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PHOTO: Old Chamisa with young Mnangagwa picture goes viral

A FaceApp generated picture of President Emmerson Mnangagwa looking younger and MDC leader Nelson Chamisa looking older has gone viral on social media. The picture which was originally posted ...Read more

PHOTO: Old Chamisa with young Mnangagwa picture goes viral

18 July 2019 | 7071 Views
A FaceApp generated picture of President Emmerson Mnangagwa looking younger and MDC leader Nelson Chamisa looking older has gone viral on social media. The picture which was originally posted ...

by Mandla Ndlovu

How safe are Zimbabwe's top online casinos compared to countries like the UK?

17 July 2019 | 341 Views
Zimbabwe has a lot of reasons for tourists to visit. Along with the traditional safaris, parks, and landscapes, it also has an abundance of well-operated casinos. With 11 major cities and each one hom...

by Staff Writer

How to prepare for military school admission tests

16 July 2019 | 1234 Views
Applying to a military school or academy presupposes not only submitting your test results, but also passing a fitness exam. Take a look at the steps you need to take to get enrolled, as well as famil...

by Staff Writer

WATCH: Guests at Mfuwe Lodge get to share breakfast with elephants

11 July 2019 | 1195 Views
Some guests at Mfuwe Lodge got to share their breakfast with some wild visitors! ...

by Staff Reporter

Fashion tips` for college students

19 June 2019 | 428 Views
College students face a lot of pressure. This includes everything from seemingly simple issues like choosing from a list of argumentative es...

by Staff Writer

10 romantic short haircuts for round faces

18 June 2019 | 3458 Views
If you have a round face and you are searching for the best and trendiest short haircuts that will rock the shape of your face, then you are reading the right page. You should understand that not all ...

by Staff Writer

Summer as a perfect time to start new relations

11 June 2019 | 409 Views
Have you noticed that love strikes when we do not expect it at all? Summer relationships have a unique charm. Do you agree? Maybe it is just a feeling that summer is the perfect time to start a new ro...

by Staff Writer

What characteristics in men do women most enjoy in a relationship?

06 June 2019 | 2719 Views
Although concepts like toxic masculinity have come to the fore in recent years, most men now accept that the days of women's tradit...

by Staff Writer

How does dental care differ in Zimbabwe to the UK?

30 May 2019 | 1852 Views
In the UK, we often take dental care for granted. It isn’t until you compare dental care in the UK to other countries, like Zimbabwe, that you realise just how different dental systems and standards...

by Staff Writer

Chicken and Beef for Sale - (Sponsored Post)

30 May 2019 | 2041 Views
Editor,I was wondering if you could help us reach out to your readers at home and abroad. We're selling chickens and mixed cut beef in Bulawayo.We can deliver for orders of 5 birds and...

by Shingie

Top dog fashion trends to follow in 2019

27 May 2019 | 720 Views
It's hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends and always dress to impress, especially since the designers' preferences for certain colors, fabrics, and patterns change at least twice a year. How...

by Staff writer

What physical exercises are adequate for kids?

27 May 2019 | 773 Views
Adults think of physical exercise in terms of hitting the gym and putting their muscles to work by subscribing to a fitness regime. However, fo...

by Staff Writer

How to really live in the present

15 May 2019 | 410 Views
The world has become extremely fast-paced, and it can be difficult to really focus on the important things in life when we are always moving from one thing to the next. It's important, therefore, to t...

by Staff Writer

How tourism led Dubai from poverty to riches

14 May 2019 | 1364 Views
Dubai was once one of the world's best-kept travel secrets, but today, it is the travel hotspot on everyone's lips. In the past, Dubai was one of the poorest cities in the world. Since its tourism boo...

by Staff Writer

Learn to love what you are doing

13 May 2019 | 973 Views
In this mobile age so many people believe that if they wait long enough something that sparks their interest for more than a few minutes will simply come along making their lives all that more interes...

