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The day I tricked my headmaster

by Mthokozisi Gwizi
09 November 2018 | 2837 Views
Some years ago at school, we were busy  making some noise; and our headmaster, whose office was close to our  classroom overhead the noise we were making.

I was standing, making some funnies when I saw him passing by the window from his office on his way to our class carrying a stick.  I sensed great trouble coming and quickly began to loudly  instruct everyone to keep quiet. "How many times guys should I tell you to keep quiet,  I am going to go and report you to the headmaster!" I pretended as if I had  not seen him coming and I shouted loudly to impress the incoming headmaster.

When he entered the classroom, the headmaster punished the guys he found making noise and I was exempted from the punishment because he found me "behaving"

He went back to his office thereafter.  I stood up and laughed at the poor guys who had been beaten. However,  the headmaster had forgotten his keys in our class. He came back to fetch them and found me laughing my lungs out. I also received what others had been given earlier on!

1. One of the most painful reality is that people are often judged by what they were caught doing at that moment.

The naughtiest guy who is found standing up calling people to order is perceived as more wonderful than the less problematic guy who is  caught doing nonsense.  

Even though I had been clowning for several minutes,  when I was found calling people to order, I was perceived as a champion.  The more well behaved  guys who were caught off guard were viewed as a nuisance.

I know of great  guys who on their Teaching Practice  were caught without preparing any lesson plans by their supervisors and they failed. You will judged by what you are found doing at that moment. That's the sad reality.  Always strive to be at your best all the time, for you know not the minute, when the headmaster will step in.

Some people whose marriages are complicated made premature conclusions on the character of their spouses only to realise late that this guy who was pretending to be making order in class is actually the most troublesome.

It also helps to be patient, we often make premature judgements based on first impressions, which are often misleading.

2. When you forget the keys.

The best moment of understanding someone's character is when you forget your keys in the classroom!  Yah, when you come in without him seeing you passing by the window.

The first time he came into our class I had seen him passing through the window and started exhibiting my none existent extraordinary behaviour,  pretending that I was trying to make everyone be the most well behaved. It is only when he re-entered the classroom unexpectedly that I got exposed. The true everyday condition of one's home is seen when an unexpected visitor comes unannounced. When a visitor "drops in" without being seen passing by the window on his way to "your classroom". That's when one is likely to find socks on top of the table and a spoon on top of the bed.
When the headmaster forgets his keys, when the school principal steps in for some lesson observation without giving you prior notice that he will visit your class, when you are asked to preach without a long term notice, when the visitor comes unexpectedly and unannounced. ..... only then can our true colours be seen.

Stay on top of your game, set yourself some personal high standards, you are not doing for your headmaster.


Mthokozisi Gwizi TheMotivator gwizimotivator

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Source: Mthokozisi Gwizi


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