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LIVE UPDATES: Grace Mugabe 'Super Sunday' Church rally

by Staf reporter
05 November 2017 | 10324 Views
These updates are for the Grace Mugabe 'Super Sunday' Church rally taking place at Rufaro Stadium in Harare today.

Rally Grace Mugabe Church
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Mugabe acknowledges musicians and Mike Mahendere in particular. She also asserts that piracy should be dealt with in order to promote the creative works of local artistes. Dr Mugabe finishes her address.

Mugabe pledges 1000 tonnes of rice to the congregants in an early Christmas Box gesture.

Mugabe urges people to unite and be peaceful. She says they must not be deceived by VP Mnangagwa who claims that he has been poisoned when he can not back the claims and goes on to incite people to cause chaos.

Mugabe urges churches to unite into bigger dominating denominations in recognition of their role in the development of the country. She requests the congregants to pray for their leadership, President Mugabe in particular.

Mugabe urges apostolic sects to united and organize themselves so that they are not represented as small minority groups so that it can be easy for government to help them.

Dr Mugabe says for Zimbabwe to develop, people should rally behind Zanu-PF as one party. She says only those who do not agree with the revolutionary party’s ideology are the only ones who are chucked out.

She encourages people to go and register to vote so that they all turn up and vote for Zanu-PF in their numbers.

She asserts that Zanu-PF has one center of power, President Mugabe. She also highlights that all positions will be up for contestation at the upcoming Zanu-PF elective congress except the Presidency. All provinces have declared President Mugabe the sole presidential candidate in the 2018 national elections.

Dr Mugabe says when the constitution was amended, Cde Oppah Muchinguri and Senate President Cde Edina MAdzongwe were in the legal committee but they let it go. However this time around the constitution has to be changed to reclaim the VP position for women. She warns that women and youths in cahoots with Lacoste are gone!

Dr Mugabe says there were calls for the Zanu-PF constitution to be amended to accommodate a woman as one of the Vice Presidents. She says however not only the constitution can guarantee those positions as everyone is appointed at the mess of the President. She says it is up to the women to choose who should be appointed vice president.

She says after her speech President Mugabe stood up against Mnangagwa and warned him he could drop him as soon as tomorrow, and that was when the Vice President got to know what kind of man President Mugabe was.

She makes reference to how VP Mnangagwa danced to Jah Prayzah’s song, "Mdhara vachauya" at the Midlands Youth Interface rally, pointing at himself as the "boss to come," . . .

She says she therefore declared that disciplinary action should be taken against Mnangagwa who was accusing President Mugabe of creating a dynasty, yet the VP left his constituency to his wife, Auxilia.

“So yesterday, the VP planted people in the crowd (in Bulawayo) to boo me. But i am a hard core. I am made of steel,” says DrMugabe.

All these developments, Dr Mugabe says then led to the happenings at the Bulawayo Interface rally held yesterday. She says she had to expose the VP in Bulawayo yesterday.

WOMAN VICE PRESIDENT · 05 November 2017
Mugabe says at some point together with other women leaders they approached the President with a suggestion to make Shuvai Mahofa (the late) being appointed Minister of Masvingo Province. At first the President had reservations about Cde Mahofa’s health, but she convinced him to go ahead with the appointment. But VP Mnangagwa was not happy about the appointment. However the VP in the politburo meeting started to deny saying do not listen to barking dogs (imbwa dzinovukura).

She says it was therefore time to deal with the serpent and crash its head, rather than have youths getting fired due to the VP.

Mugabe says youths were being dismissed from the party due to Mnangagwa and I said the snake should have its head crashed. "Kana munhu anetsa batai munhu, batai munhu…," says Mugabe.

She says at the 8th Interface Rally, they then confronted Vp Mnangagwa about his efforts to dislodge CdeKasukuwere. She also makes reference to him having left his wife Auxillia in position in the constituency he previously held, so how could he accuse Kasukuwere of nepotism?

