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WATCH: South African Army steps in

The South Africa National Defense Forces on Saturday started arriving in Cape Flats to assist the police force in fighting crime.At the time of writing South African media reported that the We...Read more

WATCH: South African Army steps in

13 July 2019 | 4067 Views
The South Africa National Defense Forces on Saturday started arriving in Cape Flats to assist the police force in fighting crime.At the time of writing South African media reported that the We...

by Mandla Ndlovu

Teenager tortured to death

02 July 2019 | 6448 Views
Four Tsholotsho men abducted a 16 year old boy and assaulted him with a switch for allegedly stealing a pair of shoes before tying his hands and legs over night leading to his death. According...

by Staff Reporter

Kariba Municipality implements controversial supplementary budget

01 July 2019 | 157 Views
The Municipality of Kariba has with immediate effect implemented a hotly disputed Supplementary Budget. It came into effect on 1 June 2019, according to invoices seen by this reporter.The budg...

by Laiton Kandawire - A Patsaka-Nyaminyami CR Correspondent

Epileptic toddler falls into fire burns to death

01 July 2019 | 307 Views
AN epileptic 18-months old boy allegedly died from severe burns he sustained after he fell into a fire in his grandmother's kitchen.The incident that left the little boy with serious injuries ...

by Staff Reporter

Hundreds ill after drinking sewage-contaminated water

30 June 2019 | 602 Views
MORE than 200 residents including school children in Empumalanga's DRC suburb in Hwange were on Thursday and Friday taken ill following a diarrhoea outbreak suspected to have been caused by a sewage l...

by Staff Reporter

Mohadi on Gukurahundi

30 June 2019 | 1182 Views
VICE-President Kembo Mohadi has said Gukurahundi should be discussed freely and openly by people in order to find lasting solutions and closure on the matter.Emerging from a closed door meetin...

by Staff Reporter

Gwanda man dies in mine explosion

29 June 2019 | 1481 Views
A MAN from Gwanda was found dead in a 20-metre deep mine shaft after an explosion at the mine. Matabeleland South acting provincial police spokesperson, Sergeant Stanford Mguni, confirmed the ...

by Staff Reporter

Malema threatens to impeach Ramaphosa

25 June 2019 | 5802 Views
South Africa's Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Sello Malema has called upon President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa to come clean on his dealings with a company called Bosasa or risk being impeache...

by Mandla Ndlovu

Botswana Army warns Ian Khama

20 June 2019 | 20545 Views
The Commander of the Botswana Defence Forces Diratsagae Segokgo has warned the former President of Botswana Lt General Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama to desist from using Defence Forces facilities because...

by Mandla Ndlovu

'Zanu-PF will lose'

18 June 2019 | 6100 Views
Zanu PF will lose in the Lupane East by-election in August because of breach of processes done in the selection of its candidate, a frustrated aspirant has declared. It has since emerged that&...

by Staff Reporter

BREAKING: Zanu PF legislator dies

18 June 2019 | 10187 Views
A Zanu PF legislator from Matabeleland South has reportedly died after falling ill in Parliament on Tuesday. The name of the legislator has been withheld pending confirmation.More deta...

by Staff Reporter

Police deployed to quell bloody gold wars

15 June 2019 | 424 Views
The government is deploying more police officers to mining areas to deal with the violent clashes between illegal miners popularly referred to as makorokoza. The deployment follows an upsurge ...

by Staff Reporter

Zanu-PF Lupane East candidate bites policeman

11 June 2019 | 3422 Views
Zanu-PF Lupane East by election candidate Mbongeni Dube has a pending criminal case over violence after engaging in a fist fight with a police officer, it has emerged.Dube was controversially ...

by Staff Reporter

Gwayi-Shangani dam completion set for 2020

04 June 2019 | 1731 Views
Forget that Matabeleland North province sticks out as the only province out of the 10 that is yet to have a provincial hospital.That the Government composite building is yet to be completed an...

by ViewFromMatopos

Final South Africa election results announced

11 May 2019 | 33769 Views
South Africa has concluded its 2019 Provincial and National Assembly Elections. As predicted by different analysts the African National Congress dropped from its previous 62% dominance that it held. ...

by Mandla Ndlovu

5 miners die in mine collapse

08 May 2019 | 1093 Views
FIVE illegal miners died when a tunnel at Nugget Gold Mine in Matobo, Matabeleland South province collapsed while about 15 Amakorokoza were underground.  The incident happened on Monday w...

by Staff Reporter

Bulilima legislator thanks ZINWA surveyors for Mabhongane Dam visit

20 February 2019 | 1284 Views
Bulilima West legislator, Dingumuzi Phuti, has yesterday, expressed his sincere gratitude to the  Zimbabwe National Water Authorities (ZINWA) engineers who had visited his constituency on the 19t...

