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VP's divorcee demand $13k a month 'to sustain accustomed lifestyle' - unsustainable addiction

by Nomusa Garikai
13 May 2019 | 2273 Views
"A divorce wrangle pitting Mohadi and his former wife Tambudzani has helped to lift the lid on the VPs' benefits with a payslip attached to a court application revealing the veteran politician from Beitbridge earns $7 000 in basic salary and a similar amount in allowances," reported Bulawayo 24.

"Tambudzani is demanding a $13 394 monthly maintenance from Mohadi, whom she says earns "quite a substantial amount" including dividends from businesses that he operates."

"During the subsistence of the marriage, we always maintained a high standard of living due to our high-earning capacity," Tambudzani said.

"However, my monthly income is insufficient to pay for all my monthly expenses and sustain the lifestyle I am accustomed to. As such, it is the legal duty of the respondent to contribute maintenance for my monthly expenses until I die or remarry."

Zanu PF leaders, their families, friends and cronies have enjoyed absolute power and the influence and vast economic benefits it brought for the last 39 years. They are now addicted to the power, influence economic luxuries giving it up is simply unthinkable. Yes they can see the sorry, sorry state of the country's economy, the decay and rot and the tragic human suffering it has brought to the overwhelming majority of the people. What they have refused to see is the connection between their insatiable greed for loot and power and the country's economic meltdown.  
Formers Mrs Mohadi, her former husband and the rest of the Zanu PF extended filthy rich ruling elite family will never ever give up Zanu PF's dictatorial powers, how else would they secure and guarantee their absolute power, the influence and the fabulous wealth it brought and to which they are now addicted.

The country's economic meltdown has been a rising tide that caught first povo, then the low ranking Zanu PF members and has moved up the ranking. Stories of Zanu PF grandees like the late Nathan Shamuyarira and Enos Nkala dying paupers have left everyone in the party worried about holding on to their position. But as the economy sunk deeper and deeper and the national cake to shrink smaller and smaller, the fight for a piece has become more vicious and claimed more Zanu PF bigwig scalps.

In 2014 Zanu PF booted Joice Mujuru and a number of her supporters out of the party. Load-shedding! Within a few months of losing their privileged party positions, Didymus Mutasa and many others were coughing blood, they could not sustain the extravagant lifestyles of their party days and soon had stress related health problems.
In 2017 there was yet another load-shedding with many Generation 40 (G40) faction members being haunted out of the party following the November 2017 military coup. Although Mugabe and his wife, the G40 faction leaders, were spared the humiliation and death, still their looted wealth taps were turned off. Mugabe's business empire is falling apart, last week the former dictator auctioning his farming plant and equipment.

Mnangagwa and his Lacoste faction who stage the November 2017 coup knew if G40 had won the day they are the ones who would have joined Mujuru et al in singing the blues. Having risked life and limb to wrestle power from Mugabe the Lacoste gangsters were not going to risk losing it again in a free, fair and credible elections and hence the reason Zanu PF rigged last year's elections. Mnangagwa promised to end corruptions but that too fall by the way side- how could he turn off the looted wealth knowing his Zanu PF cronies, their families, small-house and everyone in the ruling elite exclusive family are all addicted to the extravagant lifestyles!
Still, as long as Zimbabwe remain a pariah state ruled by corrupt and vote rigging thugs there will be no meaningful economic recovery. Investors and lenders do not do business in pariah states, period.

Zimbabwe's economic meltdown is causing serious economic hardships many people are now dying for want of food, US$5 per month medicine, clean water, etc. The economic situation is politically, morally and socially unsustainable. And since Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF cronies are cannot implement the necessary democratic reforms to end the corruption and vote rigging the regime must step down to create the political space to appoint an interim administration that will implement the reforms.

Zanu PF Mohadi divorcee

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Source: Nomusa Garikai


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