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Khaya Moyo also met the US envoy: Wikileaks

by Staff reporter
12 September 2011 | 1828 Views
Zanu-PF national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo, frustrated the United States ambassador Mr Charles Ray, by stressing that both Zanu-PF and the MDC-T were to blame for the political violence in the country.

According to the latest diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, Khaya Moyo met Mr Ray and after repeated attempts to persuade him to admit that his party was responsible for the hostilities, but he told him that Zanu-PF could not be solely blamed for the political violence as the MDC-T also had a hand.

The cables dated August 6 2010, signals that the Americans were disappointed by Khaya Moyo's stance on violence in Zimbabwe.

The Ambassador wrote to the principals in the US saying: "Moyo, considered by many to be a Zanu-PF progressive, was glib, displayed an admirable bob-and-weave technique, and parroted the party line.

"He expressed a personal disdain of violence, labelling it good for no-one, but claimed that both parties were equally to blame for its occurrence."

In his summary, Mr McGee: "He also criticised the National Democratic Institute report on unsatisfactory election conditions postulating that a nine-day trip with visits to only three locations was insufficient to accurately assess true conditions on the group."

In a sign that the US ambassador was dissatisfied and frustrated with the outcome of the meeting with Khaya Moyo, he also reported: "From our observations he never once stepped out of his accomplished play acting. Perhaps he has been at it so long that the distinction between self and dramatis personae has become blurred or non-existent."

The whistle blowing site further revealed that Khaya Moyo kicked off the meeting by asking if a front page headline in the newspaper "the Daily News", proclaiming that the "top Zanu-PF leaders call for end of violence" was correct.

"After again singing a Psalm of the merits of peace, the war veteran reiterated the ruling party's wise, new, peace focused public relations campaign, and again blamed the opposition for causing violence," wrote Mr Ray.

According to the cable, Khaya Moyo lamented the existence of violence and attributed it to the existence of an organised opposition.

"It has raised the temperature," he stated, "especially since both sides view themselves as the winners. Both parties have caused the violence he continued, and the leaders of both need to control their followers . He proudly cited the example of the after-business-hours postering of Zanu-PF headquarters in Chinhoyi of MDC posters by unknown perpetrators," said Mr Ray.

Mr Ray said that when pointed out that for a year the ruling party has directed and encouraged teachers to digress from the curriculum and preach the merits of Zanu-PF, Khaya Moyo responded: "This was only the inculcation of history . . . the story of the liberation struggle and the glorious role of Zanu-PF in it success . . . and it is our national heritage and can never be questioned or denied ."

Khaya Moyo's attitude towards the American is a departure from other senior officials who, according to the cables, spoke badly about their parties.

Zanu-PF has said it will institute investigations into revelations that some of its senior officials supplied damning information about President Mugabe to United States embassy officials.

The MDC-T has announced that the party had resolved absolve senior party officials exposed by the WikiLeaks.

The MDC-T officials mocked their leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, describing him as weak.

Khaya Moyo Wikilekas

Source: zimpapers


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