by Titshabona Ncube

Relatives fear the worst, as activists go missing

28 January 2019 | 3414 Views
JOHANNESBURG - While Zimbabweans and the rest of the world, have been seized with the latest shooting of protesters, who were demonstrating against an unexpected fuel price hike, reports are that doze...

by Staff Reporter

PHOTOS: Situation in Beitbridge this morning

15 January 2019 | 4795 Views
Chicken inn or Engene garage Beitbridge Schools"Sc...

by Citizen Journalists

Pregnant woman found dead in river

03 January 2019 | 1352 Views
A 20-YEAR-OLD Gwanda woman allegedly reportedly drowned in Mtshabezi River in a suspected suicide after falling pregnant out of wedlock. Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson Chief...

by Staff Reporter

Kariba MP opens up to social media

02 January 2019 | 2008 Views
The House of Assembly member for Kariba constituency, Honourable John Houghton, has joined the social media with a formation of WhatsApp group which is open to all citizens within the Kariba constitue...

by MuHwisiry Chaiyeiye

Hyenas wreak havoc in Tsholotsho

28 December 2018 | 811 Views
A serious human-wildlife conflict is brewing in Tsholotsho with hyenas terrorising people in the district's two wards.Villagers in the two wards have already lost over 30 goats and about 25 ca...

by Staff Reporter

Beitbridge Border traffic rises 10,37% in December

28 December 2018 | 1095 Views
BeitBridge Border Post recorded a 10,37 percent increase in travellers between December 1 and 24 this year compared to the same period last year, statistics from the Department of Immigration show....

by Staff Reporter

Zapu backs Chief Maduna on Petitioning President Mnangagwa to address Gukurahundi issue

16 December 2018 | 998 Views
The Dumiso Dabengwa led  Zimbabwe's oldest opposition party Zimbabwe African People's Union (Zapu)  has declared its support for the Matabeleland elderly chief Vezi Maduna Mafu for petitioni...

by Stephen Jakes

Bulawayo-Victoria Falls road rehabilitation to start in 2020

02 December 2018 | 666 Views
THE rehabilitation of the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls highway to be funded by the Infrastructural Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ) and the Government at an estimated cost of $350 million is expected to...

by Staff Reporter

Thieving cop and rapist traditional healer escape from jail

01 December 2018 | 920 Views
A COP who allegedly broke into colleagues' houses and stole assortment of goods and a self-proclaimed inyanga who was recently jailed for rape, have escaped from Hwange Prison. Maxwell Musarir...

by Staff Reporter

PHOTOS: Truck loses cooking oil load, motorists looting

28 November 2018 | 10098 Views
A South Africa registered truck lost its cooking oil load in Esigodini before Mzingwane High school on Wednesday night around 10pm. People are stopping cars and looting...

by Ndou Paul

Moses Mzila and sons arrested in Zimbabwe

19 November 2018 | 8927 Views
The 1893 MHRRM has been alerted that Moses Mzila Ndlovu and his two sons have been arrested by the Zimbabwean police today on trumped up charges of robbery at the Figtree Police station in Matebelelan...

by Thembani Dube, 1893 MHRRM Secretary for Information and Publicity

Mnangagwa launches supplementary feeding programme in Matabeleland North

10 November 2018 | 858 Views
FIRST Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa yesterday launched a supplementary feeding scheme aimed at curbing malnutrition and stunting in children aged between 6 and 59 months in Matabeleland North province....

by Staff Reporter

MLF condemns wanton arrests of Mthwakazi people

29 October 2018 | 1287 Views
Mthwakazi Liberation Front has condemned in the strongest of terms the senseless arrests of people for fingering out Emmerson Mnangagwa as one of the architects and  leaders in Mthwakazi genocide...

by Stephen Jakes

Umzingwane villagers select committee to follow up on council developments

26 October 2018 | 650 Views
UMZINYATHINI - Bulawayo villagers in Umzingwane District have selected a committee to follow up on the progress of the local Council in alleviating water woes at Bonjeni Primary school.The com...

by Stephen Jakes

Another gold attack at Chief Sigola area

22 October 2018 | 2571 Views
Three families under chief Zephania Ntantanana Sigola have been left homeless after the owners of a local mine demolished their homes on the 18th of October 2018. Mthwakazi Republic Party Pres...

by Stephen Jakes

Godlwayo meets in Avoca for a developmental agenda

21 October 2018 | 938 Views
One of the proudest people on planet earth are found in a place called Godlwayo in Filabusi under their much respected Chief, Vezi Maduna okaDambisamahubo Mafu. These people are culturally astute and ...

by Thulani Nkala

MRP blasts Mangwana over devolution remarks

04 October 2018 | 2012 Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party president Mqondisi Moyo has blasted Zanu Pf secretafy for legal affairs paul Mangwana following his remarks that devolution is not foe Matabeleland alone. " We read with utmos...

