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Does mindfulness training really work for preparing students to be in the moment?

Numerous thoughts take place within your mind at the same time. More so, when you are students. It is sometimes challenging to concentrate on the present moment and focus on the things that will benef...Read more

Does mindfulness training really work for preparing students to be in the moment?

20 September 2019 | 2 Views
Numerous thoughts take place within your mind at the same time. More so, when you are students. It is sometimes challenging to concentrate on the present moment and focus on the things that will benef...

by Staff Reporter

All You Require To Know About Terpene Diluents and Flavorless Thickener

14 August 2019 | 257 Views
Your THC vape juice is nothing without a quality terpene diluent or thickener. Both of them play a huge role in preparing wax and distillates to become THC vape juice. Without them, it is impossible t...

by Staff Writer

How to prepare for military school admission tests

16 July 2019 | 1587 Views
Applying to a military school or academy presupposes not only submitting your test results, but also passing a fitness exam. Take a look at the steps you need to take to get enrolled, as well as famil...

by Staff Writer

How does dental care differ in Zimbabwe to the UK?

30 May 2019 | 1920 Views
In the UK, we often take dental care for granted. It isn’t until you compare dental care in the UK to other countries, like Zimbabwe, that you realise just how different dental systems and standards...

by Staff Writer

What physical exercises are adequate for kids?

27 May 2019 | 859 Views
Adults think of physical exercise in terms of hitting the gym and putting their muscles to work by subscribing to a fitness regime. However, fo...

by Staff Writer

How to really live in the present

15 May 2019 | 436 Views
The world has become extremely fast-paced, and it can be difficult to really focus on the important things in life when we are always moving from one thing to the next. It's important, therefore, to t...

by Staff Writer

How effective is CBD really?

04 March 2019 | 1466 Views
Every so often, we jump to a conclusion without analyzing both sides of a picture. This is often the case with Cannabis. People associate it with negative effects due to its addictiveness. However, as...

by Staff Reporter

How drug offences can affect your life

17 January 2019 | 456 Views
If you are someone who has been caught either selling or in possession of illegal drugs, then you might find that your life is negat...

by Staff Reporter

Weighed in Approximation: How quality scales make all the difference

29 November 2018 | 741 Views
When it comes to just about any industry that happens to include mass-production of any kind - be it baking, shipping and much more - maintaining efficiency is a priority. Mass-production demands that...

by Staff Reporter

Why you should consider cannabidiol oil

27 November 2018 | 1294 Views
When it comes to all the stress that life loves to fling at us, it often makes its mark in the form of pain and discomfort. Sometimes, it can even grow to be severe - such as anxiety, paranoia or even...

by Staff Reporter

5 Important steps to take when starting your own gym

12 November 2018 | 1467 Views
When you reach your own optimum level of fitness, it's only natural to want to share you working out expertise with others. You have two options when following this calling in life: you could become a...

by Sports Reporter

Cute goodnight messages to impress your beloved

09 November 2018 | 15619 Views
A goodnight text to your partner is one of the cutest ways to show them how much you care. Moreover, it's a great opportunity to share your feelings and tell the things you've been keeping quiet about...

by Staff Reporter

Bulawayo Model Challenges Skin bleaching and lightening creams

21 August 2018 | 4473 Views
An outstanding Bulawayo model Lynn Nokuthula Ndlovu has vowed that she will use her image and her academic abilities to empower the girl child to take pride in her appearance and character.The...

by Mafu Sithabile

Tips_for treating laser hair removal burns

25 June 2018 | 447 Views
Laser hair removal burns can be very painful. The worst part is that they don't just go away. The pain lasts for many days or even weeks. As soon as you suffer from the said problem, you have to follo...

by Agencies

How you could be derailing your workout routine

30 May 2018 | 953 Views
Proper workouts yield excellent end results. Some of the benefits of regularly working out are weight loss, increased muscle strength alongside improved health overall.Sadly, most of us become...

by Staff Reporter

5 tips to wake up with ease every morning

28 May 2018 | 2868 Views
Are you tired of getting up in the morning with the feeling like you haven’t slept at all? This may be one of the signs that it’s time to reconsider your lifestyle....

by Staff Reporter

Muscle imbalances: What you should know and how to correct them

23 April 2018 | 939 Views
There are a couple of reasons why people work out. In addition to health benefits such as losing weight, the other top purpose is to improve overall physical appearance. Nonetheless, there is one thin...

