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Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe and Dr Brilliant Sigabade in Northampton

by Thulani Nkala
10 April 2018 | 1560 Views
The Mthwakazi Paramount Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni was today (07/04/2018) in Northampton addressing scores of Mthwakazi nationals who came from all different places in the UK. Chief Ndiweni opened his speech by affirming Mthwakazi's nationhood. He explained that Mthwakazi was an independent nation prior 1893 and that Mthwakazi meets all the criterion of being a nation. He went on to encourage the audience to start thinking of themselves as a nation because that is what they are actually are. Chief Ndiweni said that he welcomed the contestation which arose after the Mthwakazi chiefs told the Khumalos in 1997 to produce an heir to the throne. He praised the spirited fight which was brought by Stanley Raphael Khumalo and Zwide Khumalo. "They played their role very well but now it is time to come together as one under the leadership of the Crown Prince Bulelani Lobhengula Khumalo" chief Ndiweni said.

The chief went on to give an elaborate history on the Mthwakazi nation, starting from its cradle to the present, this clearly uncovered why Bulelani is the rightful heir to throne and the reasons why Cecil John Rhodes took Njube to South Africa in 1894.

Chief Ndiweni reported that on the 2nd March 2018 the Mthwakazi Chiefs were summoned by the president of the chiefs to the Rainbow hotel in Bulawayo where Obert Mpofu and July Moyo were present, to their great surprise after the introductions the president of the chiefs called the meeting off. The chief is of the view that the high court judge erred in saying that the monarchy was unconstitutional, he believes that in fact the constitution promotes or mandates the chiefs to resurrect traditional leadership and norms. "We will be robustly challenging this in the courts of law, no stone will be left unturned, the process of resurrecting the monarchy is unstoppable" Chief Ndiweni said and went on to say that they were aware that court battles can be drawn out, slow and costly, with this in mind they will seek to employ a two pronged strategy but he was not at liberty to divulge.

Chief Ndiweni reassured the people that the crown prince will eventually be coronated. The Mthwakazi diaspora community was encouraged to get involved and partake in every activity as the process needs all Mthwakazians to be fully involved.

 After the statement from the chief questions came from the floor many questions were asked. One individual asked about what will be done to respect the other ethnic groups within Mthwakazi after the coronation, the chief showed an amazing knowledge of ethnic diversity and nation building, he pointed out that all other ethnic groups within Mthwakazi will be allowed to fully practice their culture which may include resuscitating their own monarchs.

Mthwakazi Obert Mpofu July Moyo

Source: Thulani Nkala


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