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Zimbabwe - safari destination of 2019?

Zimbabwe is growing in popularity and seems poised to make a run as one of 2019's hottest African safari destinations. However, in 2018 it is Botswana that is on the ...Read more

Zimbabwe - safari destination of 2019?

14 November 2018 | 491 Views
Zimbabwe is growing in popularity and seems poised to make a run as one of 2019's hottest African safari destinations. However, in 2018 it is Botswana that is on the ...

by Agencies

Romeo Gumede's Khwampha brand takes Joburg by storm

14 November 2018 | 1377 Views
Romeo  Gumede a Johannesburg based young Entrepreneur from Entumbane, Bulawayo has gripped the fashion loving youthful audience in South Africas Johannesburg with frenzy through his brand Khwamph...

by Mandla Ndlovu

Kevin Makhosi names his clothing line after his totem

13 November 2018 | 245 Views
Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening, talking of fashion Nambini Clothing like o...

by Nigel Siziba

5 Important steps to take when starting your own gym

12 November 2018 | 1269 Views
When you reach your own optimum level of fitness, it's only natural to want to share you working out expertise with others. You have two options when following this calling in life: you could become a...

by Sports Reporter

Cute goodnight messages to impress your beloved

09 November 2018 | 2213 Views
A goodnight text to your partner is one of the cutest ways to show them how much you care. Moreover, it's a great opportunity to share your feelings and tell the things you've been keeping quiet about...

by Staff Reporter

The Most Popular Teen Boy Haircuts for Short Hair

30 October 2018 | 1201 Views
New trends are pushing teenage guys to look for their own style to emphasize the individuality and character.Now fashion has totally chan...

by Life Style reporter

Express Links International announced as Zim Fashion Showcase headline sponsor

31 August 2018 | 494 Views
Money transmittance company, Express Links International Limited are this year's headline sponsor for popular clothing tradeshow, Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase, the organisation announced early on Friday....

by Tidi Kwidini

Why do kids love Christmas?

29 August 2018 | 312 Views
Christmas is considered the time for kids. As soon as you tell them that Christmas is about to come, they will feel excited. Over the years of celebrating Christmas, your kids felt something positive....

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Bulawayo Model Challenges Skin bleaching and lightening creams

21 August 2018 | 3733 Views
An outstanding Bulawayo model Lynn Nokuthula Ndlovu has vowed that she will use her image and her academic abilities to empower the girl child to take pride in her appearance and character.The...

by Mafu Sithabile

Ways to get cheaper luxury apartment rental

16 August 2018 | 1470 Views
Luxury apartments are perfect for holidays. You will feel you are on a grand vacation when you are in one of these apartments. They are spacious. They have different facilities. There are also shops i...

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How to get into your house without a locksmith?

10 August 2018 | 1254 Views
When you’re in a rush and have several things on your mind it’s not uncommon to leave your keys inside your home. ...

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Politicians urged to shift focus from election results to rebuilding the nation

08 August 2018 | 1087 Views
Politicians must accept last week's controversial election results, which saw Emmerson Mnangagwa elected leader of Zimbabwe after serving as interim president since November last year - and shift focu...

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Things to consider before buying laminate fooring

09 July 2018 | 636 Views
If you are looking into updating your house flooring, you have a variety of options on the market. You can simply put a carpet, use tile, laminate, hardwood or simply stain the concrete. One o...

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Authorities ducking and diving over Umbabat lion trophy hunt

26 June 2018 | 1043 Views
SOUTH AFRICA - An extraordinary cat and mouse game is being played out in Mpumalanga over the baiting and shooting of what could be a much-loved Umbabat Reserve pride male lion named Skye. Sin...

by Adam Cruise

Why it is better to buy a corner sofa bed online

25 June 2018 | 779 Views
There is no need to limit yourself with the sofa bed choices available in local stores. You don’t need to force yourself to buy furniture you won’t appreciate in the long run. There are a lot of g...