by Staff Writer

Best things to do for kids in Australia

06 May 2019 | 642 Views
The holiday is a time of enjoying as a family together with long-time friends. It’s important as a guardian or a parent to make sure that kids are not addicted to tech. This can be ...

by Staff Writer

What tourists need to know about visiting Bulawayo

01 May 2019 | 3913 Views
Are you planning to visit Bulawayo in the near future? If so, you need to start preparing as soon as possible. Your level of preparedness will determine the outcome of your trip for everyone involved....

by Staff Writer

Bingo around the world

16 April 2019 | 1914 Views
It's something of a national treasure to the people of the United Kingdom, and while it may not originate from the European island, bingo is nevertheless a huge part of British culture. Plenty of othe...

by Staff Writer

Average cost of a wedding photographer in USA: 2019 Study

09 April 2019 | 3486 Views
So it's finally happened, you're engaged and it's time to start preparations for the wedding. This is one event that takes a lot of work and careful planning. From the venue to the guests, catering, e...

by Staff Writer

How to make the best out of your College Life

28 March 2019 | 896 Views
Entering college and building relationships We all want to make lots of friends the moment we enter the gates of our college or university. But are all the people whom you mee...

by Staff Reporter

The best destinations for an ethical holiday

22 March 2019 | 247 Views
Whether it's changing our diet, thinking about how we consume materials in our everyday lives or deciding on where's best to spend our next holiday, it's fair to say that a lot of us are getting much ...

by Staff Repoter

5 tips to complete your academic assignment in a night

13 March 2019 | 1980 Views
Almost every student encounters a pressing situation where you have to complete a project with a few hours left to its submission deadline. It may be because of endless procrastination, a huge workloa...

by Staff Reporter

Choosing a mother of the bride dress

11 March 2019 | 1871 Views
Yоur dаughtеr іѕ gеttіng mаrrіеd. Congratulations! Dо уоu wоrrу thаt уоu wіll nоt bе аblе tо fіnd a Mother оf thе Bride drеѕѕ tо wear fоr уоur wedding thаt іѕ flа...

by Staff Reporter

Zim Fashion Showcase announces date, calls for designers

04 March 2019 | 658 Views
Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase (ZFS) has become the greatest platform for recognising Africa's emerging talent and the fashion tradeshow is back for another edition titled 'This is Africa'.Schedule...

by Tidi Kwidini

How effective is CBD really?

04 March 2019 | 1350 Views
Every so often, we jump to a conclusion without analyzing both sides of a picture. This is often the case with Cannabis. People associate it with negative effects due to its addictiveness. However, as...

by Staff Reporter

How to find a good residential lot to build a home

01 March 2019 | 1772 Views
Let's admit we've all dreamt of building our dream homes from scratch and whilst it might seem like a far-off fantasy more and more people are choosing to build their own new homes. While it can be ea...

by Staff Reporter

The guide on writing motivational letter for your first job

27 February 2019 | 2121 Views
With a high amount of competition existing in the workforce today, it's hard to stand out above all the rest. It can take a while to find the job you've been desiring but you won't be alone in seeking...

by Staff Reporter

A Vacation Guide to Water Sports on Hawaii

05 February 2019 | 401 Views
Hawaii is one of the most idyllic vacation destinations in the world. Millions of people fly to Hawaii to enjoy the arresting volcanic landscape, hospitable locals, and fascinating culture. There are ...

by Staff Reporter

5 of the most expensive apartments throughout the world

04 February 2019 | 666 Views
Today's luxury apartments are designed to provide you with ample space, top amenities, beautifully appointed rooms and balconies, flawless landscaping, stunning views and other features all in a prize...

by Staff reporter

5 Best Casinos in the World

23 January 2019 | 394 Views
The first known casino was called a gambling house and it was established in Venice, Italy in 1638, while the first gambling establishments in America were known as saloons. Regardless of their name, ...

by Staff Reporter

How drug offences can affect your life

17 January 2019 | 423 Views
If you are someone who has been caught either selling or in possession of illegal drugs, then you might find that your life is negat...

by Staff Reporter

Life After Divorce - When Is A Perfect Time To Start A New Relationship?

