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TinTin suffers mental illness scare

by Mandla Ndlovu
19 February 2019 | 4727 Views
Prominent ZiFM disc jockey TinTin (real name Tinopona Katsande) has revealed that she suffered an anxiety attack last week while she was driving.

The former Studio 263 actor said she was afraid of revealing her sickness to the world in fear that people will mock her.

Katsande encouraged Zimbabweans to take cases of depression and anxiety as serious issues.

Find her full statement below:

So last week I shared I was in the hospital but I was

a)in denial of what was happening to me and
b) too embarrassed ( how can such happen to me after all I am the indomitable Ms TinTin). and afraid to be ridiculed ( akurwa nepfungwa) called names or labelled "attention seeking" (ndezvevarungu etc), but  I've come to realize its bigger than just little me and tiri vazhinji that experience this but suffer in silence. So typical of being Tinopona, (me), I'm speaking out and up.

Last week I suffered an anxiety attack while driving Last Monday, as I did the regular morning rush hour traffic drive along Samora Machel, as I turned off the slip road I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my chest and I felt like I couldn't get enough air in my lungs.

My hands and forehead became clammy and soon my eyesight became blurry. I could feel my pulse thudding hectic kind in my ears. I was on the verge of passing out behind the wheel. My first thought was " I'm having an asthma attack " ( but I'm not asthmatic) , next I thought " dear God I'm having a heart attack... ".

Next, I recall being carried by my nephews into the back seat and next I was aptly being attended to by the emergency staff at Avenues Clinic. I was put on oxygen ( which immediately seemed to open up the breathing & the gentle talk from the attending nurse seemed to calm my hectic heartbeat till the beep beep machine sounded more regular).

All tests from ECG, chest x-rays and blood were done - EVERYTHING read normal.So what's wrong with me? I was beyond stunned when the Doctor issued his diagnosis in the presence of my family present then, "Ms Katsande you have just experienced an anxiety attack. Is this the first time you have had it"

Obviously, my mental wellbeing is not okay my body had to step in and give me a reality check. We must look out for each other mufunge. Don't down play mental health issues. Anxiety, depression IS REAL.

TinTin Tinopona Katsande Studio 263

Source: Byo24News


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