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Baby mama threatens to bewitch ex's wife

by Staff reporter
22 February 2019 | 514 Views
A VAINONA woman is living in fear of her husband's baby mama whom she accuses of consulting witch-doctors to bewitch her.

This came to light at the Harare civil court where Viola Mawara was seeking a protection order against Chantel Tapera, citing verbal abuse.

"I am seeking a protection order against this woman who happens to have a child with my husband because she is disturbing my peace.

"She told me that she is engaging witchdoctors to bewitch me and she is also in the habit of insulting me in the presence of my children as well as my neighbours," said Mawara.

Mawara told the court that Tapera was refusing to vacate her place of residence.

"She also uses my property which I bought whilst I was working in South Africa.

"I was customarily married in 2010.

"In 2014 I received a phone call where the respondent indicated that she is my husband's first wife.

"I asked my husband about her and my husband highlighted that they only had a child together but he didn't pay the bride price for her," said Mawara.

Mawara told the court that Tapera once threatened her with death.

"She is being given maintenance, so she should stop abusing me," she said.

In response, Tapera told the court that she was the first wife to the husband.

"I started staying with my husband in 2010 and got a child together in 2012.

"I was informed by my neighbours that my husband is having extra marital affairs with a maid.

"My husband took away my passport and child's birth certificate.

"She was chased away from work where she works as a maid.

"My husband rented for her in Hatcliffe and she moved in to live at our house end of November last year," she said.

Added Tapera:

"She told our neighbours that I am a prostitute.

"She took away my stove and I am now using a gas stove which I was given by well-wishers.

"I am in good standing with my husband's relatives."

Presiding magistrate Tafadzwa Miti granted the protection order in Mawara's favour.

Baby Mama Wife

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