Mugabe says after the Mashonaland Central interface rally, Mnangagwa approached the President complaining about her remarks on him about factionalism. But the President told him the First Lady was a truthful person, but Mnangagwa expressed his cowardice and failed to defend his position over the matter.

She says she heard about Lacoste and G-40 but failed to get any information about G-40, but she picked that VP Mnangagwa was that much associated with the name Lacoste. She says she confronted him in the Politburo meetings asking him why he was letting this demon of factionalism confuse him.

Mugabe says President Mugabe is a patient person, and that she also is not perfect as a human being. She says she has adopted orphans and she has assumed the name, "Mafirakureva," someone out to always the truth.

She queries where factionalists get time to pursue factionalism when they are supposed to be working for people.

"Ane ruchiva murume iyeye (VP Mnangagwa), saka ndataura zva 1980, asi mazuva ese aya ndichigara nababa anoita twunhu twake achida kuvhiringidza. Vana vazhinji vakadzingwa vachidzingiswa naiye. I do not want to be blackmailed. No one is going to silence me. Handisini ndakadzingisa Mai Mujuru. Handisini ndakavatuma kuda kupanduka.

Mugabe also says people should be content with what they have. They should accept who they are.

Mugabe says VP Mnangagwa when he looks at the President he does so with an intent eye full of hate.

Mugabe reveals that VP Mnanagwa as early as 1980 had always harbored ambitions to wrestle power away from President Mugabe.

Mugabe makes reference to the erroneous attribution of Command Agriculture to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa saying she was the proponent of the concept, meant to bring back Zimbabwe to the status of being Africa’s bread basket.

"Vagonhi vakabva vatanga kumhanya nayo, asi vagonhi hapana chandakaona chavakamboita. President Mugabe vakazoti aiwa, rega ndizvitaura, pama Interface ralies. Baba vakazotaura, kuti ndiFirst Lady.

She says at some point she noticed there were some obsessed with chucking others from the party, but she proposed that the party had to chat a new direction focusing on economic issues. "That is when i said we are a working people and we can not always be a people who import food everytime. That was the time i spoke about this program called 'Command Agriculture"..I am saying it for the first time.

She revisits her Politburo experience when she joined the body by making reference to how Joice Mujuru faced her demise.

"Ini handisi munhu anovhaira. Ndinoshanda. Kana muchida ndipei basa, ndinoita mndakasungunguka! Vanhu vanofanira kundinzwa kuti ndinogona basa…ndipei muona," says Dr Mugabe

She encourages people that although Zimbabwe is under sanctions, they should remain resolute.

Mugabe: “Ukaona worwisa munhu akadai, you are finished, haufi wakamuka futi, unenge uchifema asi wakafa, unenge uchiona asi bofu ririnani, uine nzeve asi usinganzwe.”

First lady acknowledges the support Zanu-PF gets from the apostolic religious sector.

“Hapana asingagone kuverenga ma verse ese aya. Asi kana usina kukomborerwa kutsanangura zviri muBhaibheri imomo haufe wakakomborerwa. Hazviite.

Dr Mugabe: “President is an anointed leader and asinganzwisise ndiye anorwisa an anointed leader. Anointed leader haarwiswe nemunhu wenyama. Vamwe ndovanoenda kumapostori vachitsvaga kuti vangabvise sei VaMugabe. Zvakatarwa kudenga, hazvichinjwe nemunhu wenyama.”

She condemns those who are out to fight a God-anointed leadership and likens such people to moving graves. She makes reference to Proverbs 16:9 which says, ” In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.”

Mugabe asserts that God’s plans can not be destroyed by human beings.