by Stephen Jakes

For ten years Zanu PF has been stealing people's money

04 October 2018 | 5356 Views
Former MDC legislator for Bulilima East Norman Mpofu has said for 10 years the government of Zanu PF has stolen people's money twice."When multi currency was introduced all our money in bank a...

by Stephen Jakes

MLO demands $100 billion for Gukurahundi damages

03 October 2018 | 1408 Views
Matabeleland Liberation Organisation (MLO) leader Paul Siwela has said his party is demanding $100 billion for multiple damages incurred by people in Matabelland during the government sponsored genoci...

by Stephen Jakes

Zanu PF, MDC devolution concept will not work for Mthwakazi people

24 September 2018 | 928 Views
Mthwakazi activist Hloniphani Ncube has warned that there is a high possibility that the devolution which Zanu PF and MDC Alliance intend to implement is likely not to serve the interests of the peopl...

by Stephen Jakes

We need Mthwakazi restoration soon

21 September 2018 | 914 Views
Mthwakazi activist Hloniphani Ncube has said there is a need to restore Mthwakazi state as a matter of urgency."We need Mthwakazi restoration for these following reasons. Firstly, to undo rule...

by Stephen Jakes

Those fighting against Mthwakazi restoration are traitors - activist

20 September 2018 | 359 Views
Mthwakazi activist Hloniphani Ncube has described all those who are challenging the restoration of Mthwakazi as traitors."Those who are fighting against the restoration of Mthwakazi are clear ...

by Stephen Jakes

Ecocash and swipe are gradually being phased out

19 September 2018 | 16420 Views
Former MDC legislator for Bulilima East Norman Mpofu has said the Ecocash and swipe method of payment which has become the major methods of payment are now being rendered useless as some shops now dem...

by Stephen Jakes

Mpofu advises MDC-T on congress

16 September 2018 | 1871 Views
FORMER MDC legislator for Bulilima East Norman Mpofu has warned MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to immediately call for MDC-T congress to legitimised his leadership.Chamisa and Elias Mudzur...

by Stephen Jakes

Its time for Mthwakazi to ensure their aspirations are met - activist

13 September 2018 | 1019 Views
Mthwakazi activist Hloniphani Ncube has said now that the usually fraudulent elections have come and gone, it's time for the people of Mthwakazi to ensure that, their aspirations are met.He sa...

by Stephen Jakes

Mthwakazi must derive lessons from the recent political dispensation of political disaster

28 August 2018 | 1369 Views
Mthwakazi activist Hloniphani Ncube has said Mthwakazi must derive lessons from the recent political dispensation of political disaster which some of us foresaw it. "The more we get involved i...

by Stephen Jakes

Byo (13) rescues two kidnapped minors

27 August 2018 | 2488 Views
A BOY (13) from Hwange has become a hero after rescuing his neighbour's two children aged five and three who had been kidnapped, police have confirmed.William Vundla spotted Makhosi Ncube (34)...

by Staff Reporter

Jealous man kills wife over churchmate's greeting

27 August 2018 | 2624 Views
A MAN from Nyamandlovu allegedly killed his wife in a fit of jealousy after a church mate greeted her.After allegedly committing the crime, he lied that she had been killed by robbers....

by Staff Reporter

Nurse breaks into bar, steals $180

27 August 2018 | 1583 Views
A NURSE aide from Bulawayo has appeared in court for allegedly breaking into a bar and later stealing $180 from his ailing employer.Nobert Phiri, on July 10, was at Mpopoma where, as a nurse a...

by Staff Reporter

Beitbridge terminus gets massive upgrade

27 August 2018 | 3299 Views
THE Municipality of Beitbridge has embarked on a massive project to upgrade Dulivhadzimu Bus Terminus at a cost of more than $400 000.Acting town clerk Mr Loud Ramakgapola told Business Chroni...

by Staff Reporter

Legitimacy is not bestowed on a regime - Ruhanya

24 August 2018 | 2559 Views
As Zimbabweans await the Constitutional Court outcome on the MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa's petition against Emmrson Mnangagwa's victory Political commentator Pedzisayi Ruhanya has urged the peo...

by Stephen Jakes

'My dream is to see a free Matabeleland'

24 August 2018 | 1501 Views
Mthwakazi activist Hloniphani Ncube has said his dream is to see a free Matabeleland."My agenda is clear and straight forward and my dream is to see a free Matebeleland and I speak that withou...

by Stephen Jakes

Mthwakazi must not tolerate being led by Mnangagwa or Mugabe anymore

19 August 2018 | 1034 Views
Mthwakazi activist Hloniphani Ncube has urged people in Matabeleland not to tolerate bein g led by President elect Emmerson Mnangagwa or any one linked to former President Robert Mugabe due to their p...

by Stephen Jakes

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