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UK based Zimbos traumatised by uncharitable relatives

by Dr Masimba Mavaza
06 December 2018 | 2991 Views
 EACH end of year, people in the UK take the little savings they have made to buy presents and gifts for the family back home.

Business for the shipping agents booms during Christmas. Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting.

The spirit of the festive season is not about buying the latest electronic gadget.

This is a time when we reflect on those who may not be able to afford presents under the Christmas tree or who will be separated from loved ones during the holidays.

It is a time of generosity toward others by giving of one's spirit, not just giving material things. This is a time when we hold our loved ones close and celebrate the blessings we have been given.

That's not to say that many people don't give generously of themselves during the holidays, both financially and with their time and efforts, to help others.

But it's also a shame that so many people wait until the Christmas season to demonstrate this spirit of generosity. The importance of donations from individuals can never be overstated.

Philanthropy makes a critical difference in the lives of people we serve. It helps us fill gaps in existing funding to create new services in response to emerging needs.

Our nation has a strong tradition of giving that has broadened access to health and human services, fostered an appreciation for our history and cultural heritage, advanced scientific and medical research and supported a variety of other programmes vital to the health of our nation.

Manners and etiquette are concerned with social exchange.

A true gift is a free and generous gesture from the heart, the way I see it.

It is the result of love and a desire to give something of value to someone who is valued.
We express our regard for one another by giving gifts.

Acknowledgement of a gift is a matter of grace. It is gracious to understand the intent behind a gift and express one's gladness for the receipt of the giver's feelings manifested in a gift.

Lack of acknowledgement is just a lack of grace.

What do you do if you are a loving and well-mannered sibling and your brother does not demonstrate the grace you and your spouse think he should?

Many Zimbabweans in the UK have expressed disgust with the way the relatives in Zimbabwe respond to the gifts we offer them.
"For the past 15 years I have been in the UK I have been to Zimbabwe over 10 times. During these many visits, I have never received even a bag of maize or a packet of matemba. All I get is a list of wants and not needs," lamented Idah Nyamasvisvi of Leicester.

"Our relatives in Zimbabwe have become so self-centred, they never think of us or of our family members. No matter how much you bring them they never give you anything," Abide Shumba said.
"We do not have relatives at all. All what we have is a group of beggars who view you as a money-maker and nothing else. They do not appreciate the effort you put in the gifts you bring them. You will never get any gift from them no matter how humble. These people think that you are loaded, so you will have to give them while they give younothing," Sihle Moyo from Manchester said.

"While we do not bring presents in order to get more from them, we only expect the reciprocation to be human. Kandiro kanoenda kunobva kamwe. But our relatives in Zimbabwe have become so uncultured. They have adopted a new culture of receiving. Our relationship with them only ends when my money is finished and my gifts disposed," Peter Mudonhi lamented.

Maxwell Ndlovu from London said he has been buying his relatives clothes but he has never seen them putting on whatever he bought them. His brother's son told him that they prefer money to clothes. Such ungratefulness is disheartening.

"Our relations with those at home is now monetary, they have to get something from me and I get nothing. I have told my relatives that my children like maputi and matemba when I get to Zimbabwe they direct me to where these things are sold. No one ever buys for you. Yet they have cleaned my pocket," Tariro Matema said.

Our family members only want to receive and they will charge you for anything they give you.

Western Union Diaspora UK

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Source: The Patriot


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