16 January 2019 | 1365 Views
The Emotional Turmoil After a divorce, do not enter any new relationship quickly. You need to give it some time to fully regain yourself before thinking of starting all over again...

by Staff Reporter

Carl Joshua Ncube launches camp feel good

10 January 2019 | 751 Views
Stand up comedian | TED FELLOW | Unofficial Tourism Ambassador Carl Joshua Ncube and wife Nelsy Ncube have started their own tourism operation called Camp Feel Good. The describe it as GLAMPING which ...

by Agencies

Tips_for designing customised jerseys

18 December 2018 | 289 Views
Doing physical activities with a group - whether it's running, cycling or playing other sports - is always a good idea. Not only does it promote health and well-being, but you also develop better frie...

by Staff Reporter

When is the perfect time to ask for her hand in marriage?

06 December 2018 | 1422 Views
Some men might pop the question even if they have dated their partner for only a few months or weeks. They believe that it does not matter how long they have been together, as long as they are in love...

by Staff Reporter

Weighed in Approximation: How quality scales make all the difference

29 November 2018 | 722 Views
When it comes to just about any industry that happens to include mass-production of any kind - be it baking, shipping and much more - maintaining efficiency is a priority. Mass-production demands that...

by Staff Reporter

Why you should consider cannabidiol oil

27 November 2018 | 1274 Views
When it comes to all the stress that life loves to fling at us, it often makes its mark in the form of pain and discomfort. Sometimes, it can even grow to be severe - such as anxiety, paranoia or even...

by Staff Reporter

One Night Stand

27 November 2018 | 4671 Views
When we met at the bar last night, slurred speech and double vision had set in and it wouldn't have mattered to me if she had said she was a Zanu PF supporter - I still would have gone home with her. ...

by Jerà

Founded on cruelty, fuelled by money

22 November 2018 | 1174 Views
Are we about to see the end of one of South Africa's most infamous practices - Captive Lion Breeding (CLB) for hunting and trading of their parts? If Parliament adopts the recommendations of a hard-hi...

by Andreas Wilson-Späth

'Tips' to calm your nerves during presentations

22 November 2018 | 1993 Views
It is not easy talking to many people and sharing your thoughts and ideas. You might fear that they will criticise what you say. You might also worry that they will find you dull and not listen to you...

by Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe - safari destination of 2019?

14 November 2018 | 658 Views
Zimbabwe is growing in popularity and seems poised to make a run as one of 2019's hottest African safari destinations. However, in 2018 it is Botswana that is on the ...

by Agencies

Romeo Gumede's Khwampha brand takes Joburg by storm

14 November 2018 | 1853 Views
Romeo  Gumede a Johannesburg based young Entrepreneur from Entumbane, Bulawayo has gripped the fashion loving youthful audience in South Africas Johannesburg with frenzy through his brand Khwamph...

by Mandla Ndlovu

Kevin Makhosi names his clothing line after his totem

13 November 2018 | 410 Views
Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening, talking of fashion Nambini Clothing like o...

by Nigel Siziba

5 Important steps to take when starting your own gym

12 November 2018 | 1462 Views
When you reach your own optimum level of fitness, it's only natural to want to share you working out expertise with others. You have two options when following this calling in life: you could become a...

by Sports Reporter

Cute goodnight messages to impress your beloved

09 November 2018 | 14253 Views
A goodnight text to your partner is one of the cutest ways to show them how much you care. Moreover, it's a great opportunity to share your feelings and tell the things you've been keeping quiet about...

by Staff Reporter

The Most Popular Teen Boy Haircuts for Short Hair

30 October 2018 | 3417 Views
New trends are pushing teenage guys to look for their own style to emphasize the individuality and character.Now fashion has totally chan...

by Life Style reporter

Express Links International announced as Zim Fashion Showcase headline sponsor

31 August 2018 | 691 Views
Money transmittance company, Express Links International Limited are this year's headline sponsor for popular clothing tradeshow, Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase, the organisation announced early on Friday....

by Tidi Kwidini

Why do kids love Christmas?

