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Best ways to keep studying without feeling bored and tired

by Stephanie Ward
06 March 2019 | 3570 Views
Almost every student experiences a difficult time keeping up with study at one point of time in their life. This is especially possible when the subject is lengthy or boring or tough. For some, maths is the subject that makes it difficult to continue, while for others, it's a language subject that bores them. In such situations, it becomes hard to keep studying and you feel the need to run out for a walk or some fun with friends to have some mental rest.

However, it's not that difficult to stay motivated and keep studying even the subject is hard and you feel like running away. What if we say that there are some proven ways to make your study interesting and achieve high grades?

Yes, experts and researchers have worked out on this for many years and have observed that some changes in the way you take your study and the way you manage your routine life can improve the situation. Taking a wise and creative path to avoid boredom and tiredness is a more effective approach instead of taking a hard way towards them. Of course, it can't work like a magic and you have to be determined while implementing the changes.

In the next paragraphs, we have discussed some of the ways and tips_ in detail. We are sure that it would not be hard to overcome the difficulty you have been facing so far in studying hard chapters and topics if you carefully apply them.

1. Take a break after every small study session

What if you are asked to do 200 push-ups without stopping? Obviously, you will end up with excessive fatigue and loss of energy. You may even have to give up without completing the required number of push-ups. But what if you are required to do 20 push-ups and then take a break for 2 minutes? It will be relatively easy, and you wouldn't have to give up, isn't it?

Long study sessions are like doing hard exercise without breaks. You will feel exhausted and urge to give up. Maybe you don't even come back to it the next day.

To avoid this to happen, you should make small study sessions. Consider one to one and a half an hour for one session. That's how they teach in schools and colleges too. You can even keep your study sessions to 30 or 40 minutes. Take small breaks after every session to return to the state of physical and mental freshness. Alternatively, there are helpful resources. Keeping up with your study will be easy and you wouldn't feel giving up.
2. Take care of yourself

Your body and brain are the only resources that you can use to effectively manage other available resources like time, machines and materials. It means you have to take care of yourself. If you are not fit, it will be harder to stay focused. Needless to say, that you can't even store crucial lessons and learning in your brain for long if your physical and mental fitness is weak.

Sweating will remove stress and improve your memory power. Studies have shown that those who are healthy and fit has a high level of energy, better decision power and are able to stay on track even when the things are not in their favor.

So ensure to have a workout session in the morning or in the evening daily no matter how busy you are with your study. Take this seriously if you want to keep studying even when you don't feel like it.

3. Handle negative emotions prudently

Great works are done with great determination and a positive attitude. It's not that great people don't ever face negative emotions. They too feel like giving up at one or another point of time. They also have negative thoughts about the results. They also feel scared by thinking about the consequences if they fail.

But what makes them successful? It's nothing but the habit of accepting negative emotions without letting them take over their capacity of choosing what is right. Choosing what is right, even when making the right choice is extremely hard, keeps them on the right path and makes them successful in whatever they do.

As a student, when you feel like studying a particular subject is not something you can, you should think about your goal instead of trying to fight negative emotions. Think about the need of the hour keeping eyes on your future happiness. And you will find easy to keep negative thoughts away without struggling for the same.

4. Switch between subjects or topics

You can easily get bored and feel the need to giving up if you keep studying the same subject for a whole day. The best way to keep your mind fresh and interested is to switch subjects after ever one or two study sessions.

Researchers even suggest switching between the topics of the same subject. It helps improve your memory, grasping power and problem-solving skills. However, make sure to complete the topic before moving to another. Switching subjects of topics are called interleaving. According to cognitive psychologists, it prompts your brain to recall stored memory when you switch from one subject or topic to another.

It may seem hard but works best for improving long-term memory. You would also find it interesting as it doesn't let you stay blocked with one subject for a long period of time and gives you space between two switches.

5. Change study settings

Our brain has a tendency to develop a similarity map when we keep doing the same thing in the same place or setup. This becomes the reason for losing interest and affects our results. Psychologists suggest making changes to your study settings to avoid this situation.

Changing your study sitting regularly will give your mind something new to adapt every time and will make it more active. This is a proven technique to avoid boredom and students can use it to train their brain so that they can keep studying even when they don't feel like it.

6. Walk to keep stress away

A lot of importance is given to exercise for better health. But students who can't get enough time or don't have access to gym and sports equipment can consider walking. There are numerous benefits of walking.

Apart from making you fit and reducing risks of health problems, it works best for the stress reduction and helps you have a deep and restful sleep. Better sleep results in improved focus and memory power that will be helpful to keep studying when a subject is hard and boring.

One good thing about walking is that you can even take a short walk between the small study sessions. So, you don't have to assign special time for it if you are busy. This is one of the best ways to have some healthy activity when you have a part-time desk job where you have to sit for most of the time.

We hope these suggestions will help improve your results by making your study less boring and exhausting. Note that there are many other creative ways that can make the learning process an enjoyable journey. All you have to do is to keep your mind open and be ready to try positive changes for better results.

Best of luck!

Stephanie Ward is an academic writer and editor, expert at writing guides for students.

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Source: Stephanie Ward


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