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Tips_for treating laser hair removal burns

25 June 2018 | 319 Views
Laser hair removal burns can be very painful. The worst part is that they don't just go away. The pain lasts for many days or even weeks. As soon as you suffer from the said problem, you have to follo...

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Are You Thinking of Living in Spain? Here are the Pros You should Know about

22 June 2018 | 1234 Views
Spain is a lovely country, and there’s no denying that it has its own unique and special charm which has attracted tourists for years. The country is an eclectic mix of people, but one thing’s for...

by Khulani David Ndhlovu

How to Effectively Cut Costs on Your Bathroom Remodel

20 June 2018 | 600 Views
When you are initially planning your bathroom remodel, it’s easy to picture certain elements that you think you cannot live without – such as expensive fixtures, expensive marble for the walls and...

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A list of top tips for the best lighting for your bathroom

19 June 2018 | 453 Views
More often than not, bathrooms are one of the most neglected areas when it comes to lighting for a home, simply because they are seen as a place just for grooming and hygiene. But bathrooms nowadays a...

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Your all-important guide to decorating your home with personality and flair

18 June 2018 | 752 Views
If you are planning to decorate your home, you basically have two options: you can either go to the nearest home décor shop and purchase generic products, or you can try decorating it in your own st...

by Staff Reporter

ZTA appoints VFS Global to promote Zimbabwe as a tourist destination in India and GCC region

14 June 2018 | 770 Views
In a move to enhance destination awareness and foster market visibility, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has appointed VFS Global to promote Zimbabwe as a preferred tourism destination in both In...

by Agencies

7 key activities for creating trust in successful relationships

06 June 2018 | 1203 Views
Trust is the cement in any relationship, binding the partners together, building the foundation for a long and contented future together. But to take that analogy fu...

by Staff Reporter

How you could be derailing your workout routine

30 May 2018 | 862 Views
Proper workouts yield excellent end results. Some of the benefits of regularly working out are weight loss, increased muscle strength alongside improved health overall.Sadly, most of us become...

by Staff Reporter

5 tips to wake up with ease every morning

28 May 2018 | 2666 Views
Are you tired of getting up in the morning with the feeling like you haven’t slept at all? This may be one of the signs that it’s time to reconsider your lifestyle....

by Staff Reporter

Tips for improving your kitchen

24 May 2018 | 738 Views
Kitchen is usually overlooked when doing the interior décor for the house because lots of people think the kitchen should only be practical and safe. However, the kitchen need not dull and boring and...

by Staff Reporter

10 Dangerous places to eat in Victoria Falls

24 May 2018 | 5247 Views
Victoria Falls is such an awesome place to visit for a number of reasons. One of the biggest features of this town happens to be the choices of food and drink you have. Ironically all these places com...

by Carl Joshua Ncube

Anti-poaching boost for Zimbabwe as Japan partners Zimparks

21 May 2018 | 898 Views
Japan has partnered the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority in its quest to curb the illegal killing if elephants.In a move that has been recommended by Convention on Internationa...

by Simiso Mlevu

Africa Day lineup for Carl's Zambezi House

21 May 2018 | 319 Views
Self proclaimed and appointed brand ambassador for Zimbabwe Carl Joshua Ncube turns 39 this week on AFRICA DAY with an exciting set of events ear marked for his recent project ZAMBEZI HOUSE which is a...

by Agencies

Why online dating has revolutionized the world of singles romance

15 May 2018 | 1239 Views
Once upon a time going online to find a partner was frowned upon. The consensus was it was necessary to meet someone face-to-face in order to get to know them better, whether that was in a bar ...

by Lifestyle Reporter

Muscle imbalances: What you should know and how to correct them

23 April 2018 | 883 Views
There are a couple of reasons why people work out. In addition to health benefits such as losing weight, the other top purpose is to improve overall physical appearance. Nonetheless, there is one thin...

