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Slomo has no beef with Macheso

by Staff reporter
25 March 2019 | 5704 Views
EXTRA Kwazvose frontman Francis "Franco Slomo" Dhaka (pictured) has refuted claims that he did not see eye to eye with his former boss Alick Macheso after many of his songs have been interpreted as jibes targeted at the latter.

Slomo, who parted ways with Macheso in 2013 together with guitarist Noel Nyazanda, drummer Obert Gomba and chanter Jonas Kasamba to form Extra Kwazvose, however, told NewsDay Life & Style that his songs were based on ordinary people's day-to-day lives.

Speaking backstage during a show at Mzansi Lounge in Mvurwi on Friday night, Slomo said he had no beef with Extra-basso.

"I have no beef with Mudhara Macheso. I have chosen to be an independent musician. Some came with me, but decided to re-join him, but I keep soldiering on, although my music is misinterpreted by many, especially the track Muvengi Muvengi," he said.

"I did not refer to Macheso, but this is our day-to-day experience."

When Franco dumped Macheso to strike out on his own, Kasamba, Nyazanda and Gomba followed him before having a change of heart and retraced their steps back to Macheso after Extra Kwazvose failed to attract huge crowds at their shows.

Franco, however, pulled a sizeable crowd in Mvurwi and performed for six hours.

He bemoaned fake promises by music promoters after a planned show in Guruve was aborted under unclear circumstances.

Slomo promised his fans a new six-track album, Kumberi Kwenzara Maguta, set for release in May.

Slomo Macheso Beef

Source: newsday


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