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Mnangagwa and Matabeleland leaders finally find each other

Yesterday, 21 March 2019, more than 120 civic societies, church bodies, faith based and community based organisations' leadership met the President of Zimbabwe, His Excellency Emmerson Dambudzo Mnanga...Read more

Mnangagwa and Matabeleland leaders finally find each other

22 March 2019 | 1 Views
Yesterday, 21 March 2019, more than 120 civic societies, church bodies, faith based and community based organisations' leadership met the President of Zimbabwe, His Excellency Emmerson Dambudzo Mnanga...

by Matabeleland Collective

ZANU PF proposes to give away platinum to foreign Capitalists

18 March 2019 | 1363 Views
In 1991, the Zimbabwean economy took its first major dive with the adoption of the IMF/World bank neo-liberal "Economic Structural Adjustment Programme" (ESAP). In Zimbabwe, this process was headed by...

by ZCP

Deployment of Shona civil servants in Matabeleland condemned

16 March 2019 | 2760 Views
The government of Zimbabwe is not doing the people of Matabeleland any favour by withdrawing Shona teachers it deployed in Bulawayo primary schools, this should not have happened in the first place. M...

by Israel Dube

Hundreds of Zimbabwe’s youth write peace letters to Mnangagwa

15 March 2019 | 2321 Views
Zimbabwean youth join in this campaign to plea to His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa to support the DPCW. The spirit of the campaign is based on the values written in the Declaration of Peace...

by Yolanda Ndlovu

Doctors' strike a national disaster

13 March 2019 | 1573 Views
The strike of specialist doctors' at Parirenyatwa Hospital is an indictment on the failed military government.It is a high level manifestation of a Nation in crisis. Mnangagwa and his cabal mu...

by Jacob Mafume

SA foreign minister Sisulu laughs as she donates to death squads

13 March 2019 | 2432 Views
In a country where hospitals are not functioning, civil servants are paid paltry amounts and children are dropping out of schools it becomes ironic for any government to be prioritizing outsourcing te...

by Bekithemba Mpofu

Fresh arrests as Ramaphosa jets in

11 March 2019 | 6875 Views
MDC national spokesperson Jacob Mafume has been confined at ZRP Law and Order section for the whole day in the company of his attorney Advocate Bhatasara of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.T...

by Hon Bekithemba Mpofu

MNP pays tribute to the late Albert Zwelibanzi Gumede

11 March 2019 | 991 Views
Albert Zwelibanzi Gumede was appointed as a chief of the Mthwakazi people living in South Africa on the 22nd of March 2014. He was installed under the South African Law. According to the Traditional L...

by Sam Velaphi Mabhena

Targeting and harrassment of MPs unconstitutional - MDC Chief Whip

06 March 2019 | 893 Views
Today police arrested Hon Charlton Hwende who represents Kuwadzana East in Parliament. He was arrested on his arrival at the airport after a family and business trip in Namibia.He has been cha...

by Hon Prosper Mutseyami

Designated courts and magistrates an abuse of justice delivery process

05 March 2019 | 342 Views
It is a sad for justice in Zimbabwe as the pattern of irrational remand of MDC leaders continues. The military state now has designated courts and special Magistrates taking direct instructions from p...

by MDC Communications

1893 MHRRM: Releases its own Flag: Its colours, Symbols and Meanings

05 March 2019 | 1702 Views
The Eagle: Represents our strength, courage, tenacity and our hawkish vision to advance the Restoration of Matebele Human Rights....

by Thembani Dube, 1893 MHRRM Secretary for Information and Publicity

ZCLDN, CID Drugs join hands in fighting illicit drug use

04 March 2019 | 524 Views
The Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network in conjunction with the ZRP's Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Narcotics and Drugs today held a workshop at the CID headquarters in Harare on drug...

by Agencies

Abduction of Mamombe concerns MDC Caucus

02 March 2019 | 2606 Views
The Law and Order section has denied arresting Hon Joanna Mamombe who was abducted this morning in Nyanga while on parliamentary business.A team of about eight henchmen who snatched Hon Mamo...

