone on board
22. Stop farm and mines invasions
23. Expenditure should be directed to industry/ production not projects which have a loophole of looting
24. Reform the Finance Bill
25. Stop borrowing to reduce the public debt and introduce " Eat what we kill policy" With the above points I'm ready to engage Policy players and other key stakeholders to take our country forward.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is a Policy Advisor and Researcher, He is a leading Consultant in Project Management and He holds a BA Solusi University, MA University of Lusaka, Zambia, He is studying Doctor of Philosophy at Women's University of Africa and He holds a Post qualification in Project Management from University of Zimbabwe and he can be contacted at

Muzamhindo Zimbabwe Economy

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Source: Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo


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