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Common packaging design mistakes to be avoided

by Agencies
28 June 2018 | 1041 Views
You might still recall the packaging of certain products once the name of the brand is mentioned. If yes, the design must have been really remarkable. This is how you entice people to buy a product. When seen on the shelves, they won't have any idea if the product is of great quality or not. For food products, they won't know what the taste is like. However, if they see that the packaging looks amazing, they won't have second thoughts about buying it.
On the other hand, if the packaging design does not seem enticing enough, even if the product is of great quality, they will not buy it. These are some of the most common design mistakes that must be avoided so that more people will buy.

Lots of text
There are required data on the package as prescribed by law. Food products, for instance, need to have the ingredients and nutritional content on the label. It is fine to put a lot of information, but not all of it should be front and centre. Some can be placed at the back and in smaller text. Try to edit what they see in front, so they won't be overwhelmed. If the text is too small, it might be due to the amount of information you have decided to include. Try removing some of it, especially if it doesn't matter much.

Funny images
You might think that if there is something funny on the cover, it could attract attention. In a way, this is true. The only thing you might forget is that funny can be subjective. At some point, the images could be annoying. Instead of patronising the product, people might hate it. Furthermore, even if they find it funny, the novelty could wear off at some point. They might just focus on other products if they no longer find it funny. Be careful in choosing something that strikes you as funny since you could be the only person laughing.

Too many colours
When it comes to colours, avoid the extremes. Black packaging could be too dull and dry. People won't even notice the product at all. Using colours would be great, but too many of them could be overwhelming too. There must be a dominant colour and some complementary colours to make the main colour pop. Stick with the main logo of your company.

Generic designs
You might have also seen other designs in the past that were successful. People responded well to those designs. Just because they felt that way about those designs does not mean they will feel the same about yours. They could see you as a copycat and decide not to choose what you have to offer. Bespoke packaging always works. Come up with something unique all the time. Evaluating your current design also helps so you can make changes soon if you think it no longer works.

By avoiding these mistakes, your packaging design will look great. You can be proud of it and a lot of people will respond well to it.

Generic designs packaging design mistakes

Source: Agencies


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