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#ZimElectionUpdate with @Bulawayo24News #AroundZimbabwe - Live Update

by Moyo Roy
30 July 2018 | 4438 Views
These are election updates from around the country ( #AroundZimbabwe ) by civilians, if you want to take part please send your update via email or WhatsApp.

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Bulawayo24 Live Updates
ZEC stops election over missing name · 30 July 2018

Biti fails to vote · 30 July 2018

Caption this · 30 July 2018

Just voted · 30 July 2018

Asante sana · 30 July 2018

Joice Mujuru casts her vote at Oriel Girls High School in Harare. · 30 July 2018

Voting proceedings at Jahunda Park tent in Gwanda. · 30 July 2018

Dr Khupe casts her vote · 30 July 2018
MDC-T leader, Dr Thokozani Khupe votes at Stanley Square, Bulawayo.

ZEC Update · 30 July 2018
Chairperson Justice Chigumba says the highest number of voters at a single polling station is 1000.

Meanwhile · 30 July 2018

Veld fire disrupts voting in Norton · 30 July 2018

Grace Mugabe said she feels good about this election

The Mugabes arrive · 30 July 2018

Mugabe arrives to vote out Mnangagwa · 30 July 2018

Mugabe has arrived to vote out Mnangagwa

Chairperson Justice Chigumba reminds observers and the media that it is in violation of the code of conduct to interview a voter on their way to or from the voting process or at the polling stations.

Chairperson Justice Chigumba says at least two presidential candidates yesterday violated the Electoral Act by publishing or cause the publication of what can be deemed as campaign messages 24 hours within the polling date.

Chigumba says voting is progressing well across the country.

Chigumba says "today is election day and we want peace"

Chigumba says vote turnout has been high

Chigumba says two presidential candidates (no names) have violated the Electoral Act by campaigning after deadline

Chigumba reminds observers and the media that it is in violation of the code of conduct to interview a voter on their way to or from the voting process or at the polling stations.

ZEC chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba says as at 08:00 this morning, 90% of the 10 985 polling stations had opened.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is giving an update on the voting and situation at polling stations.

WATCH: Old lady says she voted for Chamisa · 30 July 2018

WATCH: Coca Cola promoting Zimbabwe · 30 July 2018

BREAKING: Grace Mugabe's diplomatic immunity 'unconstitutional' · 30 July 2018
The decision to grant former Zimbabwean first lady Grace Mugabe diplomatic immunity is "inconsistent with the constitution", the South Gauteng High Court found on Monday. Judge Bashier Vally set aside the decision by former international relations and cooperation minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane. Vally said Nkoana-Mashabane's decision had been inconsistent with provisions in the constitution. The ministry has also been ordered to pay the costs of the application‚ brought by the Democratic Alliance (DA). The wife of former president Robert Mugabe was accused of assaulting South African model Gabriella Engels at a Johannesburg hotel‚ where Mugabe's two sons were staying. Engels sustained deep cuts to her forehead and the back of her head and registered a case with the police the next day. But the state granted Mugabe immunity‚ saying it was imperative to maintain good intergovernmental relations within the region‚ and in particular‚ between South Africa and Zimbabwe. The DA and AfriForum approached the courts to set the decision aside soon after

EU 'white' prefect · 30 July 2018

Coltart has started crying · 30 July 2018

Welshman Ncube has cast his ballot as well · 30 July 2018

This is where results will be announced · 30 July 2018
This is where results will be announced, at the Harare International Conference Centre

MDC-T leader, Dr Thokozani Khupe to cast her vote at Stanley Square in Bulawayo at 12 midday.

Where is this? · 30 July 2018

ZTV not giving minute by minute voting updates · 30 July 2018
While other international broadcasters have allocated a lot of airtime to the Zimbabwe election - giving minute by minute updates from events countrywide, Zimbabwe's state broadcaster, ZBC TV is screening regular programmes. ZBC TV only broke off the normal programming to air Mnangagwa casting his vote, the report says.