Hanzi hapana munondo ucharwisana newe ukakukunda. No weapon formed against you shall prevail. Ukapira kuna Mwari matambudziko ese auinwawo, zvose zvinopera

“Haubise VaMugabe nekuti hausiwe wakavapa simba iroro. Unenge usinganzwisise nekuti mweya waMwari ndiwo wati unoda uyu. Vakasarudzwa naMwari VaMugabe, nekuti kana wisdon yavainayo ndeya Mwari. Vane chiremerera chakabva kuna Mwari.

She says God gives people different gifts, and that was for a purpose

“Everyone in this country is important regardless of your physical stature. She makes reference to Ephesians, Chapter 2 verse 10 which talks about equality.

“You work tirelessly. I see you at the borders, yes it might be difficult now because of sanctions. But Zimbabwe is full of natural resources and the number one natural resource in this country are its people,” says Dr Mugabe.

Mugabe says people must seek wisdom from God through prayer. She says she respects apostolic congregants and that their white regalia is as white as their hearts.

“Hatidi kuti vanhu vatitarisire pasi. Imi vanhu vechipositori, tiri vanhu vatinokudza, Tinoda kuti muitewo zvikoro zvenyu, vana vaende kuchikoro. Knowledge is power. Kana wava nefundo, hapana anogona kukuitisa zvausingade, nekuti unenge wava nefundo.

We were under the repression of the British colonial government. We do not forget therefore those who fought for this independence. We do not look at people from an ethnic perspective.

“Today is your day. We must worship all the time. We have to seek God all the time. We have to understand that we sin, as a people, and that should make us seek God every time. “We might be coming from different denominations, but the God we are seeking is one. We need to maintain peace. let us pray to God, thanking Him for giving us a leader, President Mugabe who preaches peace all the time.

Mugabe starts by acknowledging the presents of all denominations by name.

First Lady Mugabe rises to address the thousands in attendance and starts with slogans in recognition of the congregants.

Kasukuwere is back at the podium to introduce the Guest of Honour, Dr Amai Grace Mugabe. Initially the indication was she was going to be introduced by Cde Hlongwane.

The Jekenisheni Group is mesmerizing congregants with a flawless performance.

Jekenisheni Church choir has taken to the stage to entertain guests.

“These congregants, Dr Amai Mugabe, would like to thank President Mugabe for affording freedom of worship in this country. Please convey the message to His Excellency. “We have here 531 denominations present. As Ministry of Sports, Recreation and Culture we would like to thank them,” concludes Cde Hlongwane, ending with a slogan. An entertainment

Hlongwane is at the podium, giving a few remarks to introduce the guest of honour, Dr Amai Grace Mugabe.
“These congregants are looked down upon in the areas they come from. They do not have better shrines. Where they have those, they are always dispersed randomly every other time. They are therefore yearning for better treatment. “They are those who condemn them that they worship from open spaces, but you will realize that where they have their shrines they preserve their environs. “They also need to have access to affordable stands, Dr Grace Mugabe. These people have various ways of worshiping, and they have a role to play in the development of Zimbabwe. We can not have peace in the absence of these apostolic congregants.

Paul Mwazha’s African Apostolic Church is also represented here.

Some of the solidarity messages declare President Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s Life President. The stadium is now full to capacity and people keep trickling in.

Saviour Kasukuwere dressed in all white

All solidarity messages are asserting Dr Grace Mugabe’s name as an important mother who has stood with President Mugabe through thick and thin, and that her leadership role should go beyond.

Church leaders in the meantime chant solidarity messages.

Bishop Ndanga says the government must give indigenous churches stands free of charge, and empower leaders to become marriage officers.

“There are issues that we as churches want. We do not want to be under the Traditional Medical Council of traditional healers. We do not want. We want free stands as churches. churches should not be dispersed from their holy shrines unnecessarily. “Lastly we want our apostolic leaders to have power to preside over marriages.