by PC Mutseyami

MDC condemns arrest of Hon Mamombe

02 March 2019 | 2502 Views
The MDC condemns the arrest of Hon Joanna Mamombe which is nothing but an act of political persecution.The MDC is concerned by the unrepentant behavior of the military State which continues to...

by Jacob Mafume

Mines ministry vehicle scandal telling

27 February 2019 | 1851 Views
The vehicles scandal involving senior employees at the Ministry of Mines is an insult to the tax payer and an indictment to the military government's rhetorical intention to fight corruption.T...

by Jacob Mafume

Chamisa on diplomatic offensive in Africa

26 February 2019 | 9360 Views
President Nelson Chamisa is out of the country on a diplomatic offensive in Africa to sensitize the continent on the situation in Zimbabwe.The MDC leader’s diplomatic engagement drive comes ...

by Luke Tamborinyoka

ZimJustice unveils new conditions in order to assist more workers

21 February 2019 | 424 Views
The Zimbabwe Network for Social Justice (ZimJustice) has unveiled new conditions so as to enable it to assist more unfairly treated workers in their quest for justice.ZimJustice, which is a ne...

by ZimJustice Communications Department

Business forum 'The Shift' to launch in the UK in March

18 February 2019 | 617 Views
LONDON - Affirmative Action Group (AAG) president, Dr Chamu Chiwanza is scheduled to keynote at the launch of The Shift UK, a business enterprise scheme that brings together corporate leaders to discu...

by Tidi Kwidini

Command injustice on Biti

18 February 2019 | 2514 Views
Command injustice was today displayed when the court convicted and sentenced MDC Deputy National Chairperson Hon Tendai Biti for 'announcing results'.This is despite the fact that the court it...

by Hon Bekithemba Mpofu

ZCLDN holds drug masterplan roundtable

15 February 2019 | 248 Views
Today, the Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network held a breakfast roundtable meeting in Harare with government officials, police and officials from several non-governmental organisations on the Na...


Dexter Nduna's extremist tendencies unacceptable

15 February 2019 | 2831 Views
The MDC is concerned by the pattern of extremist statements by one Dexter Nduna in parliament. The man is not supposed to be in parliament in the first place, he lost an election and benefited from ZE...

by Bekithemba Mpofu

Government silence on battlefields disaster a disgrace

15 February 2019 | 1221 Views
A dark cloud has enveloped Zimbabwe following the Battlefields disaster where 38 miners are presumed dead. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the miners.The MDC is however concern...

by Jacob Mafume

Advocate Jacob Mudenda offside

15 February 2019 | 3265 Views
The MDC finds the utterances by Advocate Mudenda on the capacity of MPs to be unfortunate, reckless and disrespectful. They are an indictment on his leadership and a sad attempt to undermine our Const...

by Kucaca Phulu

Zimbabwe looks to tackle telecom fraud with technology

15 February 2019 | 578 Views
Despite an ambitious economic reform agenda, Zimbabwe's economic freedom score dropped down 3.6 points to a mere 40.4 on the Heritage Foundation's latest Index of Economic Freedom, making its economy ...

by Agencies

Freedom First Project's response to the president's interview on France24

11 February 2019 | 1503 Views
THE PRESIDENT IS ASKING FOR EVIDENCE! Freedom First project is deeply concerned and worried following the president of the of Zimbabwe His Excellence E ...

by Dumisani Mpofu

ZimAchievers Awards South Africa announces 2019 Nominees, partners

11 February 2019 | 273 Views
Zimbabwe Achievers Awards South Africa (ZAA SA) have announced the nominees for the 5th Zororo Phumulani ZAA SA on their website and social media platforms during a live broadcast from South Africa....

by Agencies

ZESN joins RTG in sidelining and marginalizing Matabeleland people

10 February 2019 | 3790 Views
Yesterday we witnessed scores of unemployed Bulawayo citizens coming with their CVs to try their lucky at the  Rainbow Hotel. This was following the arrest of 11 MRP members on Friday who exposed...

by Presia Ngulube

Government running scared

08 February 2019 | 2284 Views
The teachers' job action has now shaken the corridors of power. The Public Service Commission, PSC, has confirmed that teachers' job action has brought business to a halt in our schools country wide. ...