'The voice of the people is the voice of God' · 30 July 2018

Mujuru casts her ballot at Oriel Girls High School in Harare · 30 July 2018

Dzivaresekwa Extension the pace is painstakinly slow · 30 July 2018

Message from exile · 30 July 2018

Chikurubi Police, Harare East, massive turnout, process smooth & quick. · 30 July 2018

Herald calls Chamisa a proxy for Mugabe · 30 July 2018
Zimbabwe's state-run Herald newspaper is harshly criticising main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa on election day, calling him a proxy for former leader Robert Mugabe and rejecting his claims to represent change. The front-page commentary follows Sunday's remarks by the 94-year-old Mugabe that he would not vote for his former deputy President Emmerson Mnangagwa and that Chamisa is the only viable candidate. "Now this is the man who tries a comeback by proxy," The Herald says. Addressing the 40-year-old Chamisa, it continues: "You willingly become his cat's paw while masquerading as an independent man representing a new generation." - AP

Voting going at a snail's pace in Bulawayo · 30 July 2018
A politician in the Zimbabwean opposition stronghold of Bulawayo says there are numerous reports of "voting going at a snail's pace." David Coltart, a supporter of opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, says he hopes election observers will pay special attention to the pace of voting "as it is a means of suppressing the urban vote." Coltart says on Twitter that Zimbabwe's electoral commission deliberately slowed voting in urban areas in the 2002 election to undermine the opposition, which traditionally has strong support in major cities. Past elections have been marred by irregularities. But Zimbabwe's electoral commission says this election - the first without longtime leader Robert Mugabe - will be free and fair. - AP

Mnangagwa leaves the polling station · 30 July 2018
Mnangagwa leaves the polling station after casting his ballot at Sherwood Primary School in Kwekwe. (Jekesai Njikizana, AFP)

Supa Mandiwanzira casting his ballot · 30 July 2018
Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security, Supa Mandiwanzira casts his vote at Manjoro Primary School in Ward 22, Nyanga South.

Cast his vote while donning his university graduation gown · 30 July 2018

Dzivaresekwa Extension · 30 July 2018
"Dzivaresekwa Extension the pace is painstakinly slow. Huge turn out but we're being frustrated"

15 Zvimba North, Mutorashanga · 30 July 2018
"I cast my vote in ward 15 Zvimba North,Mutorashanga. A lot of people wake up very early to elect the president,mp and councillors. It was so peaceful but a lot of people who were in the queue were talking for a change.They want fresh ideas."

In other news, in case you missed it · 30 July 2018

In other news, in case you missed it · 30 July 2018

Mnangagwa's wife's First Lady Auxillia, has also cast her vote · 30 July 2018

Mnangagwa casts his vote · 30 July 2018
Mnangagwa wore a scarf with the country's national colors as he arrived at a primary school converted into a polling station, and chatted briefly with election workers after casting his ballot. He told reporters that he is committed to a Zimbabwe in which people have the "freedom to express their views, negative or positive." He called the vote peaceful. And he took the criticism of him by former leader Robert Mugabe on Sunday in stride, saying that "He is a citizen ... He can engage me anytime."

AP is reporting that Piercing whistles and cheers greeted Chamisa as he voteed in the country's historic election. Crowds swarmed the 40-year-old lawyer and pastor at a polling station just outside Harare. Chamisa is challenging the 75-year-old President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Zimbabwe's first election without Robert Mugabe on the ballot. The contest could bring international legitimacy and investment or signal more stagnation if the vote is seriously flawed.

Crowd chants as opposition candidate Nelson Chamisa cast his vote · 30 July 2018

Chamisa casts his ballot at Kuwadzana 2 Council Primary school. · 30 July 2018

Kuwadzana 2 Primary School polling station · 30 July 2018
A grand arrival at the polling station Long and winding queues Kuwadzana 2 Primary School - Capitalk 100.4FM ‏

Chiunye Primary School B Polling Station in Mt Darwin · 30 July 2018

EU Election observers · 30 July 2018

Just voted · 30 July 2018

indelible ink · 30 July 2018
An elections officer applies indelible ink to a voter finger during early morning voting in Kwekwe as Zimbabwe conducts a general election. Picture: Jekesai Njikizana, AFP)