by Lifestyle Reporter

Captive cheetah breeding is reaching epidemic proportions in South Africa

12 April 2018 | 2585 Views
An extremely worrying trend is emerging in South Africa, where cheetahs are bred on demand, taken away from their mothers to be hand-reared for cub petting, to become well-beh...

by Louise de Waal

Reasons, why Humidity is Necessary for Health

09 April 2018 | 755 Views
Do you feel dizzy, weak, or a little depressed from time to time, whereas your doctor says that you are in a good health? Well, what if we tell you that the reason for that may lie in the quality of t...

by Agencies

WATCH: A Taste Of Zimbabwe by UK bloggers

02 April 2018 | 1388 Views
From safaris to the rich history of the nation to the wonder of the world that is Victoria Falls, our video of #Zimbabwe was made possible with thanks to RwandAir and Tourism Zimbabwe....

by Implausibleblog

Tourism geared to turn around Zimbabwe economy

21 March 2018 | 943 Views
Zimbabwe's tourism industry should soon turn around the economy through increased tourism activity at the country's tourism resort areas.Zimbabwe's tourism industry activities aimed at turning...

by Derick Tsimba

Europeans are major smugglers of Southern African reptiles

15 March 2018 | 2079 Views
The European Union is a major destination for illegally smuggled live snakes, lizards and tortoises from southern Africa, posing a serious threat to their conservation. Wealthy EU citizens are big col...

by Adam Cruise

The second Giants Club Summit addresses the survival of our elephants

15 March 2018 | 522 Views
The second Giants Club Summit meets in Kasane over the next few days, uniting African leadership with global science, finance and influence to accelerate anti-poaching efforts, close ivory markets, an...

by Dr Louise de Waal

Seven ways to boost your energy levels

06 March 2018 | 2986 Views
Exhausted? There is a way out! If you often feel the lack of energy to do your daily tasks, it means that your body needs extra resources to boost the energy level. For example, it may happen in sprin...

by Agencies

Adoption of Victoria Falls (SEZ) to boost tourism arrivals in marginalised Mat North

16 February 2018 | 1439 Views
The Government of Zimbabwe is set to consider the adoption of the Victoria Falls Tourism Special Economic Zone corridor approach which will go a long way in addressing imbalances in product profiling ...

by Maxwell Teedzai

Communication and Compromise are the oxygen of every romantic relationship

13 February 2018 | 1074 Views
Its St Valentine's Day and what a perfect day to celebrate love. In the course of appreciating  the extravagant eye-catching garden fresh bouquet of flowers and  captivating box of chocolate...

by Matthew Dube esquire

Inclusive Growth Key to Trend in Global Tourism Sector - Chiwenga

08 February 2018 | 1514 Views
Speaking at the on-going official opening of the Stakeholder Consultative Workshop for the National Toursim Sector Strategy taking place at the Harare International Conference Centre today, Hon. Vice ...

by Maxwell Teedzai

The truth about Shakeology

30 January 2018 | 1025 Views
First of all, I must say that I adore this product! I started using it at the end of the first phase of my first round of the P90X, and since then I have not missed a day. I really like it and it's al...

by Staff Reporter

Rhino Poaching Stats: Slight Decrease But still Far Too High

26 January 2018 | 244 Views
The small decrease in overall poaching in 2017 has been overshadowed by a growing concern for the increase and broadening of poaching elsewhere in South Africa as onl...

by Louzel Lombard Steyn

Confusion as Zimbabwe promises review of elephant exports amidst global condemnation

23 January 2018 | 1331 Views
Three weeks after 31 young elephants were exported, presumedly to China, Zimbabw...

by Adam Cruise and Christina Russo

About Marriage (Part 1)

19 January 2018 | 2282 Views
If you take a look at marriages these days and marriages in the previous centuries, you will spot a lot of differences. Seems like these days people are not getting married out of love but are getting...

