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Bev's pregnancy claim revisited

by Staff reporter
16 December 2018 | 3397 Views
Singer Andy Muridzo says pole dancer Beverly Sibanda aka Bev's claim that she was pregnant with his child actually boosted his ratings contrary to what many people thought.

Andy grabbed headlines this year for being romantically involved with the raunchy and controversial dancer who went on to claim on radio and in press interviews of
having had unprotected sex with the singer.

Curiously, after her claim she later announced that the pregnancy had been lost through a miscarriage.

Andy says up to now he doesn't know what Bev wanted to achieve by going public with the claim.

While sex scandals usually damage brands, the singer said in his case it did not affect him negatively but instead boosted his fame.

"That matter actually made me more popular. I wasn't affected in any way bad. I don't know from her side but to me, it was a boost. I don't know what she wanted to achieve by going public with such a story," he said.

Andy is one musician whose talent cannot be disputed despite the controversy that trails him.

In a short space of time, he has shown that with proper guidance he can get far.

He has made mistakes and he is not shy to admit them.

Marital woes continue to dog his career, with his dirty bedroom issues always being washed in public.

Fights with his wife over infidelity allegations and an alleged affair with Bev have all been in the public domain.

He, however, says life is a learning curve and he is making amends.

Upon getting a breakthrough into his career, Andy was wooed to join his perceived rival Jah Prayzah's ensemble Military Touch Movement (MTM).

This was met with mixed reactions from his followers who saw it as a way by the towering singer to silence him.

Andy admits it was an error on his part that disappointed a number of his fans.

"This is one thing I regret. I disappointed a number of people who were starting to believe in me, some who saw something big in me. It was a mistake which I had to correct by leaving MTM," he said.

Despite leaving MTM, Andy says he has no hard feelings towards Jah Prayzah whom he described as a great musician taking the country's music to greater heights.
One day, the singer says, he wishes to overtake JP and be on top.

"He is one talented singer I know. I have nothing against him and I respect him a lot. To me he is the founder of our genre and one day people will say he founded this which was taken forward by Andy and others to come. This, however, is a journey and I wish to be ahead of him," he said.

After MTM, the singer went on to release the album 'Munondo' and he says he is winning the hearts of those he had disappointed.

"Ever since the coming of 'Munondo' people are happy that they are now getting what had disappeared. This was my first project after MTM," he said.

But the singer having survived the Bev scare, found himself in marital squabbles with his wife Chido Manyange better known as Mai Keketso.

So nasty was the fight that saw the singer seeking legal recourse and getting a peace order against the mother of his children.

Videos of them fighting in the Avenues area widely circulated as the singer was accused of moving in with a 'small house' before announcing that Mai Keketso was now a 'bitter ex'.

On the music front, Andy can be described as a ladies' man if women attendance at his shows is anything to go by.

"It is actually a blessing in disguise. More women at my show mean more men. Vanotoziva kuti kwa Andy kune mababie akanaka. I will continue singing for them. I welcome and treat them as my fans. We can have selfies, discuss business and nothing more. My personal number is not for them, I have boundaries," he said.

The youthful musician also found himself on the wrong side of the law, getting before the courts for violating traffic rules.

He was slapped with a fine and barred from driving for six months.

He said he was shaken by the whole incident, losing money in legal fees which slowed progress on his part.

"That was a challenging period. Productive time is lost; money was lost at the courts. That was the time I was starting work on refurbishing my mother's house and it all went sideways. However, we passed that phase, I was banned from driving for six months which is expiring in February 2019. I'm happy to have cleared the bad memory by acquiring a new Mercedes. Thank God for that," he said.

Music is characterised by the use of juju for one to attract huge crowds and have their music popular and such rumours have existed in showbiz for some time.

Andy is also a religious person, believing in and paying respect to his ancestors.

He says no to juju and goblins.

"I follow and respect our culture and my ancestors. This is what I do and I do it whole heartedly. Chikuru usarombe chete. If you're a Christian be religious and do it to the maximum. The goal is to talk to God and the ways are different. The Muslim also do it in their way," he said.

The musician is one versatile artiste who has had a hand in RnB and has had dancehall songs. He says he is originally RnB and can do anything.

"I'm an RnB musician who transformed. I'm comfortable with any genre hence you hear some of my dancehall songs. I don't want people to get shocked when they hear me singing in English, they should be used to that," he said.

The 'Chidhafu Dhunda' singer has of late retraced his route to his producer Maselo. Having joined MTM, Andy moved to other producers and his latest album 'Munondo' was done at Bazooka Studios.

This despite being a good project lacked what is referred to as 'ka that' in street lingo.

He has a new song 'Sele Hakuna' which is expected end of October with an accompanying video.

He went with it to South Africa but again could not get 'ka that' and came back to Maselo for that.

"We are doing a song, 'Sele Hakuna'. Tried recording in SA but the sound did not come as expected. They did not know our local sound. I took it to Maselo and we expect it to be done end of month together with the video," he said.

Rumours of Andy having friction with promoter Chipaz once circulated with reports claiming the musician had dumped the promoter despite contributing in his rise.

"As an artiste I work with a lot of people. I'm in good books with all the promoters, mdara Chipaz, Josh and at Sankayi. Vese ndoshanda navo mushe," he said.

Besides music, Andy said he is trying his hand in farming. He said his mother is full-time in farming and has been supporting her in that way but this year he will be joining her.

"This year I'm thinking of taking farming seriously. All this time my mother has been doing it alone but this time tiritese," he said.

Getting in 2019, the singer says a lot is in store and his fans should brace for more entertainment.

Bev Muridzo Pregnant

Source: dailynews


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