by Lifestyle Reporter

Reasons, why Humidity is Necessary for Health

09 April 2018 | 807 Views
Do you feel dizzy, weak, or a little depressed from time to time, whereas your doctor says that you are in a good health? Well, what if we tell you that the reason for that may lie in the quality of t...

by Agencies

Seven ways to boost your energy levels

06 March 2018 | 3072 Views
Exhausted? There is a way out! If you often feel the lack of energy to do your daily tasks, it means that your body needs extra resources to boost the energy level. For example, it may happen in sprin...

by Agencies

Int. Day of Yoga being celebrated in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare, Gweru, Kwekwe, VF, Rusape

10 June 2017 | 354 Views
Celebration of 3rd International Day of Yoga is being held in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare, Gweru, Kwekwe, Victoria Falls and Rusape cities of Zimbabwe; between June 10 to 25. Organized by Em...

by R. Masakui

Swallow a balloon to lose weight, say experts

25 May 2016 | 5106 Views
San Diego, CA - People with obesity who are struggling to control their weight might soon have a new treatment option - swallowing gas-filled balloons that help them eat less, according to research pr...

by Digestive Disease Week® (DDW)

'A new fact on migraines and participating in sport'

17 February 2016 | 1363 Views
Claims that participating in sporting activities is detrimental for migraine patients are untrue – a new study found that participating in sporting activities actually has health benefits for migrai...

by The Headache Clinic

Headaches, migraines do not lead to brain tumors

17 February 2016 | 2321 Views
It is common for patients with brain tumors to experience headaches or migraines, but often sufferers of headaches worry that they are at risk to develop brain tumors. But a new study puts those worri...

by Martha (Karani) Musarurwa

Diploma in General Nursing - UBH 2016 Intakes

30 August 2015 | 16052 Views

by Staff Reporter

Exercise that can improve men's sex lives

18 July 2015 | 10764 Views
Do you need to exercise down there? If you aren't doing so already, there are serious benefits to Kegel exercises, tiny contractions of your pelvic floor's pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. The exer...

by Staff reporter

16 signs you might be HIV+

04 October 2013 | 14736 Views
Fever One of the first signs of ARS can be a mild fever, up to about 102 degrees F.The fever, if it occurs at all, is often accompanied by other...

by Staff Reporter

How to Talk to a Loved One About Their Weight

04 October 2013 | 2329 Views
How do you approach the topic of weight without sounding mean? When you see a loved one's weight headed in a physically dangerous direction, you nat...

by Jennifer Kromberg, PsyD

Zimbabwe mental health concerns continue

17 July 2013 | 5543 Views
A Growing IssueFollowing on from earlier reports which documented an unprecedented rise in mental health incidents in Zimbabwe, further attention ...

by Julie Bowen

How to clean carpet with baking soda

27 June 2013 | 3979 Views
Watch How To Clean A Carpet With Baking Soda from the world's leading how to specialist. This informative video will give you informative instructions to guarantee you get good at clean green, life ha...

by Moyo Roy

Top 10 running world records

21 May 2013 | 4604 Views
The most impressive running achievements of all time Have you hit a running rut? If you're in need of inspiration to get out there and run, we've pu...


5 best health apps for men

06 May 2013 | 3608 Views
Making use of technology to stay in shape It's hard to stay healthy in this day and age – fast food is cheap and available at ever...


Why bad days are good for us

22 April 2013 | 3443 Views
What you didn't know about bad days Having a bad day? Don't worry; your bad day can do wonders for your health. Not only can being late help you get a ...


Easter egg made with hottest chilli on sale, comes with legal disclaimer

31 March 2013 | 3541 Views
The world's hottest chocolate Easter egg - equal to 400 bottles of Tabasco sauce - has gone on sale at √Ǭ£49.95.   The egg registers ...

by Mat Estel

Condoms with bacon flavouring on sale

30 March 2013 | 3577 Views
J & D’s Foods has decided to follow up its successful bacon lubricant with bacon flavoured condom.The ...

by Mathews Estell

South African night clubs offering women boob jobs

30 March 2013 | 3844 Views
Tiger Tiger clubs and Strawberry Lips Tequila  in South Africa are offering one woman a chance to win a R30 000 boob augmentation on Saturday night, according to a report.Tiger Tiger's ma...

by Mafu Sithabile

5 ways to burn fat

22 March 2013 | 4114 Views
Eat dairyA lot of people wrongly assume that in order to burn fat you ought to steer clear of foods that contain dairy. Yet a study that was published i...