A voter arrives at a polling station in Kwekwe · 30 July 2018
A voter arrives at a polling station during early morning voting in Kwekwe as Zimbabwe conducts a general election. (Jekesai Njikizana, AFP)

Sherwood Primary School polling station just outside Kwekwe · 30 July 2018

Queue moving at snail's pace · 30 July 2018

Voters line up to cast their ballots in Chamisa’s constituency · 30 July 2018

People started queuing at polling stations as early as 5am · 30 July 2018
Reports from ZBC reporters dotted across the country say people started queuing at polling stations as early as 5am. -ZBC

Long queues formed around the country · 30 July 2018

Voters' starter pack: · 30 July 2018
1 National ID/VALID Passport 2 Mobile phone 3 Water 4 Powerbank 5 Umbrella/sunhat/extra sweater 6 Wrap or collapsible chair 7 Snacks- mints/biscuits/ fruits 8 Cash for emergencies 9 Emergency #s (ESR-08080234) 10 Sunscreen #LetsGoVoteZW #ElectionsZW

Trevor Ncube ‏joins queue for voting · 30 July 2018

Kuwadzana 6 primary - #ZimbabweDecides2018 · 30 July 2018

Massive turnout at Avonlea Primary in Harare · 30 July 2018
#ElectionsZW Massive turnout at Avonlea Primary. 3 polling stations, each voter taking 3 to 5 minutes once inside - #DefendYourVote ‏

Past elections were marred by violence, intimidation and irregularities, but Mnangagwa, a former enforcer for Mugabe who says he now represents change, has promised that this election will be free and fair. The presence of Western election monitors for the first time in years is an indicator of a freer political environment, though concerns have been raised about state media bias toward the ruling party as well as a lack of transparency with the printing of ballot papers. Inside polling stations on Monday, voters were given three ballot papers: one for their presidential pick, another for member of parliament and a third for local councilor. Polling officers helped voters put each ballot paper in the right box. - AP

Former Liberian president and a leader of one of the international observer missions, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, says: "This is a critical moment in Zimbabwe's democratic journey. The elections today provide an opportunity to break with the past," "The lines and voter enthusiasm we are seeing this morning must be matched by an accurate count and their choice must be honored." Sirleaf said this at a polling station in a school in Harare. - AP

Nelson Chamisa is expected to cast his vote at Kuwadzana Primary School polling station

Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to vote at Sherwood Primary school polling station in Kwekwe Voters have already started casting their votes

South Africa's DA leader Mmusi Maimane has tweeted to wish the opposition Movement for Democratic Change success in the elections "Wishing the MDC success in elections. Democracy requires that we hold parties accountable and as my late friend Morgan would say, Zim must see post liberation era politics. Zanu mustn’t trick people into a belief that a change of leader is a change of party. AFRICA needs change."

Harare, Kuwadzana 6 primary queues too long · 30 July 2018

Bradfield shopping centre · 30 July 2018
Mixed races, more males than females at Bradfield shopping centre - HABAKKUK TRUST

Vote peacefully - Oliver Mtukudzi @TukuOfficial · 30 July 2018
"Good Morning Zimbabwe. As we all go to vote today for our different candidates of choice, let’s remain at peace with each other and remember that we are one people seeking to see Zimbabwe grow in every aspect. Vote peacefully."

The polling process · 30 July 2018

May peace be your first response today · 30 July 2018

Early bird · 30 July 2018

Done my part! · 30 July 2018

Psalms 124:7-8, We have escaped like a bird
from the fowler’s snare;
the snare has been broken,
and we have escaped.
Our help is in the name of the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Done my part!
- @ShingiMunyeza on Twitter

Report any electoral offences or polling stations without election agents · 30 July 2018
The MDC Alliance numbers: 0778371424, 0773010749, 0773010739, 0772364133, 0773013734, 0773010662, 0773205264 *******

Voting queue in Sunningdale, Harare · 30 July 2018

Young people flood pollings stations #ZimbabweDecides2018 · 30 July 2018

#Zimbabwedecides2018 · 30 July 2018

Polls open as #Zimbabwe votes in first general election without Robert Mugabe · 30 July 2018

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