29 August 2018 | 555 Views
Christmas is considered the time for kids. As soon as you tell them that Christmas is about to come, they will feel excited. Over the years of celebrating Christmas, your kids felt something positive....

by Agencies

Bulawayo Model Challenges Skin bleaching and lightening creams

21 August 2018 | 4357 Views
An outstanding Bulawayo model Lynn Nokuthula Ndlovu has vowed that she will use her image and her academic abilities to empower the girl child to take pride in her appearance and character.The...

by Mafu Sithabile

Ways to get cheaper luxury apartment rental

16 August 2018 | 1536 Views
Luxury apartments are perfect for holidays. You will feel you are on a grand vacation when you are in one of these apartments. They are spacious. They have different facilities. There are also shops i...

by Agencies

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Safe use of LPG in the Home

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Army confronts Mnangagwa over leaked audio

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Trump's US shoots down Iranian drone - The U.S. Navy shot down an Iran...

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Plot to assassinate EFF's Floyd Shivambu

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Chamisa's MDC begs SADC

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Malawi short-lives Zimbabwe's hopes

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WATCH: Tendai Biti says Mugabe was better than Mnangagwa

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Chamisa's MDC to investigate Bulawayo Town Clerk - The Movement for De...

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No judgment on Tinashe Kambarami's case

by Mandla Ndlovu | 18 July 2019 | 1777 Views

Peter Moyo ouster was 'artificially manufactured'

by Staff reporter | 18 July 2019 | 1684 Views

Mthuli Ncube doing everything by the book

by Reuters | 18 July 2019 | 2768 Views

Police arrest half a million rand robber - Police have arrested one of...

by Staff reporter | 18 July 2019 | 2117 Views

Zimbabwe diaspora critical to economic turnaround - Government takes t...

by Staff reporter | 18 July 2019 | 615 Views

MPs demand cars worth more than US$50 000

by Mandla Ndlovu | 18 July 2019 | 960 Views

PHOTO: Old Chamisa with young Mnangagwa picture goes viral

by Mandla Ndlovu | 18 July 2019 | 7071 Views

How Chiwenga's soldiers took over ZBC studios

by Mandla Ndlovu | 18 July 2019 | 11055 Views

Will Sibusiso Moyo's wife bite?

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Tajamuka plotting a national shutdown protest

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New funding round launched for Zim startups at FasterCapital - On the ...

by Tawanda Mutukwa | 18 July 2019 | 1018 Views

Explosive 'Rogue Unit' exposée nails Pravin Gordhan

by Staff reporter | 18 July 2019 | 3264 Views

Mnangagwa's advisor speaks out

by Mandla Ndlovu | 18 July 2019 | 10790 Views

Mnangagwa audio exposes ZANU PF

by Mandla Ndlovu | 18 July 2019 | 10255 Views

Bulawayo under siege from intruders

by Lovemore Moyo | 18 July 2019 | 4213 Views


Pure Black set to take Africa by storm

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'Cook Off' movie set for UK premiere

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Zimbabwean rapper teams up with top selling American singer

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WATCH: Penny Penny song insults Malema

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Mixed feelings over Harare artistes at Econet gig - Econet Wireless' Z...

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Low turnout at Sulu's birthday bash

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Ivy Kombo drops 14th album - CELEBRATED United Kingdom-based Zimbabwea...

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The latest slots online in 2019

by Staff writer | 05 June 2019 | 829 Views

What To Look For In Video Converter Software

looking for the best video converter software? you have to compare different video converters before making a purchase.the ability to watch video on different types of devices is a wonderful thing. not so wonderful are the compatibility issues that ... Read More
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Apple Watch Teardown Reveals Unique Hardware And Replaceable Parts

The apple watch may not be fine jewelry, but bill detwiler cracks it open and shows you why he thinks it's a fine piece of tech. the apple watch may be beautiful on the outside, but how about on the inside? in this cracking open installment, we go in... Read More
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