Motivational quotes to help you achieve your goals

17 March 2013 | 5191 Views
Inspirational quotes to help you succeedWhether you are training for a marathon or dreaming of a better career, motivation to work towards your goals...


Motivational Facebook fitness boasts could keep healthy living resolutions on track

05 March 2013 | 2603 Views
You may not think that browsing the internet has many health benefits, yet new research suggests that 64 per cent of Brits feel motivated to work out by friends' fitness boasts posted on Facebook....


5 ways technology ruins your love life

08 February 2013 | 5930 Views
How mod-cons might break your heart When Martin Cooper and his Motorola team created the first ever mobile pho...


7 nutrients all men need

28 January 2013 | 5275 Views
Essential nutrients for menFor optimum health and fitness, it is essential to add variety to your meals an...


10 ways to look and feel 10 years younger

28 January 2013 | 3873 Views
Say goodbye to ageing and hello to a youthful new youIf wrinkles, memory loss and poor posture just aren't topping your ‘must-have' list ...


7 ways to be a super man

04 January 2013 | 4265 Views
A guide to super-charging your life Everyone knows that one frustratingly perfect man; the guy who can squat 120k and gets that promotion; the guy who h...


How to achieve your goals and live a life you love

03 January 2013 | 5222 Views
Whether you've always dreamed of running a marathon, long to start your own business or aspire to see your name in lights, we all have ambitions and goals in life. However, often we don't feel goo...


Top 10 ways to beat the post-Christmas blues

03 January 2013 | 3003 Views
Stay happy after ChristmasThe post-Christmas period can leave many of us feeling down. Back to work blues, an empty social calendar, festive weight ...


10 surprising things that boost your health

10 November 2012 | 4739 Views
10 everyday things with unexpected health benefitsThink you know what’s healthy and what’s not? You may be surpr...


10 flat-belly tricks

04 September 2012 | 3432 Views
Most women have experienced the feeling of being bloated at some point in their lives. However, for some it can be a recurring problem, leading to frequent discomfort and embarrassment. To help be...


Top fitness benefits you may be unaware of

01 September 2012 | 3032 Views
The benefits of regular exerciseGetting fit through a programme of regular exercise has numerous benefits for your body and mind. However, there are also many little known health be...


How to avoid weight gain

01 September 2012 | 2637 Views
Here's how to remain consistent, without spoiling your fun: 1. Don't starve. ...

by Women24

Top health habits to steal from women

01 September 2012 | 2816 Views
6 healthy lessons men can learn from womenWhen it comes to healthy living, both genders have their vices. However, there are many instances ...


Top health habits to steal from your man

31 August 2012 | 3559 Views
6 health lessons we can learn from men When it comes to healthy living, we may feel we have the upper hand over the opposite sex. However, there are some instances where it can pay to take a ...


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Peter Moyo, Trevor Manuel fight: Old Mutual cracks

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Zesa reports $4bn exchange losses since February - Power utility ZESA ...

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Moving on from Mugabe era - BEING in Harare in the past two weeks has ...

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Janet Manyowa arrives ahead of Friends in Christ gospel extravaganza

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Hip-hop top 10 spansers

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Victoria Falls cancels Babes Wodumo gig over xenophobia

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Harare Wellness Festival a huge success

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BREAKING: Dr Malinga cancels Skyz Metro FM gig over xenophobia

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Mlindo the Vocalist fears xenophobic attacks in Zimbabwe

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Green dupes Bindura fans - AFRO FUSION musician Carlos Green aka "vaku...

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Top 5 PS2 ISOS to play with friends you can get right now

by Staff Writer | 21 August 2019 | 413 Views

Hp Omen 15-5116tx – The Next Generation Gaming Laptop

the hp omen 15-5116tx is being targeted at the performance hungry gamers. it comes in a single variant boasting an eye-catching attractive design. the notebook offers a slim, lightweight chassis and appears like a piece of art than an actual gaming... Read More
Sergey 11 June 2015 ago

Mobile Spy Software Maker Mspy Hacked

mspy, the makers of a software-as-a-service product that claims to help more than two million people spy on the mobile devices of their kids and partners, to have been massively hacked. a public relations pitch from mspy to krebsonsecurity in march ... Read More
SecNews 17 May 2015 ago