Teachers' Job Action gathering momentum despite State Crackdown

06 February 2019 | 2246 Views
Teachers countrywide continue to join the ongoing job action demanding a living wage. A survey conducted by Amalgamated Rural Teachers' Union of Zimbabwe revealed that Matabeleland North province is t...


Urgent call to protect freedom of religion - Civil Society rallies to end coercive conversion and abuses by religious institutio

06 February 2019 | 1011 Views
Zimbabwe joined the world in rallying against the abuse of religious freedom by religious institutions. The event held at the Town House in Harare comes in the wake of the United Nations World Interfa...

by Agencies

Deport Constantino Chiwenga

04 February 2019 | 2879 Views
ZAPU finds it  absolutely disgusting that the architect of human and democratic violations in Zimbabwe, murder, economic destruction and every misery of our people Constantino  Chiwenga is r...

by Iphithule kaMaphosa

Statement from the ADF on Cameroon Atrocities and Butchering of Opposition Leaders and Civilians

01 February 2019 | 409 Views
This needs someone who is heartless and inhumane to say let the Cameroon people resolve their own problems. This statement might sound reckless and inciting violence, but how does an unarmed person ne...

by Dr Vusumuzi Sibanda - ADF Chairperson

Anti-Corruption Commision resignations must be explained in full

31 January 2019 | 1811 Views
The MDC notes with suspicion the release of information pertaining to resignations at the anti-corrution commission.While we would accept that the commissioners had failed dismally to deliver ...

by Jacob Mafume MDC National Spokesperson

The MDC is against the second Murambatsvina

29 January 2019 | 1712 Views
The ongoing destruction of people's businesses synonymous of operation Murambatsvina is not only sad but inconsiderate.It is an indictment on the Zanu PF government and reveals their lack of c...

by Jacob Mafume MDC National Spokesperson

1893 MHRRM condemns Human Rights violations in Zimbabwe

28 January 2019 | 1615 Views
The 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement (1893 MHRRM), after receiving an avalanche of credible information and hard evidence of mass and indiscriminate human rights violations by the army...

by Thembani Dube, 1893 MHRRM Secretary for Information and Publicity

Increasing rape allegations a cause for concern

25 January 2019 | 667 Views
The past few days have seen a surge in allegations of state sponsored rape cases. Some of the women who were interviewed were followed, brutalized and arrested.These point out to institutions ...

by Dr. Bekithemba Mpofu Deputy National Spokesperson

ZAPU Presidency Appalled by the violence and brutality

25 January 2019 | 972 Views
The Presidency of ZAPU unreservedly condemns the violence that has been going on in our country. It is an unacceptable abomination. We are dumfounded by the childish finger pointing and scapegoating. ...

by Mkhululi Zulu, ZAPU Presidential Spokesperson

'Is Mthwakazi Independence Achievable?'

20 January 2019 | 424 Views
Mthwakazi Research Institute, registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission in South Africa, through a research that lasted for 3 months, from October 2018 to December 2018, answe...

by Mthwakazi Research Institute

Zimbabwean authorities must restore internet connectivity

15 January 2019 | 1760 Views
Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) is utterly dismayed by the Zimbabwean government who have cut and shut down internet service and connection  in the country.The mother party is worr...

by Iphithule Maphosa

EFF calls Zimbabwe govt to declare a national Economic disaster to save the country

13 January 2019 | 5051 Views
We as ZIM EFF and on behalf of the majority of our people and together with the poor, downtrodden and disposed people of Zimbabwe today declare that we are real victims of Zanu PF's mismanagement of o...

