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ANC victory an assurance to other revolutionary parties

by Staff reporter
21 May 2019 | 496 Views
THE recent victory by the African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa's general elections is an assurance to other revolutionary parties that African people still believe in movements that spearheaded their freedom and independence, the ruling Zanu-PF party has said.

The party's national spokesperson, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo, said the reason why former liberation movements continue to triumph over opposition parties is that they still have so much to offer to the people.

The ANC won the national polls two weeks ago, securing 58 percent of the vote ahead of the Democratic Alliance (DA) on 21 percent. The radical Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) came third with 11 percent.

This year's election saw the highest number of opposition parties sprouting to contest against the ruling party, totalling 48.

"The win for the ANC is an assurance to other revolutionary parties that African people still believe in movements that led to their freedoms. It means that people still believe in the meaning of the struggle," said Ambassador Moyo.

"Former liberation movements or revolutionary parties as we call them have so much to offer to their people. They have improved the lives of their people; they have improved the health, education, housing sector and infrastructure, water supply, and so on.

"So really people won't just rush to support the opposition parties who have nothing to offer except to oppose. That's not what people suffered for. Lots of people died for our freedom, homes were destroyed, and property was looted, including livestock and really to expect that blood to go in vain is impossible."

Ambassador Moyo said as long as the opposition parties remain a project of the former enemies and have nothing to offer to the masses, they will never find their feet.

"Unless the opposition parties come up with some credible projects or programmes, it will take them time to find their feet and they will continue being thwarted. Some of them are even sponsored by the former enemy; how do you expect people to vote for them?" he asked.

"This is why we are not surprised when the revolutionary parties continue to win elections because they are part of the people and they are the people. Some might think that the sprouting of opposition parties is threatening Pan-Africanism but that is not true. They have nothing to offer the masses, and to me they are not a threat anyhow.

"In this case, the ANC is a former liberation movement and they have got a history of the struggle for the liberation of the oppressed in their country behind them. The party is the oldest liberation movement on the continent, being formed in 1912. It has gone through a very protracted struggle against apartheid and colonialism similar to other liberation movements in the region and in parts of the continent.

"So the people don't just rush to embrace opposition politics when they know where they came from and how far they have travelled to be where they are today in terms of the attainment of their freedom and independence."

Ambassador Moyo said for the liberation movements to safeguard the continent's emancipation and freedom, they need to continue working and supporting each other.

ANC Victory Zanu-PF

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