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Diaspora-based artist sings on Zimbabwe problems

by Staff reporter
05 January 2019 | 363 Views
Diaspora-based Taffy Theman has lamented the suffering being experienced by Zimbabweans in a song titled Oneday.

The song reflects on the troubles currently obtaining in Zimbabwe while also going back to Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, the 2008 election violence where some women were raped, corruption, mismanagement of resources, and the recent army killings as well as the disappearance of journalist-turned-pro-democracy activist Itai Dzamara.

Theman is also a comedian who is popular for his news-reading antics and has also been addressing the country's problems in his news skits.

In the song where he appears wearing torn clothes, Theman says he used to be afraid of talking about the issues but not anymore.

Ko jambwa redu haireperi nei, imhosva rudzii isingaripike, tachema taungudza nhai ishe, nyika yedu heyo Zimbabwe. Ishe wangu tachema ishe nyika yekwedu Zimbabwe ishe wangu (why do our misfortunes not end, whatever crime did we commit that cannot be appeased. We have cried for our country, Zimbabwe)," the song goes.

Pamusoroi Mwari baba sori ndikuita kunge ndikuita hasha, ishungu chete dzangondibata ndine muvhunzo kwamuri baba, ko sei vakaipa vachirarama Makore akawanda ende hapana chavanoshaya vanowana chero chavada Why? (Dear God, I might seem angry but they are just emotions. Why is it the evil people live longer and don't lack anything?)"

Nhai Jehovah pane rimwe gen'a so rinopenga, they think they own Zim almost as if vakaitenga. Nhai Jeso tenzi, shuwa 37 years .... eh ndanzwa vachiti Zimbabwe is now open for business but ndine muvhunzo one, ko ndiani anga amboivhara? (These people are crazy they think they own Zimbabwe as if they bought it. They say Zimbabwe is open for business but I have one question, who had closed it?)"

The voice of the people is the voice of God, but kana vakudemostrator, it's the voice of the devil, handisi kutuka, handisi kumhura am representing people vasina voice, vasina choice, kwete kutanga noise.

Kusiri kufa ndekupi nhai gen'a, tikati tisvere paden tinofa nenzara, tikati tiende kunotsvaka mabasa macompany akavhara tikati tiende kunoprotestor vanotishuda nemabara. Ndosaka vanhu vazhinji vari kuenda Diaspora ndava nyika yedu yashata hurumende yedu yaora. (no matter what we do we, we end up dead, if we protest we are shot. That's why many people are going to the Diaspora, our government is corrupt."

There is no one who has the right to rule if he is a president, unless if he is a king. If he is a king, why do we vote then? Anyway it's pointless to vote as they just rig them, he sings.

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Source: dailynews


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