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Zimbabwe tax law a serious shame

by David Magagula
12 January 2019 | 1125 Views
The news reaching us that the people of Zimbabwe in the Diaspora must pay tax to the Satanic Zimbabwe government is simply a shame and an indication beyond any doubt that the beautiful country indeed has gone to the dogs.

A regime that denies and continues to deny people it calls its citizens employment opportunities has the audacity to demand tax from the people they, themselves failed to give jobs.

We wonder if Mthuli Ncube is aware that the diaspora is not Zimbabwe and all these people he is demanding tax from have been chased out of the country by his government's failure to provide basic needs and its misrule on them. His government sends people packing into the diaspora out of fear of being abducted by night and get killed and then he expects them to give it their hard earned money for it to further oppress and kill them.

It is no joke that associating with Zanu is the worst thing that one should ever think about, let alone go into. We used to know Prof Mthuli Ncube as a smart gentleman and a top economic thinker in Africa and on the globe but on this one, he scored an own goal. His association with the butchers of his own kith and kin has started to haunt him. This is one unfair and awkward thinking he has ever made as an economist.

It is high time the greedy and useless Zimbabwe government be made to know that fairness is the pillar of Democracy. They cannot fail to provide for the people and expect to harvest where they did not sow. That's insane.

People put their money where their votes are. In the countries that provided employment for them and that listen to them, they pay taxes, not to the Satanic Zimbabwe government.

If Zimbabwe wants tax from people, it should employ them then they will pay back in the tax form.
As MLF, we challenge that move strongly because we know that this is only a ploy to;

1. Cow Mthwakazi people of their hard earned money in the foreign land and enrich Harare, which doesn't regard them as people deserving any respect in that land.  

2. Scare Mthwakazi people from making inroads back to their land so Shona people permanently take it over.
In that regard, we would like to put it clear to the Zimbabwe government that absolutely no one who can directly or indirectly chase us away from our land of birth.

Lastly, may we ask the so-called Zimbabwe government why it's citizens run away from their motherland. As a government, be embarrassed and ashamed of yourselves for failing to run a country that Ian Smith left full of milk and honey. Admit your failure and peacefully resign because you have simply failed.

It is also disheartening to remind you that even if all Diaspora citizens gave you the money no development but looting and corruption will leave nocent. We cannot afford to waste our hard earned real money like that.

Mthuli Ncube Mthwakazi Government MLF

Source: David Magagula - MLF


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