by Belinda Chowa

Elephant calves exported from Zimbabwe as China bans ivory trade

02 January 2018 | 11061 Views
China has reportedly imported more than 30 wild caught elephant calves from Zimbabwe in a controversial if not cynical move which took place on the very day China banned the sale of ivory.31 w...

by Christina Russo and Adam Cruise

'Explore business opportunities in tourism industry'

26 December 2017 | 906 Views
Stakeholders have been urged to explore business opportunities in the tourism industry for quick wins in Mashonaland Central Province to catch up with other expanding cities in the country and the wor...

by Staff Reporter

Honeymoon in Hawaii: The Island of Oahu

25 December 2017 | 1233 Views
Oahu is an insanely beautiful island, it is the third largest in the Hawaiian archipelago and, probably, the most famous. Do you remember the incredibly beautiful, paradise beaches and luscious tropic...

by Agencies

Dating as a way of life: how to find love on a speed-dating event

14 December 2017 | 1353 Views
Speed-dating is quite a new phenomenon which has already proved its effectiveness. What is speed dating? Basically, it's an opportunity to go on a date with more than one girl at the same time. Quick ...

by Agencies

Team Ncube captures Victoria Falls

11 December 2017 | 3130 Views
Carl Joshua Ncube has now settled in Zimbabwe and in typical fashion has already stamped his authority on the tourist town of Victoria Falls by setting up an APP called Victoria Falls 365. The...

by Agencies

Become an African Travel Blogger in five easy steps

22 November 2017 | 704 Views
Africa is a diverse and beautiful continent that doesn't get enough credit. That is why everyone needs to consider starting their own African travel blog today. Get the beauty of Africa out there, and...

by Staff Reporter

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Opinion: Perspective . . . - SEEING things in perspective has never be...

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China denies deploying 4k at Chiadzwa diamond fields - THE Chinese gov...

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Bonus payment for NSSA pensioners? - Last year around this time NSSA p...

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Churches demand national budget reforms - THE Zimbabwe Council of Chur...

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Extra City must take drivers for defensive driving lessons urgently - ...

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Man punches wife for 'improper' dressing - A MAN from Bulawayo has app...

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Chief Justice on laxity in corruption cases - CHIEF Justice Luke Malab...

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DNA profiling to identify burnt accident victims - GOVERNMENT will und...

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KFC is back in Zimbabwe, but its damn expensive

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Ramaphosa calls for removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe - SOUTH AFRICAN P...

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Kukura Kurerwa empire crumbles

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Court scraps way leave tax on ZETDC - Local authorities across the cou...

by Staff reporter | 17 November 2018 | 1 Views

Zimbabwe vs Liberia live on SuperSport 9 - ZIMBABWE vice captain Ovidy...

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Lumumba fights in Ginimbi's corner

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Trevor Ncube attempted to burn his wife?

by Mandla Ndlovu | 17 November 2018 | 2033 Views

1 August killings: State tries to discredit doctors' report

by Mandla Ndlovu | 16 November 2018 | 1581 Views

Raj Modi's election challenged in court

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MDC condolence on the Zvishavane bus disaster - The MDC President Adv....

by Jacob Mafume, MDC National Spokesperson | 16 November 2018 | 1542 Views

CIO confine Chief Maduna?

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South African radio DJ takes Mliswa head on

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Official statement from Brooklyn Express on Gwanda bus disaster

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Winky D gets Chamisa's recognition

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Tagwirei marries long-time girlfriend - Contemporary gospel musician T...

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Winky D's video stirs controversy

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Maskiri is back

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PHOTO: Sulumani Chimbetu now a prison warden

by Picture by Nyasha Chawatama | 25 October 2018 | 14338 Views

Indosakusa leaves injiva in stitches

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Bustop takes a dig at Mnangagwa

by Staff reporter | 14 October 2018 | 9157 Views

Olinda, Tytan planning to relocate to South Africa

by Staff reporter | 12 October 2018 | 1370 Views

What To Look For In Video Converter Software

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Ios 9 Features Inspired By Android

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