There is political talk that President Mugabe and the First lady are two different people. That is very wrong to try and separate these two people. In 2014 we wanted to give the First lady a prize for standing by the President through thick and thin,” says Bishop Ndanga

”We are the ones who said the President should rule and die in office. Isu tikagadza maBishop, vatova maBishop kusvika vafa. Ini izvozvi nditori President wemachechi kusvika ndafa. "So President Mugabe has the mandate of the people until he dies."

Bishop Ndanga says this is the best day for the indigenous church. "Nomatter the objective, this is the best thing to ever happen to the people of indigenous churches."

ACCZ President, Bishop Johannes Ndanga takes to the podium to address the crowd.

Harare Provincial Affairs Minister Cde Chikukwa takes to the stand for her welcome remarks. “I request that we kindly understand that President Mugabe was not anointed by people, but by God. Now go and read Exodus 23 verse 22-23…” “VaMugabe vanoda Mwari, ndo saka vasingade zve n’anga. “Today it is not a mistake for the First lady to come and meet the congregants. “No man, no man will remove President Mugabe,” concludes CdeChikukwa.

Defence Minister Dr Sydney Sekeramayi is next and followed by Dr Chombo who is clad in a brown suit with a contrasting sky-blue shirt. He chants a slogan asserting First Lady Grace Mugabe's name.

Minister Patrick Zhuwawo is next followed by Cde Charles Tawengwa who is also dressed in an apostolic white garment and in contrast putting on a sun hat.

War veterans leader Patrick Nyaruwata takes to the stand chanting the party slogan. He is dressed in a black suit.

Next in line is Minister Makhosini Hlongwane, dressed in a white apostolic garment.

"Pasi pasi nevanopandukira vakuru vedu," says Kasukuwere. He now introduces the party leadership present starting with Minister Miriam Chikukwa who goes on to chant a slogan.

Saviour Kasukuwere dressed in all white greets the congregants.

Zanu-PF Youth League secretary Cde Chipanga greets the congregants, chanting the party slogan and warning those who “sees themselves ruling in dreams.”

Provincial party leaders and representatives of the Women and Youth Leagues chant party slogans as they introduce their leadership.

Shadreck Mashayamombe is the Master of Ceremony. He is now going through the introduction process.

Jekenishini and Zion churches set Rufaro Stadium alight.

Religious minister Mike Mahendere and his backing group takes to the stage to perform the song, “Mwari Vanondigonera.”

opening prayer from one, Bishop Mandaza.

The First Lady, Grace Mugabe makes a grand arrival at Rufaro Stadium.

Dignitaries have now taken their seats waiting for the arrival of the First Lady Dr Amai Grace Mugabe

Abigail Damasane and Webster Shamu greeting each other

ACCZ President, Bishop Johannes Ndanga dons national colours

Zanu PF Secretary for Youth Affairs, Cde Kudzanayi Chipanga at Rufaro

Chombo takes time to greet Apostolic church leaders in the VIP tent.

Apostolic sect members are still trickling into Rufaro Stadium . Meanwhile Cdes Kudzanai Chipanga and Ignatius Chombo are among the dignitaries at Rufaro Stadium so far.

Archibishop Johannes Ndanga has also arrived at Rufaro Stadium.

Anastacia Ndlovu has also arrived in an all white outfit. It is an all-white rally indeed.

Shamu dressed in all white for the Super Sunday rally at Rufaro Stadium.

ZCC Ruwadzano group entertains thousands of congregants attending Super Sunday church interface rally at Rufaro Stadium.

The high table at Rufaro, as the crowd awaits the arrival of the First Lady.

The general public is also attending.

Rufaro Stadium is slowly filling up.

10:13 - Some are on the podium to provide entertainment as they await the arrival of Dr Mugabe.

10:01 - Members of the apostolic and Zion sects have started arriving at Rufaro Stadium for the interface dubbed 'Special Sunday.'

09:50 - The First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe today meets members of indigenous churches at Rufaro Stadium in Harare.

The team organising the event yesterday toured the venue and for more read the preview below, which was published on this site yesterday.

Source: zbc


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