by Innocent Ndibali

It's time for government to resign - Zapu

13 January 2019 | 4528 Views
Zanu-PF's socio-political bankrupcy has finally come out openly for all to see now. The economic lunacy that this government has created and is all out to perpetuate at all cost, renders the regime un...

by Iphithule Maphosa ZAPU National Spokesperson

Zimbabwe tax law a serious shame

12 January 2019 | 1123 Views
The news reaching us that the people of Zimbabwe in the Diaspora must pay tax to the Satanic Zimbabwe government is simply a shame and an indication beyond any doubt that the beautiful country indeed ...

by David Magagula

FAO Supported Irrigation Scheme Wins First Prize in National Competition

08 January 2019 | 631 Views
Masvingo - Stanmore B, an irrigation scheme which was rehabilitated by FAO working directly with Government of Zimbabwe and with support from the Swiss Development and Cooperation (SDC) was judged the...

by Agencies

New UK Ambassador to Zimbabwe presents her credentials at State House

03 January 2019 | 1833 Views
Harare - Britain's new Ambassador to Zimbabwe Melanie Robinson presented her credentials to President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House in Harare today.Speaking afterwards, Ambassador Robinson...

by British Embassy in Harare

Official must be held accountable for crushing military helicopter

03 January 2019 | 2573 Views
The crush landing of a military chopper in Gutu exposes the rot in the public sector. That a public official, a mere Permanent Secretary flies around on private visits in a military chopper is mind bo...

by Jacob, Mafume MDC National Spokesperson

2019 New Year Address to Zimbabwe - UCADGPZ

31 December 2018 | 996 Views
It is with deep seated sorrow and much distress that I make this new year address again to the men and women who have to bear the brunt of the economic malaise hounding Zimbabwe.Instead of hop...

by UCAD Founding leader Albert Matapo

Sober people must handle the Doctors' impasse

28 December 2018 | 1061 Views
The ongoing strike of medical practitioners which is now on day 28 is a serious matter, it is lives of Zimbabweans at stake and it requires delicate handling.So far, madness has been displayed...

by Jacob Mafume - MDC National Spokesperson

Chamisa sends state into panic mode

24 December 2018 | 12460 Views
The People's President, Advocate Nelson Chamisa today made spot visits to several places in the City of Harare speaking to citizens and assessing the plight of the Zimbabwean people.President ...

by Jacob Mafume ,MDC National Spokesperson

1893 MHRRM: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

23 December 2018 | 711 Views
From The 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement's Information and Publicity Department#ThisMovement1893 MHRRM: Seskhona Thanking the leadership, membership and all keen followers...

by 1893 MHRRM Information and Publicity Department

Our right to remember as 22 December approaches

20 December 2018 | 520 Views
On 22nd December 2018, Zimbabwe shall be commemorating 31 years since the 1987 signing of a pact between Robert Mugabe of ZANU PF and Joshua Nkomo of PF-ZAPU forming a 'united party' called ZANU PF. T...

by Mbuso Fuzwayo

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Auxillia Mnangagwa throws out chief, MP from event

by ZimLive | 22 March 2019 | 1 Views

Chamisa's MDC on fire - THE intense jostling for positions within the ...

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Zenzele Ndebele freed after arrest at Mnangagwa event

by ZimLive | 22 March 2019 | 1 Views

Govt use of violence on its own people is tragic - Continued from last...

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Wicknell Chivayo acquitted

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Zimbabwe blocks US$1bn pipeline project - THE Ministry of Energy has b...

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cCourt to decide on Mphoko pension

by Staff reporter | 22 March 2019 | 1 Views

Mnangagwa must be open on deals

by Staff reporter | 22 March 2019 | 1 Views

Mliswa takes Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi head on again

by Mandla Ndlovu | 22 March 2019 | 1 Views

BREAKING: Journalist Zenzele Ndebele freed

by Mandla Ndlovu | 22 March 2019 | 1 Views


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Winky D pays the price

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